Diabetic umbrellas have been announced, not coarse grains.

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Diabetic umbrellas have been announced, not coarse grains.

2022-06-23 18:22:09 8 ℃

Speaking of diabetes, many people feel that it is too far away for themselves. It is exclusive to middle -aged and elderly people. In fact, it is not. Nowadays, the incidence of diabetes is becoming younger. Its harm.

Case: Mr. Liu, 31, was found to have high blood sugar during the company's physical examination earlier this year. At first, Mr. Liu was unbelievable and felt that he was young and strong, and he usually didn't like sweets. How could he have high blood sugar? Therefore, it was not surprising to decide to go to a major hospital for a medical examination again, and the result was the same.

At that time, the doctor told Mr. Liu to improve the diet to avoid continuously rising blood sugar after returning. Mr. Liu knew the harm of high blood sugar, and followed the doctor's instructions and began to control sugar. But who knows, when I went to review again, the blood sugar rose again, unfortunately suffering from diabetes.

After understanding the situation, the doctor learned that although Mr. Liu eats less high -oil, high -salt food, and more fruits and fruits, the three kinds of fruits and vegetables often eat are called "sugar king", which has led to rising blood sugar in virtual.

1. Soy products

Soy products are very unfriendly for blood sugar. For example, 100g of bamboo contains 460 kcal of calories, 100g of tofu skin contains 477 calories. After entering the human body, it cannot be digested all. Risk of diabetes.

2. Taro

After the taro is steamed, the entrance is sweet, and the sugar lift index is also very high. A large amount of carbohydrates will gradually decompose to glucose and be absorbed by the human body, which will increase blood sugar sharply.

3. Durian

Durian is a high -fat and high -calorie fruits. It is often eaten, which will cause the fat content to increase, which will gradually decompose to glucose in the body. In addition, the sugar contained in the durian itself can easily lead to an increase in blood sugar. In addition, blood viscosity will be increased, which hinders the normal circulation of the blood. Over time, it will destroy blood vessel health.

So what is the omen of the body when the blood sugar continues to rise?

● Eat too much, drink more, and lose weight

● Frequent urination, increased foam in urine

● Dizziness, headache, chest tightness

● Decrease vision, blurred sight

● Itching of the skin, drying and desquamation

● Cold hands and feet, numb limbs

Diabetes "protective umbrellas" have been announced, not coarse grains.

If you want to stabilize blood sugar, many people will choose to eat more coarse grains to replace fine grains. However, the effect of sugar control is not significant. This is because although coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, it still contains certain carbohydrates and calories. It is just that compared with fine grains, the speed of sugar will be reduced, which can play a slight hypoglycemic effect. Essence

For people with high blood glucose, thread oil spore powder containing chromium ingredients should be added. The comprehensive nutrients contained in wire oil spore powder include chromium, ganoderma polysaccharides, amino acids, and ganoderma. Materials can significantly improve the blood circulation of pancreas, activate the ability to release insulin in islet cells, significantly enhance the metabolic rate of insulin to glucose, improve sugar metabolism, reduce serum cholesterol levels, and regulate the metabolism of diabetic blood glucose metabolism due to chromium deficiency.

In addition, exercise is also a good way to control sugar

A moderate amount of aerobic exercise can improve the human body's immunity well, promote blood circulation, care for islet function, promote the metabolism of the human body to sugar and lipids, which is conducive to the stability of blood sugar. However, during exercise, you must also do your best. You can follow your own physique and move from walking, walking, jogging, and other movements.

Tips: High blood sugar itself is not terrible. The terrible is that as the disease deteriorates, it may develop into diabetes. Therefore, if the body has signs of blood glucose, you must seek medical examination in time. After that, according to the doctor's suggestion, the scientific sugar control measures can be taken to gradually control the blood sugar.