How white hair black? Treatment of white hair remedies

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How white hair black? Treatment of white hair remedies

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White hair how to black?

Cassia 500 grams, 250 grams, 50 grams of Polygonum honey, vinegar 25 grams, 25 grams of black beans, 250 grams of Rhizoma chuanxiong. The above amount is a dose of medicine.

How white hair black practice

1, first saponin with hot water soaked until soft, then smashed into pieces, saponin, and black beans to 1 ratio of 0.5 percentage (for example: 500 grams of Gleditsia Sinensis Lam with 250 grams of black beans)

2, add water right amount, after the water is boiled to dry (do not cook coke) out, and then mixed with other drugs in the same cook, about 4000 grams of water at the mercy.

3, after the boil into a paste, to slag standby.

How white hair black, each shampoo, the liquid will be poured in the palm of the hand rub full hair, while rubbing the scalp 300 - 400 under the skin, wash two times a week, wash with water after the hair. General six months can make a black hair white hair. After the black, wash once a week, can be linked to the hair will never become white. Prescription of Chinese herbal medicines, can be bought in the pharmacy, with the cream shampoo, do not use a shampoo paste.

How to treat white hair

Pollen treatment of white hair

White hair, how to black? Pollen contains large amounts of antioxidants, such as vitamin E, carrot element and trace element selenium and they can restrain lipid and protein peroxidation reaction speed, which has anti-aging effect, the test expression: often take associated gold flower powder can eliminate age spots, and restore youthful vitality of the human body, which is metallographic with pollen from a flower "Jiufu Qingshenjianfei", Yishou Yannian affair, metallographic with flower pollen mineral sulfur and pantothenic acid can make hair lead to hair, often edible to hair effect.

How white hair black? Folk therapy

To pull hair and with honey coated pores, meaning the black hair; if not effective, take the Indus sub pound juice coating must be black; such as Hefa disaster pull, with dried persimmon (with the smell of Mao boil), wolfberry fruit wine bubble ustulation) each 90g, at the end of the research such as the Wu Zi for pill big, each serving 50 pills (augmented prescription new series), but effective slow and need to for a long time.

How white hair black? Dietary therapy

Longan meat, lotus seeds, jujube and so on, into the rice, boiled porridge, 2 times a day, and even served 15 to 30 days can nourishing qi and blood, make the hair black.

Acupuncture and acupressure treatment of white hair

Can make the hair with a shiny is treatment Hefa points in the soles of the feet of the "springs", springs on behalf of the kidney. It is located in the foot center depression (toes forced inward bending occurred subsag, and then use acupressure, feel the place of pain) and massage feet every 15 times as a course of treatment every day to do two courses, this refers to the method in the treatment of white hair is not effective immediately, must insist to practice.

Royal jelly treatment

Royal jelly contains high nutrition, especially it may supply to melanin synthesis and excretion of nutrients and melanin particles transport to the hair follicle blood vessels, so that it becomes doubled every and active, to strengthen the function of melanin granules, such black pigment on the energy source of inexhaustible and mystery, hair will become black.(photo: visual China)