Insomnia, anemia, a fruit all get very practical

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Insomnia, anemia, a fruit all get very practical

2016-07-23 15:06:37 417 ℃

The annual 7, August, longan is listed on the stock market, insomnia, Qi deficiency, anemia disturbed people blessed, because longan is the good helper that these small problems in scheduling.

And I prefer longan litchi compared, because of the heat of longan and litchi, flat.

Longan for excessive anxiety and heart, long food can be made "not old".

Qi pot congee

Some people are particularly timid, encountered a little things will be a sense of panic, there may not be your personality, but the heart and blood deficiency.

A serious deficiency of people will feel flustered, heart beating uneasiness and discomfort.

This environment can be used with longan lotus seeds, glutinous rice porridge to drink a way.

Longan wine bubble insomnia

Some people go to bed especially "light", a little movement is easy to wake up, some woke up not easily fall asleep.

This is because the body cannot nutritional anemia, heart, resulting in hung up.

If you can drink on the bubble point of longan wine

Can drink, can use guiyuanrou to wine. 1 pounds of white wine or sake plus 4 two guiyuanrou, soak half a month you can drink.

Drink this wine, to improve the quality of sleep will be very helpful.

Nothing more is bound to appropriate, avoid alcohol addiction, cerebrovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes and pregnant women, breastfeeding women don't use this prescription.

Cannot drink drink longan Lily jujube tea

There is also a prescription, from the "prescription", for all.

Suanzaoren 20g, 20g, 15g, longan Lily Fuling 15g, medlar 10g, wheat 10g.

After washing, add water to boil for half an hour, before going to bed to drink a cup, the results are very good.

Drink red dates longan tea anemia

If the person is the spleen, anemia is more serious, look good, then you can drink tea taste longan red dates.

This tea will add a few slices of ginger, to prevent too much greasy red dates longan.

Longan eat more will get angry?

And litchi ratio, longan although tepid, but peace is much, is generally not very easily get angry of thermal physical person can eat some.

If it is cold peace, no taboo longan will not eat longan roots will not get angry.

Longan is a good nourishing food for us, the price is very cheap, the function is also very good. And it is also very convenient to eat, you can simply eat, you can cook, quickly eat it!