Behind barley hair transplant IPO, the chaos of the hair transplant industry is frequent

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Behind barley hair transplant IPO, the chaos of the hair transplant industry is frequent

2022-06-24 06:09:20 2 ℃

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The huge number of hair loss people in China has spawned the huge hair transplant market. This is the basis for the rapid development of the hair transplant industry in recent years, and it is also the prerequisite for more and more hair transplant institutions to appear in front of the public.

At present, in the domestic hair transplant industry, Yonghe Medical is a well -deserved leader. It has successfully landed on the Hong Kong stock market at the end of last year, which has established a development demonstration for other hair transplant institutions. As a result, more hair transplant companies began to be on the road of capital and expansion.

Recently, Damai Hair transplanting news that it is about to land on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has caused the entire hair transplant industry to attract a lot of attention.

As the second listed company in the high probability industry, what kind of competitiveness does barley hair transplantation have? In view of the current trend of industry development and chaotic coexistence, can it be listed as an opportunity to change people's negative impressions of the industry and get better development opportunities?

The ipo is right, and the hair transplantation of barley is concerned

In the middle of this month, some media reported that the progress of the IPO of the Damai Hair Stock Exchange has been in the stage of receiving materials. The company plans to formally submit a prospectus to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in the third quarter of this year, and the listing process has entered the countdown.

In this context, the market's attention to barley hair transplantation has risen rapidly.

It is reported that because of its technical characteristics, Damai hair transplantation is also known as barley microneed hair transplantation. It is a brand of barley hair transplantation medical (Shenzhen) Group Co., Ltd. It has been involved in the field of hair transplantation very early.

In 2006, barley hair transplantation began to introduce microneedic hair transplantation technology, and the development of the technical route so far, this has caused barley hair to form a certain differentiated characteristics in the industry.

According to the official introduction, the micro -needle hair transplant technology pushed by barley hair transplantation has more advantages compared to traditional hair transplant technology, including small microneed pinhole diameter, which can be adjusted according to the thickness of different hair, small wounds, fast recovery, and high hair density.

In addition to its technical characteristics, barley hair transplantation also differentiates in the exploration of business models. Compared with the traditional hair transplant institution, it is only focused on the field of hair transplantation. In addition to barley microneeda hair transplantation, barley hair transplantation also has Az Man's hair transplantation, Sikang source scalp management, Sikang source trade, barley hair transplant technology research center, etc., indicating that the company is in hair transplantation. The field has a lot of ambitions, and wants to open up and downstream service links such as hair transplantation and maintenance.

At present, the stores of barley hair transplantation are mainly concentrated in first -tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and are mainly direct business. The total number of stores is about 30.

It can be seen that barley hair transplantation still has its own ideas in the field of hair transplantation. As this industry is becoming more and more noticeable, market opportunities are continuously bursting. The best choice can help it seize the growth opportunities of the future hair transplant market and seize the industry share in the expansion.

According to relevant statistics, the scale of the hair transplant market in my country has grown rapidly in recent years. From 5.8 billion to 13.4 billion in 2020 to 75.6 billion in 2030, the industry's digging metal is obvious, and it is not surprising that players related to related industries have prepared early.

However, the first step in the capital market, Yonghe Medical, has seized the highlands of the hair transplant market. It is almost twice as much as barley hair transplantation in the market share, which may cause barley hair to suffer a lot of development pressure after listing.

The industry chaos is frequent, and the hair transplantation of barley is not spared

It should be pointed out that although the potential demand has continued to erupt, considering that the hair transplant industry is still in the barbaric growth period, some chaos that has already erupted in the industry deserves special attention.

Take barley hair transplant as an example, it has repeatedly encountered administrative penalties.

At the end of 2020, Damai Micro -needle hair transplantation was suspected of violating the "Advertising Law" due to the use of patent applications that did not grant patent rights and the termination of patents that had been terminated and invalidated; Propaganda and other illegal acts were punished by market supervision.

In addition, in the level of user complaints, the field of hair transplantation is a big complaint, and barley hair transplant has been reported by many media for "destroying the image".

According to the relevant reports of the China Consumer Daily, a Ms. Zhou in Wuhan encountered a lot of annoyance while transplanting hair in Wuhan Damai Micro -needle hair transplant hospital.

She first saw the propaganda of barley microclicament hair transplantation from the live broadcast platform, and chose the test planting after receiving the "100 % success rate" of customer service.

At the time of testing, the Dagai Micro -needle doctor shaved Ms. Zhou's hair a lot without obtaining her consent, which seriously affected her work.

According to Ms. Zhou, the original intention of Damai's hair transplantation is exactly the favorable map, because she chose the test planting, so the institution could not make money. Planting the entire hairline.

Since then, Ms. Zhou and Damai's hair have fallen into a continuous dispute over rights protection.

Similar situations are just the tip of the iceberg in the chaos in the hair transplant industry. If you search on the Internet, you can easily see the various vomiting encountered by some consumers after hair transplantation, in terms of publicity, sales, effects, prices and other dimensions. There are more or less slot points for almost all hair transplant institutions.

Especially in the propaganda dimension, the hair transplantation agency can seduce consumers' experience and consumption everywhere by exaggerating publicity.

For example, the barley microneedle promised consumers a clear survival rate, claiming that "the survival rate after surgery is more than 96%", and there is "contract guarantee". In fact, the hair transplantation agency has the concept of confusion and misleading consumers. Suspected. It is reported that there is no way to calculate the survival rate of the hair follicles, and the so -called hair follicle survival rate is just a scientific research indicator, not a clinical observation indicator. Essence

According to the relevant dermatologist, it is very difficult to identify the survival rate of hair follicles clinically in clinical practice. Misaclation of consumers.

It can be seen that there are various chaos, like other players in the hair transplant industry, may also affect its stock price performance after listing.

It is hoped that in the future, whether it is barley hair transplantation or other hair transplantation agencies, everyone should take into account the interests of consumers and industry order while promoting their own development and expansion, so as to help themselves and the hair transplant industry have a longer -term development space.