What is the taste of "masculinity" that makes women feel excited?The lover's eyes are really "Xi Shi"?

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What is the taste of "masculinity" that makes women feel excited?The lover's eyes are really "Xi Shi"?

2022-06-23 06:14:39 10 ℃

When love comes, the once cold snow will be sprinkled by a beam of sunlight, and a person's world will no longer be cold because of the company of another person.

As the saying goes, like a person, that is, starting with the face value, then loyal to talent, and finally trapped in character. Then the two people who have nothing to do are like the two magnets of each other will become cherished. Knowing each other in the future. Some people say that the way to keep love freshness is "masculine", which fascinated women little by little.

What exactly is the "masculinity" of women's heart?

Some people will say that the taste of the shower gel after bathing, and some people say that it is the smell of sweat after fitness, but for normal people, shower gel is still acceptable, but the sweat taste may be a bit heavy. Is it really that the phrase "Lover's eyes"?

That's not impossible, because men's sweat glands are very developed, the fatty acids in sweat are relatively high, and the enzyme produced by bacteria will produce a stink. Like cheese flavor. In addition, men are a little bit more than women, so this cheese flavor is a bit spicy. I don't know if your boyfriend or husband's "man" is like this.

Of course, not only the sweat glands of the body's skin, but also the mature men's armpits, but also the lower body will have flavors. For ordinary people, this is a kind of ordinary, and it will even be considered a odor, but a girlfriend or a girlfriend or a girlfriend or My wife will feel that this is the manifestation of your "man". There is even an event in the United Kingdom that makes men and women blindfold. By smelling each other's armpits, they choose their favorite "taste" and choose their appropriate dating objects.

Therefore, men still need to cherish the "sweaty smell" as a "masculinity" female companion. In fact, not only men, but also "femininity" in women. Male friends can take a look by the way.

Different from men's sweat glands, there are many microbacteria on women's skin. The effect of bacteria is generally sour, but my male companion is fragrant. The love is clean, often bathing, the body will be fragrant, plus skin care products and cosmetics will be fragrant, and it is very long -lasting.

Whether it is "masculinity" or "femininity", as long as it is the taste of your other half, you can keep it fresh for love.

But sometimes, even if you love the other half, sometimes you still don't understand some of the "characteristics" in the other half.

For example: why the male companion's legs are thinner than yourself

Many girls will find that the other half of their legs is long and straight, making people really love and hate, and even have the idea of ​​"seeing" his legs. In fact, this boy is not intentional, because boys have less body fat than girls. Girls are prone to accumulating fat. Although boys look strong, they are not only fat, but also muscles. Because of the influence of androgen, the fats of men's bodies will accumulate more in the abdomen, which is why boys are fat when they are fat. And girls' limbs and waist and hips will easily accumulate fat. It is also inevitable. Girls should not be jealous. It is better to use male companion legs as the driving force for weight loss.

For example: Why are girls afraid of cold than themselves?

When he was sleeping that night, or when he changed the season, the boy had long wanted to change the quilt, but his girlfriend kept shouting early, and even snatched the quilt with himself when he was sleeping. This is actually really not blame for girls, that is because men and women have different body temperature. "Liu Ye Dao" has studied that the temperature of women's hands is nearly 3 degrees lower than men. Women are more sensitive to cold than men. Coupled with the strong body metabolic ability of boys and many muscles, the body will generate a lot of calories. And women's body heat sink. However, thick fat not only protects the body organs from being cold, but also blocks the calories outside the body into the body. So men should also be considerate of their female companions.

Two people who love each other will not allow others to point out their partner's pointers, especially those in love, the other person is perfect in their hearts, but others will think that your partner "qualification is mediocre "".

Is this really the same in the eyes of the lover?

For this answer, the FBI often uses the wonderful phenomenon of this human body to solve the case, because when the eyes see the people or things they like, the pupils of the eyes will be unconsciously enlarged nearly half. Under normal circumstances, the enlargement and narrowing of the eyes is ordered to be ordered to be autonomous nerves. It will not be done because we want to enlarge or shrink it. In fact, this phenomenon is like knocking on the knee by one thing, and the knee jump that cannot be controlled, that is, conditional reflection, and consciousness cannot control it.

From the perspective of psychology, the lover's eyes are also called "halo effect", which is a cognitive judgment of a person. For a discipline, in terms of Chinese, people who like Chinese can let him back up "Teacher". For those who don't like it, it is dazzling at a glance.

The halo effect will quickly heat up the relationship between the two people. It has a sense of happiness and satisfaction, and the body and mind will be a bit nervous, but life will be more meaningful.Even if the other party does something indecent or incorrect, even if it is angry, it will be easy to forgive.Couples will be full of greater trust.In summary, even if the lover's eyes are out of Xishi, the other person's body has any "odor". Don't ignore it at will and pay attention to the health of the other half.I wish you all a love person and a dependent, and older heads.

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