If your face is getting more and more down, it is really insufficient qi and blood

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If your face is getting more and more down, it is really insufficient qi and blood

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In the health circle, there has always been a word: those who get qi and blood, get the world! And whether a person's qi and blood are sufficient, in fact, you can know at a glance. This is not a special function, but the quality of qi and blood shows on the face.

By the age of 35, Yangming pulse was weak, his complexion was haggard, and his hair was easy.

By 35, it is also the watershed on the face. It is said that the skin will become worse and worse after the age of 35. In fact, the qi and blood inside our body gradually lose money and go downhill.

Then the response to our face is easy to have wrinkles, acne, long spots, thick pores, dull skin, dry or greasy skin, and easy to lose hair. Occasionally we see those women who are handsome, rosy and rosy, and their figure must be a person with sufficient blood and a comfortable mood.

Therefore, if a person lives well, the qi and blood is insufficient, and the body is not uncomfortable. You can really see it at a glance. However, with the growth of our age, excessive fatigue, irregular meals, and pressure, these three mountains have crushed how many people, and the blood consumption of qi and blood in the body is too reasonable.

When it comes to losses of qi and blood, the first reaction of most people is to replenish blood, so many people like to drink chicken soup, Ejiao, and eat mutton, because this is all supplement, but in fact, even friends with blood deficiency can not come up as soon as they come up. Replenishment. Most of the blood deficiency that the teacher has been diagnosed before is actually mixed with the ingredients of blood stasis. In fact, it is purely blood deficiency.

So we want to replenish blood, not only to send new qi and blood, but also to clear the place where the blood circulation is blocked inside. It can't play any effect.

Qi is the handsome blood, and can push blood forward; insufficient qi, blood can't move. Therefore, if you want to use this gas to break away the stasis, you have to send it in.

The first step is to make up the blood and blood, start from the source

After we are sparse, we can focus on replenishing qi and blood. There are two ways to nourish qi and blood. One is to simply nourish qi and blood and eat some ingredients that help qi and blood. The second is to make up from the source. This is also the foundation of qi and blood. The spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemistry. If you want to make up qi and blood from the spleen and stomach, you have to supplement it.

Share 2 qi and blood food prescriptions, one is directly nourishing qi and blood, and the other is supplemented by the spleen and stomach. You can take it on demand.

Direct supplement: Qing Dynasty food prescriptions, double supplementation of qi and blood

A recipe in "Following the Supper", with only 100g longan meat and 10g ginseng or western ginseng. Longan meat nourishes the blood of the heart and spleen. Ginseng is mainly nourishing qi. Put these two ingredients in the pot and steam for 2 to 3 hours. When you eat each time, take a spoonful of the amount and rush the water. Eat once a day, while eating.

But remember not to be greedy, this recipe is not suitable for pregnant women and children.

Source supplement: Ming Dynasty food prescription, nourish the spleen and stomach

This recipe comes from "Authentic Surgery". It was recorded by Chen Shigong of the Ming Dynasty imperial doctor Chen Shigong. It was developed for the emperor and prince of the Ming Dynasty at that time. It was a recipe for nourishing the spleen and stomach. Insufficient qi and blood, so Chen Shigong selected 8 kinds of ingredients according to the sexual taste of the ingredients, carefully refining a eight treasure cake, as the daily consumption snack of the prince.

Later, it was passed on to the Qing Dynasty. In the old age of the Emperor Qianlong, due to its age, the spleen and stomach gradually declined. Later, the imperial doctors were improved on the recipe of the original Bazhen cake based on the age and physical condition of the emperor at the time, and presented to the Emperor Qianlong. He insisted on eating Bazhen to more than 80 years old.

In the sixth year of Guangxu, the Empress Dowager Cixi also used Bazhen cakes to raise the body. Until the age of 70, if he was 70 years old, if he was fifty people, in addition to his own attention, it also benefited from this eight. Treasure cake. Later, after continuous improvement formula, it became a health cake that is also suitable for modern human constitution.

Its formula is as follows: 20 grams of princes, 30 grams of Atractylodes, 50 grams of Poria, 50 grams of yam, 50 grams of coix seed, 20 grams of coriander, 20 grams of white lentils, 50 grams of lotus seed meat, 30 grams of raw hawthorn, 30 grams of fried malt 30 grams Essence

First grind these ingredients into powder, then grind the glutinous rice with 200 grams of rice and rice into powder, mix it together, add water and dough, add a little sugar, put it in the cage drawer to steam, and then cut into cakes for easy storage.

Among them, Prince Ginseng and Atractylodes are warm, and yam, white lentils, and lotus seeds are nourishing spleen and yin, so this is a two -tone recipe for yin and yang. And children can also eat it, as long as the prince ginseng and atractylodes can be removed.

We can match cakes according to the above ratio, but there are a lot of materials for Bazhen cakes, and it is time to make it. It is difficult to dry out ourselves. waste.

Meifeng Dao Eight Fang Eight Cake Healthy Spleen and Stomachless Adult Children's Biscuits Troubled Cake Traditional Pastry

If you want to resist storage, save time and time, you can try this ancient eight treasure cakes, without adding, authentic health cakes, ingredients include lotus seeds, barley, hawthorn, chicken internal gold, malt, Poria, yam, amomomomom villules , Chenpi, white lentils, etc.

The chicken in the chicken is clearing the stasis, and we are good at cleaning up the dirty stasis in our body. It can clear the places where our blood stasis is blocked.

Chenpi removing dampness and spleen, and has a unique aroma, warm, can warm our spleen and stomach, and at the same time, this aroma still has the effect of scattered.

The villosum is wet, which has the characteristics of spleen and scent. In the spleen and stomach meridians, Shanfang Huaizhi's wet turbidity, warm spleen and stomach stagnation, have good effects of humidity and appetite, warm the spleen and qi. Malt -Ganping, qi and spleen, especially good at starchy food.

Poria and barley spleen and dampness. Poria's spleen is done by wetness. The spleen soil hates the wetness and wetness. The existence of Poria can help the spleen soil remove the water and wet, and increase the temper. The spleen and water of barley mainly removed the wet turbidity in our body. The taste of sexuality is going down, and it is just matched with Poria, one liter and one drop.

Lotus seeds to clear the spleen clearing the spleen and nourish the gods; 芡 is converging, nourishing the spleen and diarrhea, helping us to replenish these all of them, do not lose; yam to strengthen the spleen and qi. While the spleen, it has a astringent effect.

Among these ingredients, there are natives and supplements, rising and falling, and very peaceful. Anyone will be dismissed by another blindness, so that the overall state is balanced, and it is not greasy.

The essence of all ingredients is condensed into such a piece of eight -treasure cakes. All the ingredients can be kept at low temperature after flouring and kneading. Not hard, and no sucrose is added. Even middle -aged and elderly friends who can't eat sweet can eat.

Take a bite, the strong aroma and egg fragrance after baking, and the fragrance of a faint natural fruit, not greasy at all, delicious and chewy, easy to absorb the spleen and stomach, and whether it is a small snack, or a small appetite, a staple food Come to eat, you can do it. After meals, you will be one after meals. It is nutritious and satisfied with the desire of the appetite.

The second step, qi and blood, emotion is also important

In the end, it has to be added. Some people have done the two steps above. They have both spleen and stomach and dredging their bodies. So why is qi and blood supplement so slow? That must have ignored the emotional problem!

Under the heavy pressure, many people are prone to depression, sensitivity, and dullness. Over time, these emotions can cause our body to stagnate, qi and blood stagnation, which is equivalent to dredging, nourishing qi and blood, and adding to qi and blood.

Just like the road, just after cleaning up the gravel garbage in front, the car can not be able to travel normally normally. As a result, a bunch of gravel garbage was blocked in front. The effect of replenishment is naturally slow.

Therefore, in order to prevent us from replenishing qi and blood, we leaked again, and our emotions are prone to depression, depression and dullness, or sullen friends, usually can drink some rose tea to relieve liver and qi, liver qi and stagnation, qi and blood can only be able to qi and blood can only be able to qi and blood. Go through.

Our Royal Medicine Heachi Dean Wang Guowei once shared this rose tea. It is said that it was very popular among the courts of courts. The Empress Dowager Cixi was particularly loved. Essence, we developed such a recipe for friends who are suitable for our liver.

Prepare 10 grams of Chenpi, 5 grams of roses, 8 ~ 10 Chinese wolfberry, roses to relieve liver and relieve depression, wolfberry nourish the liver and kidney, and Chenpi can prevent other two flavors of ingredients from nourishing. Effect, this can not only relieve the liver and relieve depression, but also nourish the liver, kidney and spleen.

Drink with boiling water, the rich rose fragrance, the faint Chenpi fragrance, drink slowly, the aroma in the mouth spreads, and the mood is much better.

If you don't like to drink tea, you can also make roses into balls, add some black sesame seeds, and nourish qi and blood while relieve depression.

Method: Wash the black sesame seeds and stir -fry the wok. After seeing the evaporation of the water, pay attention to observation, don't stir fry. The fragrant sesame seeds are cold, put sesame, roses, and wolfberry into the wall breaking machine into powder, pour honey into the milk pot and boil, pour it into the sesame powder, stir well with a silicone shovel, and use my hands Rub into a small ball and wrap the tin foil.

Black sesame nourishes qi and blood, especially liver blood. When the "Shen Nong's Materia Medica" is discussing black sesame seeds, it also talks about it that it can "make up the five within the five, nourish qi, grow muscles, fill the brain. And it is still very helpful for nourishing hair.

This rose black sesame pill, it is recommended to drink a glass of warm water before eating in the morning, and then eat it to help the body absorb.

Rose Pills Black Sesame Pills Handmade Blood Red Dates Wolfberry Six Treasure Rose Eight Treasure Lily

If you are too lazy to do it yourself, you can also prepare a few cans of this ready -made rose black sesame pill. They are all authentic natural ingredients.

The rose is relieved of the liver, and this aroma also has the effect of scattered, helping us to straighten the qi in the body.

Lily nourishing yin and nourishing the liver is suitable for us who are often dull and unhappy.

Red dates are nourishing qi and blood, qi stagnation in the body, stagnation for a long time, poor blood circulation, and naturally lack of qi and blood. At this time, red dates can help us slowly nourish the lack of qi and blood.

Hawthorn is promoting blood circulation. After a long time of qi stagnation, it is easy to cause blood stasis. We need to have a blind activating thing to dredge. Hawthorn just fills this position.

Oats belong to coarse grains, have high cellulose, and contain a variety of minerals, which can regulate our gastrointestinal absorption ability.

After that, the grinding black sesame seeds and these ingredients were made into balls together. When the black sesame seeds were made, they also added the production process of nine steaming and nine exposure. On the one hand, the release of the ingredients in the inside is more likely to be absorbed by the body.The greasy nature of sesame is better.Take a bite, sweet and not greasy, chew carefully with a touch of sweetness, rich roses and mellow sesame scents.

Each one is an independent packaging, and it is convenient to carry it with you.You only need to eat 2 pieces a day to satisfy the nutrients needed by the body. Except for pregnant women and children under the age of 14, you can eat it.

So when we find that our faces are getting more and more down, we must try the above method to clear the stasis in the body and nourish qi and blood. This is the key to maintaining young.