Guarding the "Eyes" Caiyao Blessing Medicine No. 2 Hospital to carry out a series of activities of Eye Eye Popular Science Popularization Clinic

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Guarding the "Eyes" Caiyao Blessing Medicine No. 2 Hospital to carry out a series of activities of Eye Eye Popular Science Popularization Clinic

2022-06-24 00:13:56 10 ℃

June 6th is the 27th "National Eye Love Day". This year, the theme of this year is "Following Words Health and Building a" Eyes ". The Second Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University has carried out a series of activities for the National Eye Day Science Popular Science Clinic, which aims to promote the popularization of eye health and enhance the consciousness of eye care for the whole society.

Warm heart -warming free consultation into the community

On June 5th, Fengze District Working Committee of the Eye Department of the Second Hospital of Fortune Medicine, the Grassroots Committee of the Second Hospital of the Affiliated Hospital of the Agricultural and Industry of the Agricultural and Industry of the Agricultural and Industry, the Qingyuan Street Party Working Committee, the Office, and the Qingyuan Community Party Branch Go to Qingyuan Community in Qingyuan Street, Fengze District to carry out publicity service activities such as "Eye Eye Day" free consultation, consulting, and popular science lectures. More than 100 residents on the scene received healthy consultations.

Under the leadership of the Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology, the medical team of the chief physician of Ye Kejing, the deputy chief physician of Guo Maosheng, Dr. Chen Xuelan, Cai Likun, the head of He Fenglan, and other medical teams. Healthy mission activities such as free consultation, consultation, bottom inspection, vision examination, strabismus examination, and myopia prevention and control lectures.

At the event site, ophthalmologists used portable equipment to conduct optometry, fissure lamp inspection, and bottom inspection of the community residents who came to the doctor to conduct vision examination and strabismus examination for the children of the small reporter group of the Haidu. They also measured blood pressure for the elderly. blood sugar.

Eyes are very important to each of us. Pay attention to universal eye health and protect vision. It should start from childhood. The chief physician of Wu Yuyu gave a lecture on "Myopia Prevention and Scientific Eyes", hoping that the children would have a pair of bright eyes in the future.

Little reporter loves eye protection eye science science

On June 3rd, the Health Office of the Second Hospital of Fuyi and the Ophthalmology Department joined hands with the Quanzhou Student Journalists to carry out the "guardian 'eyes' colorful vision to light up 'light' bright future" science popularization activity.

Deputy Chief Physician of the Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology conducted a popular science lecture on the title of "Protecting Visual Far from Myopia". Then Dr. Chen Ting presided over "You Eye Knowledge You Ask me to answer" interaction. Little reporters may take notes seriously, or actively answered. The atmosphere is warm.

Under the guidance of Dr. Ye Wenwen, Dr. Chen Xuelan, and Dr. Chen Ting, the young reporters experienced eye inspection, computer optometry examination, color sensing, three -dimensional visual examination and other ophthalmology examinations. They opened their curious eyes and felt the fun of knowledge. After the event, the little reporter who actively participated and outstanding performance was awarded the title of "Eye Little Master".

Scientific protection of eye diseases, with a bright future. This "Eye Eye Day" science popularization clinic series activities further enhanced the understanding and prevention of residents of eye diseases, guiding the good habits of scientific eye use of young people, so that more people have a pair of bright eyes and a bright future.

Science card

How to prevent myopia

Myopia is a modern "civilization" disease and needs to be treated scientifically. Prevention, correct diagnosis, reasonable correction, and delay progress.

1. Early screening to establish vision archives: eye disease screening at birth; the first ophthalmological examination at the age of 3; regular inspections in children and adolescence. The earliest myopia, the worse the effect of myopia! The more prone to high myopia!

2. Improve the eye environment: provide a good visual environment, adjust good lighting; ensure balanced nutrition; ensure sleep; increase outdoor activities and exercise, ensure sufficient and effective outdoor activity time, more than 2 hours of outdoor activities per day.

3. Change the eye habits: control the eye time with the eye, increase the eye distance, and use the eye for 30-40 minutes in a row, should rest or overlook for 10 minutes; comprehensively use electronic products; maintain the correct posture.

(Source of data: The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China National Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Children and Adolescents Narnever Troupe)

Supply / Ophthalmology Ye Kejing Chen Ting

Editor / Party Committee Propaganda Department Zhao Yayong

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