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< female subject > understanding of female internal genital Secrets

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Small director read if the woman's "private parts", external genitalia metaphor for the secret garden, then female internal genitalia, Qujingtongyou, inside hide Xuan machine. Vagina, uterus, cervix, fallopian tube, ovary, and mysterious vaginal secretion. There are women command ovarian, it constantly secretion of female hormones, to make her a charming; here have tried to temper the vagina is the passages of the new life, and sexual pleasure not tired of the organ; and wonderful egg formation, discharge, in the magpie bridge in fallopian tube and sperm meet.

This vagina is a mouth of the vagina and cervix between connecting pipes, anterior wall about 7-9 cm, after long wall 10 - 12 cm, the dual function of it and sexual organs and reproductive tract, its surface have many folds and uneven. That is because in the role of ovarian hormones, the walls of the vagina can be fully development, due to the limited area of the lumen, vaginal epithelial wrinkled like a seersucker, pregnancy is more obvious. Relatively speaking, children and postmenopausal women, due to low levels of hormone, vaginal walls smooth and no obvious folds are not flexible. Usually, the vaginal wall is closed, and in the excited state will stretch, become soft. The front of the cervix of the uterus is the bladder, which is close to the rectum, surrounded by rigid pelvic bones and muscles and ligaments. The inside of the vagina is the cervix of the uterus, it is the opening of the lower part of the uterus, the uterus is in the middle of the female pelvic cavity. Normal cervical surface smooth, moist, there is secretion function. Did not produce a woman's cervix outside the mouth was round; after the maternal or abortion, cervical surface will appear on the shape of the change, the mouth into a "one" shape, and accompanied by a different degree of laceration. Because the cervix and uterine body at a certain angle, so as a forward, backward. The glands in the cervix of the uterus secrete mucus, which constitute the vaginal discharge, which is still under the function of the ovary.

The womb is the breeding ground of the new life, and the most familiar organ of the female. The uterus is shaped like an inverted pear, the lower the cervix, uterus is. The uterus is a hollow organ composed of smooth muscle, which is located in the center of the pelvis. Adult women's palace weighs about 50 grams, about 6-7 cm long, 4-5 cm wide, thick 2-3 cm. The two sides of the uterus are uterine horns, which are connected with the fallopian tubes. In the period of sexual maturity, the endometrium will be affected by ovarian hormones, and there will be a proliferation, shedding, bleeding, that is, female physiological characteristics of menstruation.

In the uterine horn at both ends of the fallopian tube and bend like a pair of small plait, medial and connected, outside the free end, the peripheral shape of the fallopian tube umbrella like, people often referred to as "tubal umbrella end" and close to G Tian nest and oviductal length about 8 - 14 cm. It is the role of the ovary in the discharge of eggs to attract, and transported to the uterus, and then discharged with the secretion of the body. Sperm and egg once in the magpie bridge meeting, it is not the same, then become fertilized eggs, fallopian tube to fertilized eggs sent to endometrium and embryo formation, in the womb develops into a fetus. Although called fallopian tube, the diameter but mm thickness, and like wheat swing mucociliary system, push the fertilization of the ovum forward.

Ovary is the most important gonad of female, around each one, symmetrical distribution, in the lower part of the fallopian tube, weight less than 6 grams, about 4x3x2 cm in size of the flat oval. In fact, the size and function of the ovaries vary greatly in all stages of a woman's life. Children and childhood, ovarian function has not yet started, little volume, only to adolescence, ovarian function gradually established, to sexual maturity, ovary, such as olive fruit, function also reached the most active period. However, one to the menopause, ovarian function began to decline, the volume of a small day, the function is also a day of decline. In fact, not only the form, it is important to see the function of the ovary. In the interior of the ovary, there are many different sizes of follicles at different stages of development, estimated at 200 thousand or so. By puberty, these follicles begin to develop in batches, most of them are not mature enough to shrink, and only a few of them have the privilege of developing mature egg cells. These mature follicles by a series of developmental changes, successfully squeezed out of the ovary, that is, the egg. Women in the life of the development of mature follicles but 500 - 400. Is also due to the follicle eduction and occurrence regularity of female hormone regulation, the exhibit is regular menstruation and reflect to the female is from the inside to the surface phenomenon, Chuchudongren, feminine.

The female's vagina vaginal fluid is often shown as a liquid liquid these Jinjin, how? And how? People are not very clear, that is, the normal band and abnormal vaginal discharge confusion. Vaginal secretion is a sign of sexual response, but also the reproductive process of sperm activity in the media, is the sound of ovarian function of the external response, is the breeding of the secretion of love. Vaginal fluid source complex, which has a vaginal wall effusion I liquid, cervical secretions, shedding of epithelial cells, a variety of gland secretions and endometrial secretions, fallopian tube fluid, follicular fluid, abdominal fluid.