Men and women at night so sleep, let you have kidney yang full of wonders!

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Men and women at night so sleep, let you have kidney yang full of wonders!

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If you often feel cold, cold limbs move back, which is caused by the deficiency of kidney yang. The birth of the kidney, the gate of life, if the kidney yang deficiency, warm body function decline, it will show the above symptoms. Teach you two strokes make you full of yang.

As the saying goes: "not drug Sibu, Sibu as supplement sleep."

In the final analysis, sleep is the kidney medicine! People in the labor, work, and study in the consumption of large quantities of energy, in addition to rely on food to compensate, also need to rely on sleep to compensate. The previous "medication 100 wrap, rather than lie alone", meaning that a good sleep is better than smooth clothing tonic.

A person if lack of sleep, or sleep due to good quality, often spirit is dejected, pay attention to slack, headache, dizziness, muscle soreness, feeling very dejected.

A person if the long-term lack of sleep, in fatigue, the body will consume the pathology change of the injury of blood gas, to the detriment of the five internal organs. Overstrained is loss of blood, hepatic asthenia is loss of God, splenic asthenia eat loss, pulmonary overstrain gas loss, kidney exhaustion is caustic of essence of life, and for many diseases buried under a curse.

If every day at midnight (to 11 o'clock in the evening - the next morning 1 point) do not go to bed before, doctor many seasoned doctor would say: "don't give you cure." In fact, not to cure, but not good governance.

Long-term stay up all night, both men and women directly hurt liver, time of renal injury, slowly causing body deficiency of both qi and blood, every day when you look in the mirror will look like soil. This hour is every day nutrition every day, boil, exercise the body, also cannot save lack of sleep or sleep owe good risks.

In early May, but must not be late. A lot of energy weak people have the habit of sleep at night, which often easily injured liver and fine biliary injury.

Such a person, the eyes tend to have less so that, multi expression depression, happy moments not (lung is affected, lasting less than useful dispersing).

There are people that I slept late at night, and the day can repair back, in fact foundation does not fill to come back, or sleep, or sleep is not enough, even though feeling fill over, in fact, Qi and blood in the body has damage most of NPOs.

Return to the bedroom

Practice, first "lying in skilled work, every night before sleep exercise. The body's natural lying supine, hip joints to relax, legs bent, calf to adduction, feet relative, heel is in front of the perineum, the hearts of his hands put in the lower abdomen, palms toward the abdomen.

Posed and emblem close their eyes and recite in the heart of "virtual" word, to nasal breathing, intent and gas poly in the lower abdomen, and then scroll to the waist; exhale through the mouth and evil intent in vivo followed expiratory excreted. Exercise for half an hour before bed every night.<1Two3>

Hunyuan lying
"It lies a month later, then high level training is Hunyuan lying. Posture remains supine, feet relative to hands, ten fingers crossed and covered in Baihui office overhead. Through the process of practicing "Hunyuan lying, lying, and soon the Yang filling up!

Two, sleep matters
Purpose of sleep
Sleep to the head of the northern foot of the south. The human body is affected by the earth's magnetic field at any time and at any time, and the brain is disturbed by the magnetic field in the course of sleep. People sleep adopted feet south of the north head posture, so that the magnetic field lines smoothly through the body, the maximum reduction of the earth's magnetic field interference.<1Two3>

Sleeping posture
Body sleep as a result of the bow, to the right side of the light. Because the body's heart and more in the left side of the body, lying to the right side can reduce the pressure on the heart, while both hands to avoid the heart around, to avoid waking up because of a bad dream.<12Three>


Sleep time
Four sleep, spring and summer should rise late lying "," lying in early autumn should rise "," winter nights lying in early". Best to get up before sunrise, should not be too late. Normal sleep time is 8 hours a day at the mercy of the infirm should be appropriate to increase the sleep time.


Time to go to bed
Whether it is a "night owl" or "go to bed early evening", should find their own biological clock, improve the efficiency of rest and sleep. Chinese medicine believes that sub (11 at night until the wee hours of the morning 1), afternoon (day 11 when to afternoon 1) two hours are daily temperature difference the biggest change, this period of time body needs rest appropriately.


Sleep condition
In the bedroom should try to avoid placing too many electrical appliances, in order to ensure that the human brain does not suffer too much interference in the rest. In addition, do not wear "table", "teeth" and cell phones and other items to sleep, otherwise it will affect the health of the body.
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