Green pepper is a treasure and it ate double amazing effect

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Green pepper is a treasure and it ate double amazing effect

2016-07-23 15:06:43 383 ℃

Because green peppers taste weird, plus smoked eyes, people are generally not too fond of it, often only as cooking dishes, not knowing its many functions, expeditiously and small series together to comprehend what little green peppers excels.

The benefits of eating green pepper

Lipid lowering

Eat spicy diet is well known, and eat green pepper is also the predicament, the reason why it can be to lose weight, because contain capsaicin can promote fat metabolism, conducive to lipid-lowering.

Increase appetite

The taste of green pepper can stimulate human saliva and gastric juice excretion, so as to achieve the goal of promoting appetite.

Promote digestion

After bloating and indigestion are common, can add some pepper in cooking. It can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion.

How to eat green peppers collocation more useful

Green pepper + brown ricePrevent vitamin C from being oxidized

Recommended recipe: sweet and sour pepper soup rice

Can be built into green peppers, sweet and sour taste, with brown Steamed Rice edible is very nice. In fact, both of which served to prevent vitamin C oxidation, such is helpful to enrich the human receive green peppers vitamin C, and not in vain waste off.

Green pepper + bitter gourdAnti aging, fitness and health

Recommended recipe: fried bitter gourd green pepper

Green pepper in addition to contain more vitamin C, also contains a lot of capsaicin can improve people's own skin condition, if the it and bitter food pairing has delay senescence, slimming effect, because of the bitter gourd also contain a lot of protein, vitamin, microelement and.

Green pepper + liverBuqiyangxue

Recommended recipe: Green Pepper Fried Pork livers

The effect of liver blood is well known, people often have it with pork liver served, such already can reach the blood, that the human body make up of various nutrient elements. The other, pepper also has the function of detoxification, so this dish can enrich the blood, detoxification.

Don't underestimate the green pepper, the health benefits of many, if the it and some food collocation dishes are made is function of preserve one's health doubled, above, also to master recommended a few recipes, you can test exam!