This summer let you get rid of minor health bath

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This summer let you get rid of minor health bath

2016-07-23 15:06:23 323 ℃

Hot summer weather, the foundation of every individual should take a bath every day, some people feel that they have to wash two times a day or more. But no matter what the climate is not clean, the bath body is so simple, in fact, a lot of health bath hidden doorway. Take a bath to wash the summer health, master can do:

30 minutes before meals take a bath: can enhance the appetite

Summer many people in the city to have a poor appetite, try in 30 minutes before taking a bath, with hot water to stimulate the stomach, until the body relaxed, warm water then chest around the fountain, each red 5 seconds rest 1 minute, repeated 5 times.

Hot water spray brush: to alleviate the pain of physical pain

For cold, blood stasis caused by chronic muscle damage, local stiff and painful sadness, shower with 40 degrees of hot water in pain and sorrow are sprayed with 10 minutes at the mercy, especially easily pain sad such as the head, shoulder and waist and other parts, can rush edges extensional activities, the former swing cloth to move, can gradually open up the blood stasis, stimulative blood circulates.

Breath + massage: relieve constipation

People with constipation chagrin, can be in the bath with the palm in the abdomen in a clockwise massage, also belly drum a big mouth breathing, and focus on the shower abdomen, promote blood flow, improve blood circulation, relieve constipation and prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids.

Ginger: cold water bath

Not women because of the cold body, even in the summer are very easy to appear move limbs cold numb phenomenon, this hour can choose - with ginger water bath, can promote blood circulation, let the body slowly up.

Rub face: eliminate fatigue

In the bath rubbing the face, hot water can better stimulate the nerve, in friction and temperature dual role, facial blood vessels in case of thermal expansion thickening, blood is accelerated circularly, stretching the muscles in the face, promote metabolism, maintain face tight ruddy, insist for a long time can prevent a decline in facial nerve is phlogistic, eyesight.

Foot massage: to edema

With 40 degrees of hot water from the toe to the instep round-trip flushes the bath, and then to of rushed ankles and feet palm position after 3 minutes, reoccupy cold water washed the same place for about 10 seconds, and foot rush edges activity, repeated several times after to achieve to stimulate the acupuncture point, Qi accessible role.