Where is the difference between the body and the body?

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Where is the difference between the body and the body?

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From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, a lot of spleen deficiencyThe crowd, will cause the body fat, moisture is overweight, has the direct connection with the spleen deficiency, that spleen deficiency symptom has?

Which is the difference between the response body and the cold body? Need to pay attention to what issues, with numerous problems, the way to learn.

Symptom of spleen deficiency

Previously, we have little attention to the spleen deficiency, but in recent years, with the growth of society as well as changes in the way of life, spleen deficiency more and more appear in our lives.

The so-called spleen deficiency, as Chinese medicine terminology. A series of pathological phenomena and diseases caused by abnormal psychological function of spleen deficiency refers to the temperament of the. Including temperament deficiency, spleen yang deficiency, Qi sinking, spleen failing to control blood syndrome type.

Because of eating disorders. Maladjustment of work and rest, or jiubingtixu caused. The spleen has nutrients and water distribution and controlling effects of blood fluid transport in food. The spleen is the transport of metamorphosis, and presents nutrition disorders, water lost in the spread and wet phlegm, or the occurrence of hemorrhagic disease.

Clinical expression of spleen deficiency

Refers to spleen deficiency caused by disease and syndrome of spleen deficiency syndrome, the disease is relatively complicated, the first with vomiting, diarrhea, edema, bleeding, amenorrhea, vaginal discharge, limbs counterflow cold, children with saliva and other clinical said.

1 virtual temperament

Abdominal distension accept less, eat after expansion, limb burnout, God tired force, less gas lazy words, body is angular, or obesity edema, pale tongue.

2 spleen yang deficiency

Stool, satisfied that the small abdominal distension, abdominal pain, rain, like temperature and Xijie by, shaped air timid, limbs not warm, face Kong Wuhua or edema, urine deficient or leucorrhoea much clear white, white tongue coating slippery.

3 gas subsidence

In a virtual view in temperament fundamentally, there is Qi stagnation clinical manifestation, such as chronic diarrhea, rectal prolapse, uterine prolapse.

4 spleen does not control blood

In temperament virtual see disease, chronic hemorrhage clinical representation, such as monthly passes, uterine bleeding, hematochezia, Nvxue, subcutaneous bleeding. In addition to the bleeding, and will see some of the symptoms of the weak temperament.

The cause of spleen deficiency

The spleen in the five line of the earth, in the five Zang Yin in Yin and Yang in Yin to. Spleen governing transportation and transformation, unified blood, ascending the clear, transporation of essence of water and grain, "the source of Qi and blood biochemistry". After the birth of a human body, all the viscera and organs rely on spleen of the essence of water and grain to moisten, so the spleen for the day after tomorrow ". The stomach, meat, lips, mouth, etc. with the composition of spleen system.

Hormone deficiency of spleen or improper diet and emotional identity, maladjustment of work and rest, medicine, feed damage spleen, or chronic kidney disease patients with wet evil long Ju, damage temperament and other reasons caused by the function of the spleen asthenia, lack of biochemical source.

The spleen plays an important role in the digestion and reception of the food. It is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract in almost all of the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms of body humidity

The body is wet body moisture, the more greedy eating cold, raw fruits and other cold thing, the damage caused by the human body yang. Under normal circumstances, the human body for the outside temperature and humidity changes have natural ability to regulate, but some people because of physical, illness or living habits, resulting in an imbalance in the body of water regulation system, not ranked out of the water, the impact on health.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen can be transported to the water wet. Hi dry and wet spleen evil, if Spleen Yang exciting, spleen health movement, water transport normal wet, wet evil is not easy to cause disease.

Conversely, too much moisture to cause human disease, patients often present dazed head, limbs limp, body weight and pain, joint flexion and extension unlucky, chest depressed, abdominal distension, nausea desire vomiting, loss of appetite, stool pond diarrhea, thick and greasy tongue coating etc. symptoms.

In the pathogenic wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness and fire the "six evils", Chinese are most afraid of damp.

Hot and cold are easy to handle, cold temperature, heat is cold; let the wind dry let wind, dryness, we have summer qingshu.

Dampness, ten to one it will hurt the body and dampness is still can't get rid of it, so the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in addition to dampness and dampness, dampness, dampness etc. for dampness moisture is most easily penetrated.

Always with the addition of evil collusion. Moisture encounter cold is a cold dampness, damp heat into heat and moisture encounter wind becomes rheumatism, moisture in the subcutaneous, on the formation of obesity. Why is the modern disease so complicated, so difficult to treat?

Because their bodies are wet, evil is always in vitro and in vivo moisture Liyingwaihe, entangled! How can you determine whether the body is wet?

The most convenient way is to see if the stool, the stool is not forming, persistent diarrhea, inevitable in wet. If the stool is formed, but there will always be some after the stool stuck in the toilet, it is difficult to rush down, which is a wet body, said, because the moisture has sticky characteristics.

If there is constipation, and the stool is not formed, it is said that the body's moisture has been very heavy. If you actually do not agree to see the stool, spit out the tongue to look at the yellow with greasy, that is, the body has a wet. The more powerful yellow, or greasy too powerful, the more powerful the statement.

Some people, at 7 every morning wake up the moment still feel very sleepy, feel head have tools wrapped up, let a person have no energy, or who had a tool in the bag, let a person too lazy to move feeling, also can determine his body moisture is very heavy. In traditional Chinese medicine, said "wet weight as wrapped", this is wrapped around the feeling is the body's feelings of moisture, as if wearing a washed off the shirt is not dry, so uncomfortable.

Body cold symptoms

"Cold", Chinese medicine, big department called "cold", is the physical deficiency and cold. TCM for the disease can be used "eight class syndrome" method statement, divided into "Yin and Yang, exterior, interior, deficiency and excess, cold, hot,". The eight classes, syndrome differentiation, empty and cold in the same person said, so we'll just say this person deficiency.

In the constitution of the people is afraid of the cold, plus empty to be more afraid of the cold.

Long in the cold sex, women will affect fertility, menstruation, etc., men will be excited sexual dysfunction.

Cold body is because physical and life habits of interleaving and cause symptoms. In order to complete the treatment of cold and need a long time, but as long as we in the life much more advertent, and a long confrontation healthy life habits can effectively control cold body.

Heat in the body of the body is from the "muscle" occurs, especially through the lower body muscle "use", can be useful to promote the body's blood circulation, so as to achieve the results of body heat.

Ordinary day, try to stand on his toes, fingers stretch, blood circulation fluent, body cold will be useful for prevention

Typical symptoms

Mild cold symptoms

1, cold, cold limbs

2, easy to catch a cold and cold recovery period

3, the psychological period by the pain is serious, the abdomen has the feeling of falling down

4, dim complexion, no red

5, easy fatigue, easy to joint pain

6, poor sleep quality, sleep shallow

The above 3 can be regarded as mild body cold.

1, the oral cavity inflammation easily, easy long aphtha

2, easy to constipation, often feel stomach up

3, psychological period of messy, cold easily after extension or less

4, dry and easy to chapped skin

5, easy to chapped heel, foot blood circulation is poor

6, eat fruit, ice cream and other cold food.

Suitable for above 3 and above, for moderate cold symptoms.

Severe cold symptoms

1, frequent urination urine is not easy to discharge

2, lower body edema

3, sleep all night is still cold limbs

4, wake up limbs numb

5, often tired, sore limbs, no energy

6, often feel bloating

Suitable for more than 3 and above, for severe body cold patients.

Summary: no matter how physical, clearly understand the facts, scheduling the body is the most important, if you are obese people, the first spleen deficiency, the body will slowly lean down.