Doctors' interpretation 丨 What should I pay attention to at ultrasound discovering the cervical artery plaques?

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Doctors' interpretation 丨 What should I pay attention to at ultrasound discovering the cervical artery plaques?

2022-06-24 00:14:18 6 ℃

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the living habits of residents are gradually changing. Eating more and less activities has gradually become a trend. Coupled with high work pressure, disorders of schedules, smoking and drinking alleviating pollution, the incidence of chronic diseases is getting more and more increasing high.


It is one of them.

Cervical arteriosclerotic plaques are one of the main causes of ischemic stroke. Early diagnosis is essential for prevention and treatment of stroke. As the preferred imaging examination method for cervical plaques screening, ultrasound examination can accurately diagnose, evaluate the degree of arterial stenosis, and predict the stability of plaques, and provide a basis for early diagnosis and treatment of diseases and stroke prevention. If the carotid artery has plaques, it means that other blood vessels may also have plaques, especially the brain and heart, so the carotid artery is also called a "window" of systemic atherosclerosis.

The early manifestation of the analgesic ultrasonic ultrasonic ultrasonic ultrasonic ultrasound is thickened in the atmosphere, and then the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. As the disease progresses, it can cause arterial lumen stenosis and even closed congestion. Ultrasonic tests regularly measure the thickness of neck arteries in the neck of neck arteries (IMT). The IMT ≥ 1.2 mm at the IMT ≥ 1.0mm or the fork is thickened in the internal-mid-membrane; when the IMT limit is ≥1.5 mm, it can be defined as an atherosclerotic sclerosis plaque.

If you find a cervical plaques, we need to treat atherosclerosis to delay the progress of plaques, the progress of the disease, and the prevention of acute cardiovascular and cerebrovascular incidents or even sudden death. Conventional treatment mainly includes two aspects of diet and drugs. The diet includes low -salt, low -fat diet, strengthening exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.; Drugs mainly include lipid -lowering drugs (mainly statins) and aspirin. You should also actively control blood pressure and blood sugar. If there is severe narrowing, it is recommended to perform surgery, and it is recommended to check the heart blood vessels at the same time.

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