What does PET-CT consequences fake yang mean?What should I do if PET-CT results fake sun?

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What does PET-CT consequences fake yang mean?What should I do if PET-CT results fake sun?

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PET-CT is very helpful for the accuracy of clinical malignant tumors. At present, PET-CT diagnosis has a great advantage and role in the convenience of tumor diagnosis. Whether it is to identify the benign and malignant, tumor staging, and efficacy assessment of the diseased doctors to develop patient tumor radiotherapy plans and determine the biopsy site. PET-CT is all PET-CT Can give play to its unique advantages.

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PET-CT can diagnose malignant tumors and other diseases in the early stage. Because malignant tumor cell differentiation and activity, the ability to intake the image of the imaging agent is 2-10 times that of all normal body cells, so before the early stages of the malignant tumor did not cause an anatomical structure to change, the minimal disease can be found (more than 5mm more than 5mm To. PET-CT has a high accuracy for the inspection of cancer permits. It can be checked very well for many malignant tumors, and its accuracy is around 95%. What does PET-CT consequences fake yang mean?

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PET-CT false positiveness actually means that the body is not a tumor tissue, and its metabolic ability is also very strong. A similar image on the computer makes the doctor do not diagnose the disease well.

PET-CT uses the characteristics of strong tumor metabolic ability to discover tumors. The drug injected by PET-CT is 18F-FDG, which is a deoxygllagly glucose that gathers near the tumor and scanned through PET-CT to find the tumor. However, if some tumors are not tumors, they also show high metabolism, then in images, these non-tumor tissues are difficult to distinguish from tumor tissue, which also leads to the so-called PET-CT false positive.

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What should I do if PET-CT results fake sun? Although the imaging is similar, experienced experts will make judgments based on non -tumor substances in physiological distribution and physiological variations, and combined with clinical diagnosis. The PET-CT detection results are one of the accurate instruments, so we must carefully look at the test results to achieve early treatment and early treatment.

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