The body has five big "gold points", often by the most able to resist aging!

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The body has five big "gold points", often by the most able to resist aging!

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The body parts of the golden section point, there are five major gold points of the human body. East Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said the doctor of massage, the doctor said, often massage the five major gold points best health.

Gold point oneQihai: strong body

Qihai point in the soles of the feet to the head of the gold segmentation points, specific 1.5 inch below the navel (the index and middle fingers in the air, and its width is 1.5 inches) position.

As the name suggests, Qihai for "the air of the sea", is "strong points", Qihai point massage can be achieved Qi tonic, Wenyang Yiqi, strong body.

Rub hot hands massage here can achieve the effect of warm, cold sex is particularly effective.

Gold point twoBaihui: keep the brain

Baihui in the head to the back of the head of the golden point. At the top of the middle of the line and the intersection of the two ear points.

Massage Baihui helps treat headache, insomnia, forgetfulness and other symptoms, has a certain effect on gastroptosis.

Recommended acupoint massage massage Baihui, can massage the palm of your hand.

Gold point threeYongquan: kidney

Yongquan feet of golden point. The top 1/3 office located at the foot of the depression second, 3 toe toes lines with heel attachment.

Yongquan is the first point of the kidney. Therefore, Yongquan acupoint massage can kidney tonic, treatment of insomnia, also to neurasthenia, energy loss, insomnia, fatigue effect is particularly significant.

Massage, micro thermal.

Gold point fourLao Gong points: strong heart

Lao Gong points on the golden section on the palm of your hand. In the palm, when between second and 3 metacarpal is the third metacarpal, fist, fingertips referred at as laogong.

Massage Laogong can play a strong heart effect, but also a clear fire sedative, insomnia, neurasthenia.

Massage, you can rub hands or use the thumb massage.

Gold point fiveTanzhongxue: protecting the heart

Tanzhongxue in the trunk of the human body golden point. Located on the front line of the human body, the midpoint of the two nipple line. Tanzhongxue are organs of the gas gathering place.

Massage tanzhongxue have good regulation for blood vessels and the heart. Can treat chest distress, palpitations, dyspnea and other symptoms.

Usually refers to the use of the middle finger press, the intensity of the pressure appears to be suitable for acid.


Massage points should not be too long, should be controlled in a minute or a half minutes, the intensity can not be too large. Especially for the weak constitution of the elderly, the child is so, massage time should be controlled in about 10 seconds.

Cancer, skin diseases, skin damage, fracture, pregnant women are not suitable for point massage. And menstrual women are not suitable for waist, abdominal acupuncture point massage.

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