The college entrance examination is about to be released. What should I do if I voluntarily fill in the vision?

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The college entrance examination is about to be released. What should I do if I voluntarily fill in the vision?

2022-06-24 06:09:49 7 ℃

From June 23

In 2022, the national college entrance examination score line will start one after another

The results of the college entrance examinations in various places will gradually be announced

I wish you all the title of the gold list in advance

For candidates and parents, how to apply for a major in the next stage according to the score is an important choice related to the future development of the child. Experts from El Eye Hospital affiliated to Henan University reminds candidates and parents: Hot majors do not want to report, especially majors with vision requirements!

Regardless of whether it is enlisted in the army or applying for national defense military colleges, public security, and civil aviation colleges, good vision is a hard standard.

The cold window reads more than ten years, only to the title of the gold list. This time, dreams are close at hand, how can my myopia hinder the pace of dreaming?

Recently, the topic of the#college entrance examination increased 7 times after the college entrance examination. It is understood that due to professional selection, future planning, and welcome the new life of the university, many quasi-college students include the mirror picking into the "desire list" and chose to perform myopia surgery in June-August.

The number of mirror picking groups is so huge, can everyone do myopia surgery? do we need to care something? If you have this question, you may wish to listen to what you say at the Deputy Dean of El Eye Hospital and Director of the Kwang Department of Henan University.


Myopia surgery is not for everyone

Deputy Dean You Changtao said that myopia surgery has strict surgical taboos and needs to be performed by 21 comprehensive and professional preoperative examinations to meet the conditions.


Is the more expensive myopia surgery, the better?

Different myopia surgery is high and low in price. But it does not mean that the more expensive the price, the better the surgical method.

Everyone's eye conditions are different, and the types of surgery are different. As for the choice of surgical methods, the data results of the comprehensive preoperative inspection and future use needs are needed to formulate personalized myopia surgery solutions.

Therefore, myopia surgery is the best for you.


What are the myopia surgery?

At present, the myopia correction surgery carried out by our hospital is mainly divided into two categories: corneal refractive surgery and crystal implants refractive surgery.

Corneal refractive surgery, which is often referred to as laser myopia surgery, is mainly full femtosecond Smile laser myopia surgery, semi -flying laser myopia surgery.

Smile full femtosecond

The refractive surgery in the eyes mainly refers to ICL artificial crystal implantation. It is equivalent to implanting a miniature contact lens into the eyeball through a minimally invasive surgery to achieve the effect of correcting myopia. Suitable for myopia within 1800 degrees and astigmatism within 600 degrees. ICL surgery is different from laser myopia surgery. It does not cut corneal tissue and retains the integrity of the eye structure.

ICL crystal implantation


III C contacts should be stopped before myopia surgery

Deputy Dean You Changtao suggested that the soft cornea contact mirror should be stopped for about two weeks. Generally, the hospital is checked for 3 days, and then appropriately extend the stop time of the stopping. Corneal shaping mirrors (OK mirrors) should be stopped for more than 3 months.

The purpose of stopping contact lenses is to restore the cornea to the original form and function, thereby ensuring the precision of the data before the myopia surgery, and excluding the taboos of surgery, so as to obtain a good visual effect after surgery.

Why do myopia surgery

Preferably Zhengzhou El Eye Hospital?

1. The main honor qualifications are obtained

Since the hospital settled in Henan in May 2016, it has become the Zeiss Laser Laser China Training Center, Ferthstan Laser Technology Training Base, Ames Clinical Training Base, Ames Zhen's selection of personalized clinical application bases, Visionix clinical application training base, German Zeiss Visumax full femtosecond clinical cooperation unit. You Changtao, deputy dean of Zhengzhou El Eye Hospital and director of the Kuang Department, won the "May 1st Labor Medal" in Zhengzhou in 2021. Dr. Er Medical Medical Award, "Selected Personalized Surgery Pioneer Award", "SMILE Outstanding Contribution Award" 2019EVO ICL Surgery Competition "National Elite Star Practice Award", 2017 Fourth Instead of Alier characters and other awards Essence

2. The surgical volume has been at the forefront of the province for many years

In the past five years, high -end myopia surgery has exceeded 10,000, and the surgery population covers all parts of the country.

3. Advanced equipment, personalized "eye customization" surgical solution

The hospital has continuously introduced many different sets of international advanced equipment such as Zeiss Fulllose and Amiast standards in Henan Province, providing a "one -stop" solution for myopia surgery treatment, and realized according to the patient's eye conditions and personalized needs. "Eye customization" allows each patient to get a perfect surgical solution that suits his eyes here.

4. A strong team of experts to escort the surgery

Quickly specialized in more than 10 myopia surgery correction experts, including 5 chief physicians and deputy chief physicians, providing myopia friends with strong technical support and guarantee for each link before, during and after surgery.

5. "Black Technology" inspection equipment to ensure that the inspection is comprehensive and accurate

In addition to the dozen preoperative examinations of domestic industry standards, in order to improve the quality of the perspective of the postoperative vision, the hospital has specially introduced international advanced equipment such as CORVIS and Pentacam for the selection of refractive surgery, corneal cross -linking surgery effect evaluation, and evaluation of the effects of corneal surgery.The screening of conical cornea, etc., realizes the standardized assessment of corneal biomechanics, which brings dual guarantee for the safety of corneal refractive surgery.6. The year is endless, and surgery is performed every day

The hospital's Qumei specialist is basically full of year. It is undergoing inspections and surgery every day. Some of the patients can check the surgery on the same day, basically no delay in learning and working hours.

7. Free review nationwide, more convenient after surgery

Friends who do myopia surgery in our hospital can enjoy 6 free reviews in more than 600 Aer Eye Hospitals across the country within the first year of the operation, which greatly saves the review time and cost.