Why do people get cancer?

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Why do people get cancer?

2022-06-24 06:09:07 3 ℃

Why do people get sick first?

If the disease is divided from the nature, the disease is divided into general and severity.

Severiality generally refers to harmful or malignant tumors.

Cancer is a malignant tumor.

Cancer is caused by the changes in the activation of the carcinogenic substances to activate the change of the vulva cells.

That is, on the basis of activating primary cancer cells, it is also caused by genetic genes, improper environmental factors, and emotional diet stimulation.


1. Why do people get cancer?

The first factor is: carcinogenic substances activate primary cancer cells.

The second factor is: the stimulation of genetic genes and environmental characteristics and emotional diet again.

2. If you are sick first, there will be cancerous.

Under the lack of mental factors and righteousness, and inflammation, the delegation and base surface of malignant precipitation and infiltration of evil changes.Of course, cancer is also caused by direct factors, that is, no matter what causes the characteristics, cancer will be obtained.

The constitution or crowd of volatile cancer is caused by a huge threat attack of hormone secretion disorders, metabolic circulation, and immune protection disorders.

Luo Zhanguang, the author of the original work.