Those who are over 50 years old, take a piece of aspirin a day, can prevent the occurrence of cervical plaques?

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Those who are over 50 years old, take a piece of aspirin a day, can prevent the occurrence of cervical plaques?

2022-06-24 06:10:07 5 ℃

A friend asked: I heard that the possibility of long cervical artery plaques over 50 years old will greatly increase. If you take a piece of aspirin a day, can you prevent the occurrence of cervical plaques?

Cervical plaques are the most likely to be found by an early detection of vascular disease. When it comes to the blood vessels, there are plaques in the blood vessels. The first reaction of many people is very scared, and there are three understanding of this:

The blood vessels grow plaques means that the blood vessels will be blocked. The longer the plaques, the larger the blood vessels, and the reason why the plaque occurs when the acute myocardial infarction and the cerebral infarction occur. It can effectively prevent the formation of aspirin in the formation of plaques is to dilute blood. Can taking aspirin prevent the formation of plaques really? These three kinds of understanding seem to make sense, but in fact, this is not the case. In fact, it is a misunderstanding that many people often enter.

First of all, arterial plaques do cause blood vessels, but sudden cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction is often not caused by the plaques itself, because the growth of the plaque has a process of growing up. If it occurs, it will not cause acute cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction; but if the plaque is ruptured and the lipid components are exposed to the blood, it will cause a large amount of thrombosis of coagulation cell platelets to form thrombosis, and thrombosis will cause acute heart heart The main causes of stalks and cerebral infarction.

Secondly, the formation of plaques is based on the damage of the vascular endothelial, and the fat in the blood is deposited in the damage, causing a series of inflammatory reactions, which degenerate the sedimentary fat. "In medicine, he referring to the increased scores such as erythrocytes in the blood, which is caused by an abnormally increased score, and it is not caused by the rise in fat content.

Third, the reason why aspirin can play a role in preventing infarction cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is mainly through inhibitory accumulation factors on the coagulation cell platelets, so that it loses the accumulation function to prevent thrombosis from forming a role. The number of platelets does not play the role of so -called dilution blood.

It can be seen that to prevent the formation of arterial plaques, what needs to be done is to prevent the deposition of fat on the vessels of the vessels on the basis of avoiding vascular endothelial damage. Aspirin does not play any effect on these two links, so Taking aspirin is invalid for the formation of arterial plaques. It can only avoid playing a thrombosis after the formation of the plaques is ruptured.

In summary, the correct and effective practice should be:

Actively treat high blood pressure, diabetes, hyperuricemia and other diseases, develop good living habits such as abstaining tobacco and alcohol, not staying up late, daily exercise exercise, etc., and avoid damage to vascular endothelial. Actively control blood lipids, the most important thing is to control low density lipoprotein in blood lipids. Normal people should control at least 3.37 mmol/L and control to 2.6 mmol/L. Blood disease, etc., should be strictly controlled below 1.8mmol/L [I hope this answer can help you, please click to follow and leave a message, learn to communicate more health knowledge]