An old Chinese medicine, scraping fingers cure! 98% of people don't know!

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An old Chinese medicine, scraping fingers cure! 98% of people don't know!

2016-07-23 15:08:25 466 ℃

Hand of six meridians circulation, and the body of various organs, tissues, organs are closely related, then how to use the six meridians to help us away from the pain?

Today we master introduced a particularly simple way, once a week, easily the dredging meridians of the five zang organs, pass the meridian, let you all diseases do not invade!

Scrapping plate with a groove, the many people don't know its action! In fact, it is specifically used to scrape the fingers.

Scratch your thumb

Scraping the thumb thumb correspond to human lung, lung main gas, our breathing, if pulmonary owe good, then it will show cough, chest tightness, shortness of breath, sore throat. Is to show that when the cough, chest tightness and other circumstances, can be used to hand scraping the outside of the thumb and pull.

Scraping index finger

Scraping index finger corresponding to the human body of the large intestine, the corresponding organ is the large intestine, stomach. So often constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, should a forefinger.

Middle finger
For: palpitation, insomnia, heartache

The corresponding human pericardium to scratch, if the heart of a problem, will appear flustered, heartache, can scratch the middle finger.

In addition, the first heart, bad sleep, and pericardium problems, often also can do this.

Scraping ring finger

Scraping ring finger ring finger corresponding to the human body of Triple Energizer meridian, so often migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain, stated that due to Qi and blood is running a good, you can scratch ring finger.

Scraping the little finger

Little finger corresponds to the human small intestine, small intestine by owe Heng Chang, affect the absorption of nutrition, long-term accumulated, easy to malnutrition, mild hair loss, severe body weight loss, low immunity, easy to cold.

So often dredging intestines, to help absorb nutrition, the most useful is to manipulate the fortification of the food, improve immunity, nourish hair, the body is healthy and vigorous.

Clap back

Clap clap back Chinese holographic theory that in hand department cloth the reflex zones of the various organs of the body, such as the back of the hand corresponding to the waist of a human body, so often lumbago, backache, should be more than clap your hands back.

The specific way is: the one hand palm on the other hand back, turn shot, each hand took 50 - 100 times. Can dredge waist meridians, Qi and blood, so as to achieve therapeutic goals.

Clap hands

The palm also has a lot of points, and there are a lot of meridians and the viscera are reflected in the palm of your hand. So, to be healthy, clap your hands.

Response function to the point of not understand well. Only need every day clapping 100 times, can help you comprehensive dredging meridians, promote body blood circulation, achieve healthy and vigorous organs, physical fitness goal!

This is a simple way to do this, and can be a time to schedule a variety of illnesses! At leisure, to do something, let you more smooth, healthy longevity viscera meridian!

Such a good way to share with our relatives and friends! Let master Dou Jian health Kang, than what are the main. Don't hide oh

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