Mosquito repellent products so much, what kind of safe and reliable?

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Mosquito repellent products so much, what kind of safe and reliable?

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Mosquito repellent products charming eyes, who is reliable?

Health Times reporter Chu Chao

Summer, mosquito disturbance. Since always, online communication with all types of insect repellent new ways, high-tech ways and soil ways; and in recent years, the electronic business platform filled with all sorts of repellent new gods. So how do these products result in fact? Is it just a gimmick? What kind of mosquito repellent products or insect repellent is reliable?

In charge of mosquito repellent: although useful, but the smell of the fire

At present, some hospital especially community hospital will open for the people in charge of mosquito repellent. Some people suggest: "the 20 floor, I do not know how, the mosquito is also very much. Later in the hour of other drugs let the doctor took the opportunity to open a mosquito repellent in charge, is also very useful, much less mosquitoes, but get house of traditional Chinese medicine taste relatively large. "

Beijing Panjiayuan hospital pharmacists, said the general repellent charge will contain herbs, dried tangerine peel, angelica root, mugwort leaf, patchouli, cloves, honeysuckle, mint, basil leaves and calamus, mosquito not joy good these medicines Phi out of breath, therefore can play to certain repellent allelopathy. General in charge of mosquito repellent is valid for 20~30 days, due to the proposed change. However, some people especially children body heat, if often use mosquito repellent in charge, easily get angry. The mosquito in charge, hanging on the door window, away from the bed. Especially pregnant women with caution.

The theory of modern Chinese medicine believes that herbal fragrance may stimulate the nasal mucosa, nasal mucous membrane of antibody secretion type immunoglobulin albumen content increased, greatly improve the immunity of the human body; at the same time Chinese medicine smell of phi, around the formation of a high concentration of small, play a role in isolation and sterilization.

Moxa: long time to stimulate the respiratory tract

The AI is an ancient insect repellent mosquito smoked. It tries to find out, night in the 20 to 30 square meters, about the size of a room, ignite moxa smoked 10 minutes at the mercy, can make the mosquito night not to harass. If the moxa, Atractylodes, calamus and cinnamon to a light, the better.

But some experts have suggested that this method is very effective, but it is easy to stimulate the respiratory tract. Suffering from respiratory diseases and the baby should not be using this method to insect repellent.

Mosquito repellent Bracelet: more tricky, affect small, difficult to ensure that health

And mosquitoes do not bite, flower like dew product analogy, insect repellent Bracelet because it may carry personal and decorative has gradually become the new darling of the mosquito repellent. Reporter in Taobao found repellent Bracelet price yuan in 6~300 and repellent bracelet with repellent blocks useful in 1-10 days ranging. There are many businesses in the propaganda of the product contains m.buster and lavender and other ingredients.

However, there are buyers commented: "just open the package when the mosquito repellent Bracelet smell smoked, but shortly after the failure of the. Feel the breath like camphor ball, did not use the results of a few days on the foundation of what."

The personage inside course of study points out, now on market hair sell repellent Bracelet containing mosquito repellent chemicals, and containing mosquito repellent chemicals products should have pesticide registration number and other relevant certification. But not many mosquito repellent Bracelet product introduction in pesticide registration no.. This is because mostly repellent Bracelet product classification for jewelry, and is not included in the mosquito repellent pesticidal activities, such escape for the detection of mosquito repellent preparation. Therefore, its security, health is not easy to guarantee.

Some of the results of mosquito repellent bracelet, possibly containing DEET (DEET). However, infants and young children with persistent exposure to avoid mosquito, or can stimulate the respiratory tract diseases.

Garlic insect method: eat in the end is still painted?

There are articles that said: "the mosquito is the most afraid of three kinds of food -Garlic, soybean oil, black pepper.

First of all, after a taste of garlic, the body excrete the mosquitoes at a distance. Eat garlic, sliced its best first, for 15 minutes, the better mosquito repellent. Can also be garlic slices, put in the window or onto the screen, stop mosquitoes into the room.

Secondly, made from soybean oil repellent agent containing chemical composition and popular mosquito repellent is also useful.

Third, black pepper has a mosquito repelling function. Ordinary can be spread in the window, the door or flower pot edge to prevent the growth and invasion of mosquitoes."

However, the American Mosquito temperance association technology adviser believes that eating garlic can present as mosquito, lack of evidence. But if the juice is pressed to the body of a certain part of the body, you can reduce the risk of mosquito bites in 20 minutes.

Mosquito lamp: is only a blind cat with dead mouse?

In eight the various products, mosquito repellent, mosquito lamp is the most seemingly does not involve "one of the toxic chemicals". Because of this, the night and the shining purple mosquito lamp became the parents give their children a choice.

Industry insiders suggest that the fact that the UV light is a guide for mosquitoes, which remains controversial. Other mosquitoes to light and not flies, moths like that, specially picked bright place to fly; and more moment people will find that evening sometimes can hear mosquitoes sound, but a turn on the lights, it will fly back to the darkness of the corner. But the real goal is to find guidance mosquitoes people breathe out carbon dioxide and the smell of sweat. Is the mosquito lamp for me, maybe just waiting the occasional affairs.

Flower dew: first spray mosquito adults on hand, give the child with

Mosquito repellent(DEET) for the insect has more than half a century of history. It is not scientific to put aside the dosage to avoid mosquito borne amine. As long as strictly in accordance with the instructions accurately apply is safe. Foreign experts pointed out that more than two months of the baby can be used to avoid the product of the mosquito amine content of 30% or less. The foundation and content of supermarkets sell most repellent DEET in flower dew is less than 30% (see packing instructions). In the use of children, should first spray in adults, and then apply to the child.

The product is mostly a gimmick: children repellent

Beijing City Food Drug Supervision and Management Bureau staff implied, our current will not drive midge Products Division for infants, children and adults disagreement category, children repellent product related national standard has not yet introduced. A "mosquito repellent products for children were the first self appointed manufacturers.

For some children repellent products advertised as "pure natural", Beijing daily chemical research staff suggests, the so-called pure natural, in fact, is not pure, how to through chemical synthesis. Mosquito repellent product of some contact with the skin to skin test before delivery, the participants' foundation for adults. However, differences in the nature of the skin between adults and children, although it can be through the adult skin test, but can not help but make children allergic to.

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