In addition to avoid cold, there are 5 types of children should not eat food

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In addition to avoid cold, there are 5 types of children should not eat food

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You must have seen the children hospital packed scenes, many children age is only a little is old and sick, children themselves less susceptible to disease is on the one hand, careless parents let the children eat should not eat more is one of the main reasons.

Children's nutrition is very important, but also cannot fill chaos, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, children's delicate organs and form gas is not sufficient, belonging to the juvenile Yin and Yang of the body and the function of the spleen and stomach is very fragile. Children need to grow rich nutrients, but it must be suitable for their digestive function, otherwise it will make the spleen and stomach is weak, is not conducive to digestion and absorption, and even cause a variety of chronic diseases. Clinical pediatric common diarrhea, dyspepsia, gastritis, and often eat cold (cold, raw fruits and so on).

Modern medicine believes that children's salivary gland differentiation is not complete, less secretion of saliva, a variety of digestive enzymes are also less. Cold easily digested liquid is inhibited, leading to gastrointestinal disease, affecting the healthy development of children. So long, children growth retardation, sallow complexion, abdominal pain, chills, more than morbid night crying, vomiting, water, or diarrhea rolling, recurrent, seriously affecting normal development.

Five kinds of food children should not eat more

A, organic acid content of the food, such as spinach, pear and tea etc..

This kind of food contains large amounts of pantothenic acid, phytic acid, oxalic acid, mixed acid organic acids, close combination of these acids and their content is very high in iron, zinc, calcium, and cannot be the body, and iron, zinc and calcium in the gastrointestinal and other foods are met quickly and they combined to form stable compounds excreted. People traditionally think spinach blood, drink pear water, tea helps digestion, Quhuo view is not correct, sometimes contributed to the early emergence of anemia, rickets.

Two, add saccharin, flavor and color of food, if frozen, bubble gum, instant noodles, sweet drinks etc..

This kind of food really nutrient content is not much, and the saccharin, sweetening agent, colorant, flavor often contain a certain toxicity, often eat these foods, is not conducive to children's health. In addition, children like to eat fruit, such as oranges, pineapple, carrot, and other food, although rich in nutrition, but because it contains more natural carotene, eat too much easy to produce "phylloerythrin dermatosis", such as oranges a day should not be more than four, pineapple, carrot can not eat too much.

Three, the excitement of the nervous and hormone containing foods, such as cola drinks, chocolate.

This type of food consumption too much, the central nervous system of the human body has an exciting role, so that children's anxiety, heart beat faster, it is difficult to sleep, etc.. Ginseng, royal jelly and other containing the role of promoting the secretion of hormones, regular consumption will lead to precocious puberty, affecting the normal development of the body.

Four, containing poison and preservatives and additives in foods, such as fish, Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer, popcorn, canned congee etc..

Salted fish contains a lot of dimethyl nitrite, the substance into the human body will be transformed into highly carcinogenic dimethylnitrosamine. The substance of adults suffering from cancer is a big threat. Roasted lamb and other smoked foods also contain more carcinogens. Popcorn in the lead content is very high, lead into the human body, damage the body's nerve, digestion, hematopoietic system function. In addition, pesticides and pesticide residues on fruit and vegetable should arouse attention.

Five, high fat foods such as egg, sunflower, liver etc..

These food although itself a higher nutritional value, but eggs, liver cholesterol content high, and is not easy to digest, children eat more, growth period suffering from cardiovascular disease risk increased significantly. Sunflower seeds in the unsaturated fatty acid content is high, eat more will consume a large amount of choline in the body, thereby affecting the human liver cell detoxification function.

Also worth mentioning is that children after the occurrence of diarrhea, some parents in order to increase the child's appetite, random to children to drink some juice (apple juice, peach juice, grape juice, etc.), not knowing that it would aggravate the symptoms of diarrhea, and turn for chronic, because fruit juices contain high concentrations of fructose or sorbitol, some children against these carbohydrate tolerance and digestive ability is poor, a lot of sugar accumulation in the Department of Gastroenterology, easy to bacterial reproduction, causing flatulence, pain or diarrhea. If you really need, may wish to drink some natural orange juice, orange juice, sugar content is low, drinking more safe.

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