Lu Jianqiang, a combination of Yunnan Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, "Early three symptoms of lung cancer will" walk in front "

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Lu Jianqiang, a combination of Yunnan Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, "Early three symptoms of lung cancer will" walk in front "

2022-06-24 06:09:18 3 ℃

Lung cancer is the most common primary malignant tumor in the lungs, and is a malignant tumor of the trachea, bronchial and glandular gland. The early stages of lung cancer are not obvious, and 75%of patients are late during diagnosis. The incidence and mortality of lung cancer grow the fastest among various malignant tumors, and is one of the greatest malignant tumors that threaten human health and life.

According to the analysis of the prevalence of malignant tumors in China, in 2015, there were about 787,000 new cases of lung cancer in China, with a incidence of 57.26/100,000. The incidence of malignant tumors in Chinese men and women, lung cancer occupies first and second, respectively. Data show that there are about 8 million lung cancer patients in China.

The incidence and mortality of lung cancer are rising worldwide. Because the symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious, patients are often treated in advanced treatment. Even after treatment, the 3 -year survival rate is still less than 20%. For patients with early diagnosis and have not been metastasized, the 5 -year survival rate can reach 50%. For lung cancer, early discovery and early treatment are very important.

Early precursor of lung cancer, you need to know

Whether the symptoms of lung cancer exist, whether it is severe, and the morning or later depends on the location of the tumor, pathological type, metastases and complications, and the difference in the degree of response and tolerance of the patient. Many early lung cancer did not have obvious symptoms, and the most common symptoms of symptoms were the following.

There is a cough. This is the most common symptom, cough is the first symptom among 35 ~ 75%of patients. Many people often cough. It is usually considered a cold or other minor disease, but it is actually a symptom of multiple diseases, such as pneumonia. Pneumonia is a lung disease that requires early treatment and may be cancerous, but many people often delay. If there is a sputum or less sputum caused by a foreign body sensation, and the cough has not been cured for a long time, the possibility of lung cancer must be considered.

Putty with blood or hemoptysis. About 25%to 40%of early lung cancer patients will experience this symptom. When a severe cough, the vascular tissue in the body may rupture, causing hemorrhage, local necrosis of the tumor, or vasculitis. It can also cause blood or hemoptysis in several sputum, which is continuous or intermittent. Occasionally, larger blood vessel rupture or tumor rupture into the bronchial and pulmonary blood vessels, causing unavailable hemoptysis.

Chest pain. Chest pain is the first symptom of 25%of patients with lung cancer. Often manifested as irregular or dull chest pain. If there is continuous severe chest pain, if it continues to develop, it may evolve into continuous drilling pain, and it will still not be controlled after medication. Pulmonary cancer tumor tissue may extensively violate pleural or chest walls and should be vigilant. When the shoulder, chest, and back continue to pain, the tumor may invade outward.

When you are older, you do n’t want chest pain. You feel that you can apply medicine to rubbing medicine. In fact, chest pain is a representation of a variety of diseases. After having some chest pain, you should go to the hospital for examination.

Can X -rays screen lung cancer?

You can understand the infiltration of the size, location, and neighboring parts of lung cancer with X -ray, but X -ray screening for early lung cancer cannot be released. The X -ray resolution is low, and it is not easy to find concealment lesions and micro lesions in the lungs. Most of the lung cancer found in X -ray examination is advanced lung cancer, and early detection and early treatment cannot be found, which is meaningless to improve the survival rate of patients with lung cancer. For the screening of lung cancer, the current commonly used screening methods include chest CT and bronchoscopy.

The chest CT is the main method of lung cancer diagnosis. It is much more accurate in lung examination than X -ray, which can roughly distinguish vicious and benign tumors, which is of great significance for subsequent treatment and treatment.

The bronchial mirror examination is a type of endoscopic examination and one of the main methods of diagnosis of lung cancer. Using bronchial mirror examination, you can directly observe the situation in the bronchial, you can find tiny lesions. If necessary, you can also take examination whether there are cancer cells, and lung cancer can be detected in time.

Because the early symptoms of lung cancer are not obvious, whether it can be found that it mainly depends on the physical examination of lung cancer, especially for long -term smoking, long -term contact with cancer, engaging in chemical industry and manufacturing, or family history of lung cancer. Physical examination, a low -dose CT screening once a year, and early treatment.