This cancer is known as "the most Chinese characteristics of cancer", you have to prevent!

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This cancer is known as "the most Chinese characteristics of cancer", you have to prevent!

2016-07-23 16:08:10 546 ℃

"Belongs to the Chinese tumor or tumor Chinese characteristics, esophageal cancer is not."

Tianjin Cancer Hospital, director of the Department of esophageal cancer Yu Zhentao explained that the Chinese people are more than a person with esophageal cancer, the world each year due to the death of esophageal cancer patients, about half of the Chinese people. Two is different from the European and American countries, mainly in adenocarcinoma, the proportion of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in our country is more than 90%.

The cause of esophageal cancer has not yet completely clear, but with the following factors have a certain relationship. For example, some of the high incidence of esophageal cancer will eatMoldy foodSome will contain some edible; nitrosamine compoundsPicklesIn some poor areasLack of vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids in the diet, the lack of these components, can also cause esophageal mucosal hyperplasia, induced carcinogenesis.

At the same time, long time to eatToo hot, too hotFood orContinuous tobaccoIs also one of the factors that cause cancer.

Early symptoms of esophageal cancer is easy to be ignored, especially the sense of a foreign body sensation throat, swallowing discomfort or foreign body sensation in the esophagus, was mistaken for many patients with pharyngitis.

Therefore, if the following "signal" should be carried out in a timely manner.

Swallowing a retardation, retention or slight choking feeling. In the early days, the symptoms are very mild, does not interfere with eating, can be dissipated, but after a few days, if repeated, and gradually increased, should attach great importance to.

Swallowing pain. In swallowing saliva or eating, the total feeling of the chest after the positioning of pain. After swallowing, this feeling will gradually subside, the site of pain is sometimes quite vague, about 40% of patients have varying degrees of pain symptoms.

Foreign body sensation in esophagus. Usually feel esophagus as there are remnants of the cooked rice, vegetable debris adhesion in the esophageal wall, about 10% of patients had the symptoms, which is due to esophageal mucous swelling, hyperemia, epithelial thickening or rough caused by the.

Treatment has changed: from a large cut into four small holes

Traditional esophageal cancer surgery is "three" or "two" open surgery, which requires the patient from the neck, chest, abdomen, while the surgeon is referred to as one of the biggest and most difficult surgery. This operation not only higher requirements for the doctor, also to patients bring great trauma, and difficult to predict a variety of surgical complications, the need for a long time recovery and recuperation.

Now in laparoscopy combined with full endoscopic esophageal cancer radical surgery in chest and abdomen of the open four to five 0.5 and 1 cm or so small. This is the whole holes of endoscopic surgery, endoscopic and "keyhole" is the "key". In the operation of the surgeon's "key" through "keyhole" can will in the body tissue take in everything in a glance, the completion of the operation.

Compared with the traditional surgery for up to 25 ~ 30cm large incision, cutting off the chest and back muscles, rib spreader or even cut off the rib of the traditional thoracotomy and full endoscopic esophageal cancer radical surgery greatly reduced as a result of operation on patients caused by trauma.