The girl was sleeping naked naked is not good OK

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The girl was sleeping naked naked is not good OK

2016-07-23 15:06:08 350 ℃

1, no clothes manacle feeling more relaxed sleep

Medical concept, naked on the girls' physical health is actually helpful. Some of the girls to sleep, still used to wear underwear, the doctor said, "so there is still little oppressive feeling. So, naked, less clothes, underwear and underpants manacle, can let us feeling really relax, to further enhance the quality of sleep.

2, let the private air prevent bacterial infection

When it comes to the relationship between naked and underwear, doctors think, in sheets, quilts are clean environment, naked sleep just to let private parts to breathe and avoid a world are boring, may growth of bacteria in the environment.

But some people sleep, used to clip legs in a way, sweat because skin close relationship in a road, not easy to drain off, such as there is no to the privacy office a good situation, so its naked, as wear ventilation, do not overtighten cotton underwear.

3, naked can increase self-confidence

Luoshui can add self-confidence, because when you to hang a habit when faced with naked itself, you can de novo familiar body itself, slowly feeling to the sexy, helps to cultivate self-confidence, but also foreign experts said.

4, it help to lose weight

You know what? There was an indirect benefit is naked help to lose weight. Experts believe that if we go to sleep in the nude, we will of itself which side are fat is twice as sensitive and woke up the next morning, on comparison does not want to eat the.

5, naked give you a better experience

The domestic and foreign doctors mention naked benefits must be mentioned is that naked, let you have a better sex. In addition to the candid originally will increase the probability of Aiai outside, foreign experts believe that the other half to see you naked and lying in bed, will inspire more than a generic dynamic, and let both sides have better quality.