In addition to eating fruits in summer, it can clear heat and relieve heat.

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In addition to eating fruits in summer, it can clear heat and relieve heat.

2022-06-23 18:23:08 6 ℃

In hot summer people, it is easy to cause fatigue and loss of appetite. If you ca n’t eat well, you ca n’t sleep well, and it ’s easy to rest. This will have a lot of impact on life and work. The key to getting success in success is to enhance physical fitness and also have a light diet.

First of all, we can eat some bean foods. The ancient books record "summer gas is hot, it is better to eat the cold." What is mentioned in the article is "是" is soybeans, which means that the summer climate is hot. Edating soybeans can bring cold. Except for soybeans and other beans are the heat -relieving weapons in food. Whether it is mung bean paste or red bean paste to make sweet soup, it is very delicious! Especially the bean paste soup that eats a bowl of iced can be disappeared!

In addition, the best foods in summer are vegetables. Water -rich vegetables are most suitable for influencing summer with poor appetite. Among many vegetables, bitter gourd, winter melon, loofah, etc. are suitable for summer consumption. Especially the melon pork ribs soup, bitter gourd fried meat, etc. are all good dishes for summer spleen appetizer and enhance appetite! However, moisture -rich vegetables are also prone to water loss. Therefore, it is recommended to put the vegetables in a fresh -keeping bag and then put it in the refrigerator to refrigerate to better achieve the effect of locking water.

Let's talk about fruit. The most indispensable in summer is watermelon and coconut. These two fruits not only contain a lot of water, but also to get rid of fire. When you return to your home in the hot summer, you will blow the fans and get a watermelon. Can dispel most of the summer heat. However, it should be noted that the complete watermelon can be placed in the refrigerator for 2-3 days, but the most secure way to eat after slicing is still as soon as possible.

In the hot summer, healthy eating habits are particularly important. However, although the fruits of watermelon coconuts are sweet, they can't eat too much!