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Congratulations to you to earn Taijiquan!

2022-06-23 12:39:39 9 ℃

As soon as it is in the summer, it is easy to sweat. After sweating, our sunscreen will fail, our makeup will become flowers, and the uncomfortable uncomfortable sticking to the whole body, especially those who practice Tai Chi. The unspeakable smell is really embarrassing.

Therefore, many people want to avoid sweating, staying in the air -conditioned room, blowing a fan, using sweat -proof exposure ... In fact, the sweat glands are the "air conditioner" that the human body comes with. If you can't get out of sweat, it will make people feel sullen and tired.

Summering in summer can be described as the corresponding and natural health opportunities of heaven and man.

Sweat parts to see your health

Chinese medicine believes that sweat is the liquid of heart. The human body also has the division of sweating and quiet sweat. The sweating caused by the weather and the environment is static sweat, which is equivalent to passive sweating. The sweat from the body is called "sweating" in traditional Chinese medicine theory, but it is easy to have problems and need attention, such as self -sweating, night sweats, etc.

Do not sweat often because of the hot weather, sweating medicine and other stimulus factors. And it is easy to fatigue, a cold, and panic, especially afraid of the wind and cold. This is called self -sweat, which is a manifestation of qi deficiency.

After falling asleep at night, sweating was abnormal. After waking up, sweating stopped, called night sweats, which was a manifestation of yin deficiency.

Sweating on the left and right body or upper and lower body is more common in patients with rheumatism and hemiplegia, and sometimes a signal of stroke.

For example, some elderly people sweat in half and have no sweat, and they must be careful of stroke.

The sweat sweat is limited to the forehead. If there is a small amount of sweat, and there is no other symptoms, it is normal. If it happens to the patient, it may be a sign of the worsening condition.

Sweating on both sides of the nose is mostly a manifestation of lung deficiency.

Sweating is limited to the two breasts, which may be caused by mental fatigue and exhaustion and hurt the heart and spleen.

Genital sweating, sweating is limited to the surroundings of genitals, which is often related to kidney disease.

Sweating hands and feet, sweating on the limbs and other limbs caused by blood deficiency and yang losses. It is normal if the hands and feet sweat due to mental tension.

It can be seen that sweating is also a science, and it is also particular about methods. It is sweaty by the scorching sun. It is not as steamed in the sauna room to sweat.

Because whether it is hot sweat or sweat steamed from sauna, it is only sweating on the superficial surface of the human body, and the sweat from Lian Taiji is the real deep -top sweating, which makes people sweat from the inside. Therefore, after you practice Tai Chi and sweat, you will feel comfortable and happy.

For a long time, there will be these top ten benefits that make you unexpected:

1. Accelerate body fluid circulation

More than 99%of the ingredients of sweat are water, which can be cleaned, and at the same time, some metabolic waste can be discharged, such as urea, ammonia, lactic acid, etc. Therefore, sweat glands are also known as the "second kidney" of the human body. They often make themselves sweat and can alleviate the kidney's metabolic burden to a certain extent.

2. Skin care beauty

Normal human skin surface sweat and sebaceous gland secrete to the body surface will form a layer of emulsifier, which prevents the loss of body surface water, which makes the skin look smooth and moist. People who do not sweat, because the skin metabolism is slow, some waste is difficult to discharge, and the skin color looks unhealthy.

3. Keep your body shape

When the human body practice Tai Chi and achieve a certain strength, the fat will burn into heat and excrete it from the body through sweat. Tai Chi can not only consume fat to achieve weight loss and fitness, but also enhance temperament, giving people a straight and elegant body beauty.

4. Relieve anxiety and tension

Taijiquan is a kind of exercise method in a quiet and motion, which can relieve neurotomer tension. According to experts, when the irritable and anxious emotions flooded to their hearts, they jumped with a brisk step for about 15 minutes. A sweat could relieve tension and stabilize emotions.

5. Promote digestion and sleep

People who do not sweat, the slow operation of qi and blood will affect digestion, cause people to eat fragrant, and neural activity will be affected by this, causing people to sleep at night. Tai Chi can enhance the secretion function of the digestive glands, promote regular peristalsis of the gastrointestinal and intestines, increase appetite, regulate neural activity, and promote night sleep.

6. Enhance memory

A long -term education experiment conducted by the United States for 20,000 middle school students shows that active sweating students can greatly improve their memory and concentration. Following the breathing to stretch the body, the brain thinking activities become clear and flexible, which can effectively eliminate brain fatigue and improve learning and work efficiency.

7. Improve immunity

From the perspective of Western medicine, the physiological function of sweating is to "regulate body temperature", because after sweating, the skin temperature can be reduced by about 4 degrees Celsius, which can be described as the "air conditioner" that comes with the human body. The most direct harm to the smaller sweat glands is to decrease the temperature difference, and it is easy to catch a cold at once, causing a low epidemic.

8. Control blood pressure and blood lipids

Hypertension is a phenomenon that occurs due to narrowing and hardening the inner diameter of the blood vessels, and the blood flow of the unit is limited. Practicing Taiji sweat can expand the capillaries, accelerate blood circulation, increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and achieve the purpose of reducing blood pressure. Long -term training Tai Chi is conducive to reducing blood lipid content through weight loss, thereby achieving fundamental stabilization of blood pressure.

9. Prevent various diseases

Practicing Tai Chi 3 times a week. For people who practice for more than 1 hour each time, the muscle emergency ability and coordination ability are enhanced. The bone density and intensity are significantly higher than their peers. Regardless of young and old, there are rarely fractures after falling. In addition, practicing Tai Chi sweat can also effectively prevent cardiovascular disease, dementia, breast cancer and other diseases.

10. Make men more attractive

Researchers at the State University of Pennsylvania in the United States said that the sweaty smell of men can make women feel happy and relax. The men in Taijiquan not only have a screaming body, but also a fascinating masculinity on their bodies -masculine charm, unrestrained passion, and elegant style. Sweating can see Tai Chi's kung fu

Regardless of health or strikes, you must sweat Taijiquan. But as the levels are different, the effect of sweating is different.

The first level: During the stage of exercise, sweat is mostly the body of the body, mainly the neck, chest, arms, legs, and some lesion parts, such as cervical spine discomfort, the neck is sweaty, wrist discomfort, the wrist, then the wrist A lot of sweat. At this stage, it is mainly stubborn, broken, and strong. If there are cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the sweat has a smell of odor or even the smell of gunpowder; if the kidney is not good, the sweat is sticky; if there is empirical such as phlegm drinks on the body, the sweat is stagnant. After training, it is sweaty after practicing, and sweating for more than half an hour. The kidney deficiency is sweaty on the legs, and it is not moved. and many more. Note: People with unhealthy body cannot cross this stage. Even if it is a master of Tai Chi, if you are unwell, the sweat should still be taken.

The second level: chest and back sweat. There are fewer sweats in other parts. This level is often pulled open. At first, it is flexible, and the body is healthier. At this time, the practitioners have great effects, and their hands and feet are full of qi and blood. At this stage, the practitioners can develop in the direction of the skills if there are high school guidance. Began to have the power of light.

The third level: there are more back sweat, and there are fewer sweats in other parts. This level is a high -level stage of health. The body is light, energetic, deep and less sleepy, easy to fall asleep, without insomnia. In the strike, it is developing in a light and spiritual direction.

The fourth level: sweat and feet, no sweat in other parts. This is the highest state, and the merits of more than 100,000 times can not be achieved. This realm is unable to describe.

Practice and sweat, be sure to pay attention!

Boxing should adhere to the principle of sweating moderate. Moderate sweating can regulate body temperature, excrete waste, and dispel evil spirits; excessive sweating will consume fluids, and it will cause yin and yang to damage, leading to decreased fatigue and resistance, which will cause various diseases.

Ding not completely represents the effect of movement. If you wear non -breathable clothes such as sweating clothes in boxing to increase sweats, it will be self -harm. Therefore, it is better to wear a loose and breathable clothes.

After the boxing and sweating, do not wash with cold water and blow cold wind, but you should know the method of keeping sweat. After sweating, you should wipe the sweat with a dry towel. Do not rinse it with cold water. Do not blow it with a fan. When the sweat pores are opened, if the coldness is closed, the sweaty surplus will accumulate under the skin, and it will be sick for a long time. After sweating, you should keep sweat. Not only do you not take off your clothes, you have to put on your clothes. After the whole body sweats dry, scrubs your body with a hot water towel. This is the method of guarding Khan.

After sweating a lot of water loss, it should be replenished in time, and it is best to add fresh saline. But if you drink a lot of water immediately, it is easy to become ill. The better way is: drink a cup of cool water that is prepared at night before practicing boxing in the morning to make up for the water to lose water for one night; before you practice boxing at night, you should also drink a cup of warm water; Drink water immediately, and drink a small amount to one cup after sweating.

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