Rice is more terrible than fat?American scientist: It's true!Low -quality carbohydrates can affect life

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Rice is more terrible than fat?American scientist: It's true!Low -quality carbohydrates can affect life

2022-06-24 06:08:44 4 ℃

"People are iron, rice is steel, eating and eating less snacks is healthier." This elder's words run through our daily meals.

When it comes to diet health, everyone often feels that the rice and noodles that have been finely processed are beneficial to human health and use it as a staple food. It is believed that a series of high -fat and high -sugar foods like fat and cola are more likely to endanger their health and affect their life.

However, a study published on the top issue "Nejm" (New England Medical Magazine) broke this conventional cognition. Researchers found that low -quality carbohydrates like rice and noodles can shorten their life.

01. Carbohydrate "stereotype" is overturned? Low -quality carbohydrates affect life

Carbohydrates are synonymous words of sugar. The so -called low -quality carbohydrate diet is not to say the quality problem of carbohydrates, but the high sugar lift index of this type of food. As you can see everyday, refined grains such as rice, steamed buns, and noodles will be quickly digested when they enter the body, which can cause blood sugar to rise rapidly in a short time.

In February 2021, Professor David Jenkins, the University of McMaster, Canada, led a large-scale research. The researchers chose nearly 130,000 subjects (between 35-70 years old) and used The form of questionnaires collects the dietary habits of the subject.

After an average of 9.5 years of follow -up, the research results show that long -term consumption of low -quality carbohydrates, which suffers from cardiovascular disease, has increased the risk of death by 50%. What is even more surprising is that even if there is no cardiovascular disease itself, the ratio will increase by 20%.

Coincidentally, Dr. Wang Lei, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, said in the "Life Circle" in the popular science science program of CCTV. China is the main food country. Our daily diet is mainly rice, but it is actually similar to rice. The harmfulness of low -quality carbohydrates such as white porridge is greater than fat and fried chicken.

02. American scientists: Food contains natural substances to reverse aging

Why does low -quality carbohydrate diet affect life? According to Dr. Wang Lei, after consumption of low -quality carbohydrates, its blood glucose will adjust the functions of multiple systems and organs in the human body. Sudden rising may cause damage to other organs, causing the internal organs to produce modern metabolism abnormalities.

Daily beloved staple foods have different "surprises". But it may not be afraid of it, because some material will be damaged with organs, and maybe some material can delay such situations. In 2020, Professor Kyoko Kojiro of the University of Washington discovered a kind of natural metabolic substance (key elements of the "Anti -aging scientific and technological achievements" Saile Rui "), which can reverse the aging aging closely related to aging and adjust the heart function damage. The research results were published in the Biological Sciences Journal "AGING CELL".

According to the "Time School" of the Fudan anti -aging team, the substance not only exists in the human body, but the journal "Cell" stated that it is also rich in precious and expensive ingredients such as avocado and beef. In fact, the common cater beans and broccoli in life also contain key elements of Saile Rui, but the content is too small. Therefore, if you want to fully absorb, you need to eat 32-128kg edama or 54-240kg broccoli a day.

Regardless of such a diet, whether the key elements of Sailery can be successfully absorbed into the body, it is uncomfortable to eat at least 32kg in just one day, and it is extremely unrealistic to take it for a long time. Therefore, it can exogenize the intervention of the molecule's intervention in the aging scientific and technological achievements "Sai Leui". Once Beijing & East International was introduced to my country, it was very popular.

Sailery is targeted at the first step of the cell aging in human aging, and uses emerging technologies to focus on activating cell energy. Therefore, it is expensive and can even eat a house in third- and fourth -tier cities for a long time. However, it can be seen from the Beijing & East Platform data that it still enters the bills of many high net worth groups.

03. Reasonable adjustment of diet, healthy 100 years old

The study of Professor David Jacks broke the conventional cognition of "fine food such as rice" before. Professor David also said, "In our daily diet, the lower the carbohydrates, the shorter the survival time. However, the consumption is rich in high -quality carbohydrates.

Tanaka, the longest -lived old man in the world, lives 119 years old. The person in charge of the nursing home once revealed that the grandma's "longevity secret", he told reporters that grandma usually has a good appetite and likes to eat chocolate and cola. It can be seen that the longevity of Grandma Tanaka or Grandma's longevity may have a wonderful connection with Professor David Jacks.

(Tanaka, the longest -lived old man in the world)

However, it is worth noting that for ordinary people, low -quality carbohydrates such as rice and noodles in life are not unable to eat, but they should pay attention to the combination of coarse grains. Equilibrium diet is the guarantee of health, or it can help us longevity.