4 living habits may be the "catalyst" of the thyroid nodule. I hope you can change it as soon as possible

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4 living habits may be the "catalyst" of the thyroid nodule. I hope you can change it as soon as possible

2022-06-24 06:08:34 2 ℃

As a endocrine glands of the human body, the thyroid gland is mainly responsible for secreting thyroid hormones, which can promote metabolism. It also plays a positive role in growth and development and maintains the normal operation of the body. If you have thyroid nodules, some foods cannot be eaten, otherwise the thyroid burden will be aggravated and the thyroid nodules will become larger.

Recently, many people are discussing that cabbage is a "catalyst" of thyroid nodules. Eating cabbage will make the thyroid nodules larger, just like Internet celebrity. Woolen cloth?

Cabbage is also a genuine flower. There are many ways to eat cabbage. Each is deeply liked by the public. Some people say that cabbage is a "catalyst" of thyroid nodules. Acid substances are not conducive to the recovery of thyroid.

In fact, cabbage is rich in nutrition, contains protein, crude fiber, carotene, vitamins, etc. It depends on these nutrients. It is conducive to healthy food. Nodule growth

It can be seen that eating cabbage does not necessarily stimulate the nodules of thyroid gland to become larger. It is also unscientific to say that cabbage is a "catalyst" of thyroid nodules. Although cabbage does contain thiocyanic acid, as long as it does not say that eating a lot of cabbage at one time, the amount of Chinese cabbage will not make the nodules larger. You can eat it with confidence.

The real "catalyst" of the thyroid nodules is the following four living habits. I hope you change it as soon as possible!

1. Stay up late

Staying up late is a normal state of life. No young man does not stay up late. It just says that there is no harm to the body once or twice occasionally, but after staying up late for a long time, it will hurt. Staying up late for a long time will reduce the resistance, lead to endocrine disorders, and affect the recovery of thyroid.

2. Like to eat kelp

海带中含有很高的碘含量,而对于患有甲状腺结节的人来说,过多食用海带会导致摄入的碘含量超标,会加重甲状腺结节的负担,导致结节变大,不利于Healthy body.

3. Drink water with carbonated beverages instead of water

Carbonated beverages are also the favorite of many people now. Some people even drink with drinks instead of water. Do not drink boiled water all year round. This habit will also make the thyroid nodules larger. This is because long -term drinking carbonated beverages can cause endocrine disorders, stimulate the nodules of thyroid gland to become larger, aggravate the burden of various organs, and harm the body.

4. Long -term anger

Studies have found that the chance of women with thyroid nodules is higher than men. This is because women's spleen is greater. It is very sensitive to a little thing, and the impact of emotions on thyroid is also very great. Especially in a long -term anger, it can cause endocrine disorders, aggravate the thyroid burden, induce thyroid nodules, and is not conducive to the recovery of thyroid gland health.

So, what should I do in daily life to make the nodules smaller?

Want to get smaller in thyroid nodules, exercise 30 minutes after meals

People with thyroid nodules must also understand exercise at ordinary times. After 30 minutes after dinner, they can also exercise appropriately. , Inhibit the growth of thyroid nodules, relieve the pain caused by the thyroid nodules, and protect the health of the thyroid gland.

If the thyroid nodules become smaller, you can use purslane to soak in water

Purslane has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, swelling and dispersing nodules, so people with thyroid nodules can usually drink purslane in water, which can inhibit the growth of the nodules and slowly becomes smaller.

Want to get smaller in thyroid nodules, use dandelion

There are many foods in life that can help dissipate nodules. The purslane just mentioned, and dandelion also have the same effect. Dandelion has the effects of swelling and dispersion, anti -inflammatory, sterilization, heat -clearing and detoxifying, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Generally, dandelion can be used to soak water.