[Health] -The human body is really healthy. There are 5 major signs ~

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[Health] -The human body is really healthy. There are 5 major signs ~

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[Health] -The human body is really healthy. There are 5 major signs ~

The World Health Organization has given this definition for health: health not only means not to get sick, not weak, but also means that physical and mental and social life is in a state of health. So, what are the real health signs of the human body? In daily life, what are the good ways to keep you healthy? Let's take a look together.

The 5 major signs of the real health of the human body

The first is good cardiopulmonary function: heart and lungs are the main internal organs. A healthy heart, developed myocardium, and large heart capacity. Each beat can excrete 80-100 ml, 20-30 ml more than ordinary people.

Because the body needs the blood in a certain period of time, the blood volume of the heartbeat once is increased, and the number of heart beating must be reduced. Generally speaking After a long time to rest, it is not easy to cause fatigue. You can reserve strength for participating in physical labor. Even if you are responsible for heavy physical labor, you do n’t feel uncomfortable with panic and dizziness.

Healthy lungs, lung capacity than ordinary people, have good exchanges in the lungs, developed thorax, strong breathing muscles, slow and deep breathing, and breathing can meet the body's need for oxygen by about 10 times per minute. Breathing methods can prevent the respiratory organs from excessive exhaustion and respiratory diseases. It is good for the blood circulation of the internal organs such as heart function, liver, gastrointestinal, etc., sufficient nutritional supply, and also in a healthy state.

The second is good growth and development: healthy people have better physical development, manifested as tall, well -proportioned, full of muscles, and powerful limbs. Two people of the same age, if this person is taller, weight, bust, poor breathing, lung volume, grip, and bulletpower, it means that this person is healthy than that person.

Of course, the development of the body is also related to regional, genetic, race, nutrition, etc., and cannot be judged from this aspect.

The third is good physical fitness: people's labor, exercise, and various actions in daily life are muscle movements dominated by the nervous system. The differences in strength, speed, endurance, sensitivity, and flexibility of muscles can reflect the function of human nervous system and internal organs.

So it is also an important symbol of health. Healthy people have large muscles and large strength, which can account for 40-50%of weight.

The fourth is that the function of the nervous system is good: the brain is the master of the body and commands all activities of the body. Whether it is work, study, thinking, judgment, or all aspects of daily life, it is dominated by the brain. I usually eat fragrant, sleep sweetly, do not have headaches, insomnia, and high work efficiency. It is undoubtedly a healthy manifestation.

The fifth is to adapt to the external environment and the ability to resist disease: the outside world is constantly changing, and the human body must adapt to various changes in the external environment. When the external temperature rises, the body expands the body through the skin's capillaries. When the external temperature decreases, the body produces heat through muscle and the skin blood vessels shrinks to reduce the heat dissipation outward to maintain the balance of the body temperature.

Healthy people are not easy to heat up of heat, and it is the truth that it is cold and not easy to catch a cold. The human body's resistance to infectious diseases is also the same. People with good health and more antibodies in the blood are not easy to infect the disease in the same environment.

Scientific research proves that although a person's physical health is related to the inherent genetic inheritance, it is still the day after tomorrow. Some people are good when they are young. Because they do not participate in exercise, their bodies will slowly collapse; some people are already weak, but they will slowly get healthy through exercise. This reminds us that no matter what the body is now, as long as you participate in exercise, your body will be healthier.

Thinking about health can not be separated from eight good foods for a lifetime

1. Improve skin fine lines: grapes

Cell metabolism can produce free radicals and damage to the skin to great, and the antioxidants in the grapes can prevent and repair the problem of dryness, wrinkles and sagging of the skin caused by free radicals. Eating two small skewer grapes a day can meet the daily vitamin C intake of normal people, and also prevent the loss of skin elastic protein.

2. Eliminate bad emotions: whole wheat bread

Dr. Kelly O'Caconor of Balt Mo Mo Mosxi Medical Center in the United States said that people with poor mood like to eat sweets because carbohydrates can stimulate the brain to secrete 5 -hydroxyline, relieve stress, and eliminate depression. However, simple carbohydrates are likely to cause great fluctuations in blood sugar and make the mood worse. Therefore, you should choose complex carbohydrates as much as as much as as far as to lentils and whole wheat bread.

3. Remove the acne: walnuts and fish meat

Research on Michigan State University found that foods rich in Omega -3 fatty acids can significantly reduce skin infection, including inflammatory acne and acne, fish and walnuts, linen seeds are good choices.

4. Reduce nail splitting: eggs

Don't think that the nails have only one layer, in fact, it also has a corner protein layer. If your nails are more crispy and easy to split, the fastest remedy method is to supplement protein. Most people need to supplement 45 to 65 grams a day, and they can eat some lean beef, poultry meat and nuts. In addition, eating two eggs for breakfast can consume 12.5 grams of protein.

5. Moisturizing hair: green tea

People with poor hair quality are best to drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day. The caffeine in tea can slow down the secretion of a certain chemical substance, and the substance can seduce the hair follicles to shrink and make the hair look sparse. 6. Eliminate bad breath: original yogurt

Although chewing gum can quickly and fresh breath, the cure is not cured. Stomach is caused by bacteria accumulated on the tongue, teeth, and throat. If there are many gum, it will also speed up the growth of these microorganisms and make the tone more smelly. Japanese researchers have found that drinking original and sugar -free yogurt can remove sulfides in the mouth.

7. Relieve pre -menal discomfort: milk

New York endocrine expert Susan Jacob said that calcium -deficient women will experience more severe abdominal colic, emotional fluctuations, and abdominal distension. Studies have found that 1200 mg of calcium can reduce these symptoms by 48%every day.

8. Make your energy more abundant: apples and peanut butter

This combination is rich in dietary fiber and protein, which has a longer digestion time than a separate carbohydrate such as biscuits, so energy sources continue to supplement energy to the body.

"Three -flavored medicine tea" anti -aging

Stretching plants. Its sex is warm and bitter, and the liver meridian has the effects of relieving muscles, dispersion, cold, dehumidification and swelling. For the elderly's osteoporosis, joint soreness, weak limbs, weak limbs, cramps and other common problems, it has a good relief and treatment effect. It is recommended that these people can often drink with stretching straw water.

Yuan Zhi. There is an interesting legend about Yuanzhi: there is a talented person who has a talented pharmacist in ancient times, and the daughter of the pharmacological shop who marries quite pharmacological shops is his wife. One summer, Xiucai participated in the provincial urban and rural trials. Before leaving, his wife gave him a piece of brown round wood (called "bold" at the time), saying that the wood could help the husband to win the prince in one fell swoop.

Xiucai puzzled, his wife explained: "Xianggong rushed to test, thousands of miles, the weather was hot, rushing on the road during the day, and reading at night, wouldn't it be harmful to health? It can be healthy all the way. "Later, Xiucai really took the first place in the test.

Xiucai deeply felt that this wooden goddess was effective, but he thought that the name of the medicine was "bold" more vulgar, so he changed its name to "Yuanzhi". It is recommended that you take the appropriate amount of Yuanzhi and drink it with boiling water.

Puzzle. The puzzle is spicy, warm, and returned to the spleen and kidney meridians. It was passed down in ancient times that it can be champion of high school. Modern clinical clinical is often used to treat Alzheimer's, vomiting, kidney deficiency, frequent urination, and nocturnal emission. It is recommended to take an appropriate amount of puzzle and brew with boiling water. This tea is especially good for the elderly and the mental weakness.

This fitness can be effective

1. Start exercise 3 times a week to enjoy the benefits of exercise: exercise 1 or 2 times a week will not bring lasting health benefits. Shinne, a sportsman at the University of Rogers, believes that it takes at least 3 days a week to perform planning exercises. Studies have shown that sedentary will offset the benefits of any movement. So quickly move.

2. Raising iron is an effective way to shape muscles: raising iron, which is to use barbells and dumbbells for weightlifting methods. Raising iron is a good way to enhance muscle strength, but some women are worried that it will become too thick. In fact, women generate less testosterone than men, which means that no matter how they exercise, they will not be excessively developed.

However, raising iron cannot turn fat into muscles. From a physiological perspective, they are two different tissues. The fat is sandwiched in the middle of the skin and muscles, and it is also wrapped outside the heart and other organs. Muscle tissue can be subdivided into three main types: smooth muscles, myocardial and skeletal muscles, distributed on the whole body. What you can really do is to help you build muscles in any fat tissue and around it. The best way to reduce fat is healthy diet and exercise.

3. In fact, exercise is the most healthy: a lot of studies have shown that physical exercise is the best way to improve cognitive functions. Researchers at the University of Maryland have found that aerobic exercise has no benefit to enhance the brain function. This exercise is not only good for the brain, but also helps heart health.

4. If you want to maintain a good figure, you can't stop for a week: Most people do not exercise regularly within a week, and muscle tissue will begin to decompose. The principle of "use in waste" is very suitable for fitness fields.

5. Tablet support is the "ace" to exercise abdominal muscles: Some people sit up with supper to practice abdominal muscles. In fact, they can only target the abdominal muscles, and the flat plate support mobilizes the side of the human side, front and back muscles. Therefore, if you want to enhance the strength of the core muscle group, especially if you want to practice abdominal muscles, you can choose a tablet support.

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