The 89 -year -old academician, studying the tumor for nearly 70 years, summarized the "Anti -Cancer Classic"

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The 89 -year -old academician, studying the tumor for nearly 70 years, summarized the "Anti -Cancer Classic"

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Academician Sun Yan has always been a "busy person". He often goes out to meet, and sometimes he has to participate in academic exchanges. In the eyes of colleagues, Academician Sun Yan usually just got out of the plane at night. The next morning the next morning, the next morning You have to appear again in outpatient and ward.

For decades in the field of tumors, the academician has already achieved countless amazing achievements, and many people also want to listen to the opinions of this academician and "add brick" for health.

Academician Sun Yan is the "history of the development of internal medicine in the Department of Internal Medicine" in my country

Speaking of Sun Yan's earliest contact with the "tumor", it was just after the founding of New China.

Since 1951, Sun Yan has studied medicine at Beijing Union Medical College. During the period, he joined the PLA and received a doctorate degree after graduation.

At that time, because the country had just resumed stability, many areas were a state of abolition. Before Sun Yan, there were scholars in my country to study blood tumors, but the research field of physical tumors was still blank.

High students like Sun Yan have a very small proportion.

In 1959, Sun Yan had just been transferred to the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and the two veterans arranged a new task for him: the creation of the internal medicine of the oncology.

This discipline does not seem strange now, but at that time, it was completely a brand -new discipline. As a pioneer, Sun Yan was not "specially treated".

What he has, there are only five types of drugs and 4 drugs, and everything else has to rely on him to come from scratch.

But he also knew that since he accepted the task, no matter what difficult and danger he encountered, he must do everything to overcome.

For various reasons, there are still some pioneering research in the field of new drug development. In the treatment field of oncology, there are still some pioneering research.

Since 1960, a team of oncologists led by Sun Yan, creatively applying antitumor new drugs to treat testicular spermatic cytoma, which has achieved very significant results.

Two years later, when this clinical paper was reported at the eighth International Cancer Conference held by Moscow, the participants were called "a model for effectively controlling the tumor" by the participants, which also made the world tumor industry see Chinese research in Chinese research The strength of the person.

However, for the first time, Sun Yan went out of the country, in 1979 after the reform and opening up.

At this time, Sun Yan was already a well -known tumor internal science leader in my country.

As a visiting professor in the United States, he has the unique diligence of Chinese people, and has also been respected by countless foreigners.

Those foreign colleagues also saw Sun Yan's achievements, and they all hoped that Sun Yan could stay and gave him an annual salary of 40,000 US dollars.

Wu Hengxing and Li Bing, the two veterans, wrote a letter to him and wanted him to return home.

After receiving the letter, Sun Yanyi embarked on the plane returning to China without looking back, and brought back the scientific research results.

He told his colleagues over there: "Children should go home from school."

Since his birth in 1929, he witnessed the trample of Japanese imperialism in Chinese land, and "the country ruined his family" also left a deep brand on him.

He also said, "Even if there is a great ability, if there is no country, where will there be a home?"

Decades have passed, and Sun Yan has become a well -loved doctor, and has become an advanced worker in the national health system. His name has also been included in the World Medicine Celebrity Records. Meeting.

During the report and speech outside, he was always very proud of himself as a Chinese.

In May 1980, when he first participated in the American Clinical Oncology Society, he brought the "Chinese Lympolida Clinical Features Report" to the venue, which instantly attracted countless audiences.

Calculated according to the normal process, this report was only 10 minutes, but after Sun Yan finished the report, the questioning session lasted more than two hours.

Sun Yan also understands that the country has just opened to the public, and many foreigners want to understand China through various channels.

In 1993, Sun Yan was invited to visit Singapore for consultation, and he also appeared on the local TV station many times. After someone on the street saw him, he would take the initiative to say hello to him. More and more people agree.

Two years later, Sun Yan appeared in the Asian Clinical Oncology Society, and here also proposed a new point of view of lymphoma, which was called the "Chinese model" by the outside world.

But Sun Yan felt that this was a kind of respect for China.

When recalling the past, Sun Yan didn't seem to have thought that from the formation team to the later talents, everyone could really do it step by step.

Their teams later also created local chemotherapy, local treatment of recurrence of chest walls, etc., which made some patients survive for 10 to 30 years, and some patients are still alive.

Whenever the past days are mentioned, Sun Yan will emphasize three people: Wu Hengxing, Li Bing and Jinxianzhai.

At that time, none of these three people had experience in the treatment of internal medicine. However, the development of Chinese oncology in the Department of Internal Medicine of Chinese Oncology was a milestone -level figure and had a great role in promoting Sun Yan.

Sun Yan did not bid to Western medicine, but adopted a combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine. Sometimes, it was possible to have an unexpected effect.

In his memory, there was a special patient. In 1993, the dean of Taiwan Rongmin General Hospital wrote a letter to Sun Yan, asking him to plan for a patient who is already a patient in the advanced esophageal cancer to see if there are any remedial measures.

Based on his many years of clinical experience, Professor Sun provided patients with some information about the information of the patients and some correct Chinese medicine. The patient's condition really improved.

After this patient was slightly better, he thought of going to Beijing to see the doctor and received his treatment.

When the patient came, Sun Yan discovered that the man was Chiang Kai -shek's grandson Jiang Xiaoyong.

In addition to Jiang Xiaoyong, the two Vice Premier of Singapore also found Sun Yan for treatment because of lymphoma, which also achieved very good results.

Because of this, foreign media also scrambled to report that "Chinese herbal medicine" was also famous outside.

However, what Sun Yan is going to face is also some uncomfortable voices.

For example, some people asked: "Li Shizhen has never learned excessive biology, and Zhang Zhongjing does not understand lymphocytes. So what is the significance of traditional Chinese medicine to tumors?"

But Sun Yan always has his own persistence.

At that time, when Sun Yan was still in Dingxi, he found that the local astragalus had the curative effect of exorcising evil spirits and began to start research.

The results of the study also confirmed many of his judgments: traditional Chinese medicine can help the human body to restore immune function, protect adrenal glands and bone marrow, and can effectively improve patients' long -term prognosis after cooperating with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Many medical institutions at home and abroad have also conducted repeated tests on the issues raised by Sun Yan, and eventually prove this conclusion.

Moreover, Sun Yan also extracted an active ingredients from a female Jechida for treatment for patients, providing a good effect on double -blind clinical studies.

Later, Sun Yan began to take the lead in developing a variety of Chinese herbal medicines, of which Zhenqi Fuzheng capsules and particles were also included in the basic drug list of our country.

His explanation of those questioning voices is: "If we still use ancient drugs to treat tumors today, it is definitely not possible. However, many diseases can be used to get rid of the disease through dialectical treatment."

He also said to everyone: "Chinese medicine is the wealth left by our ancestors, and it should be cherished."

Zhong Nanshan once evaluated Sun Yan: "He discovered the heritage of the motherland, and achieved great achievements in the treatment of internal medicine of the oncology, and made outstanding contributions to the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of internal medicine of the oncology."

Sun Yan's "Anti -Cancer Condition"

As the leader of the industry, he continued the lives of many patients.

For many healthy ordinary people, everyone wants to ask a question: "How can we prevent cancer?"

Sun Yan has seen all kinds of patients, has the rich people who are entangled with their waists, and some poor people who have long been involved. They can face the stubborn diseases of tumors. They all show similar despair.

When Sun Yan was in his 80s, he still paid great attention to his body. When he communicated with those patients, he also knew that they had more or less similar habits.

Sun Yan's height is one meter eight, and the weight is 84 kg. For many young boys, this weight is within the normal and reasonable range.

However, Sun Yan always worried because of his weight problems. In his opinion: hungry is better than holding stronger; thin is always better than fat.

This is because he believes that obesity will lays hidden dangers for a variety of cancers, especially those who usually consume too many animal fats, red meat, and those who like to eat fried foods should properly control the appetite to reduce cancer. risk.

In some public lectures, he also directly proposed that diseases such as pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, and bowel cancer are related to obesity.

Speaking of weight loss, Sun Yan in 2018 shared some of his own experience. At that time, he was 89 years old.

His way of weight loss is also very interesting. In an interview, he even said, "I only eat 7 minutes a day, but I can't resist the temptation of food. Absolutely stay soon, and I won't sit next to the dining table to chat with others. "

Based on the needs of controlling diet, Sun Yan also paid great attention to exercising his body. He tried to choose the way to "use a ride".

The hospital told him: If necessary, you can use a car at any time.

In addition to participating in some meetings, Academician Sun usually does not use cars. Most of the time, he uses his legs.

As for tobacco and alcohol, he never stained. He said: "There is no necessity to make some opportunities to induce tumors."

Many patients in contact with Academician Sun left a deep impression on him. In his opinion, many tumors were not automatically found, but were induced by some bad living habits. For example, some patients with bowel cancer patients It is caused by eating meat and not vegetables.

If eating meat simply affects himself, in the eyes of Academician Sun, smoking will affect others, because while smoking, it will also cause some "second -hand smoke cancer patients".

In fact, there is no "special effect medicine" in Academician Sun, everything is self -care, which has nothing to do with the amount of money obtaining money. Everything is only related to her own living habits.

When you should eat, you should eat, go to bed when you sleep, and leave a certain time to exercise every day to maintain a stable life. Most of the problems on your body will disappear. When talking about some difficult lesions, Sun Yan means: call on everyone to check at least once a year.

For the elderly who had been dealing with cancer for almost 70 years, he increased his physical examination twice from one time.

He also explained the reason for this: Because some tumors are highly concealed, accidental examination may not be found in the accident. Early lung cancer patients can only be found through chest tablets and X -ray. Early chances of discovering tumors.

Sun Yan, who has rich clinical experience, also gave an example: "Once, a patient complained to me. When she went to check, the doctor did not find any lumps on her body, but in the end she was diagnosed with suffering from suffering. Breast cancer. "

After that, Sun Yan said that he must adhere to the physical examination, even in the year, some abnormalities may suddenly occur.

Behind the rich experience of diagnosis and treatment, Sun Yan also learned about different cancer stories. Each cancer patient seemed to have similar causes: high pressure, long -term depression, excessive anxiety, etc.

In fact, there is also a medical explanation: Because people are affected by bad emotions for a long time, the human body will have a stress response, and excessive stress reactions will cause the human body to reduce immunity, causing cancer cells to take advantage of the opportunity Essence

He doesn't understand it. The young children are now extremely happy compared to the past, but they have a lot of worry. It is impossible for life to be happy, or to regulate and resolve their bad emotions.

For many years, Sun Yan has always had his own persistence. He has participated in writing 21 academic theories and published more than 300 papers. These are the precious wealth he gave to the latecomers and the summary of his medical life.

Sun Yan, 89, is an academician. He has studied tumor experience in 70 years. Such a good doctor who hangs the pot is worthy of everyone's admiration.

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