This part of the man to protect or 35 years old after the end

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This part of the man to protect or 35 years old after the end

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A man, once had a "Erlizhinian", often the health of landslides, such as body fat, strength, energy and function attenuation. What should you do for your health at this time?......

This part of the man to protect or 35 years old after the end

The importance of the liver to men

For men, often put their attention on the kidney, in fact, the liver should be paid attention to. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the birth of the people to a certain age, kidney health will be affected, also is the so-called kidney disease and deficiency of the kidney, kidney failure, then as long as the appropriate kidney can.

Although the kidney on the human body is very important of, but the liver and kidney, liver it advocate sparse release, if the liver abnormal, the human body blood runs will disorder, leading to digestive disorders, high blood pressure and other diseases, serious can also cause other diseases.

In addition to the above reasons can lead to male liver problems, abnormal psychology, is the pressure increases, irritability, depression, these emotional changes will lead to abnormal liver and socialize in men are also more, often drinking not only kidney problems can arise, and a healthy liver will problems appear to increase the risk of hepatitis.

1, how to protect liver

Methods the liver and kidney are many, but how to scientifically protect liver, can look at the following.

2, change position

Different sleep effects of posture on the human body is different of, want to sleep also reach liver function, small series suggest that you can take sleeping on your side. In fact, the left side sleeping can sleep can sleep on the right, whether can play the role of liver sleep which side side.

3, more consumption of dairy products

Eat more dairy products also can achieve nourishing effect, because of the large amount of protein contained in dairy products, but Xiaobian is recommended everyone drinking yogurt, because yogurt in the human protein, at the same time can also play a role in the regulation of intestinal bacteria group, so that you can make the body produce interferon, thereby enhancing the immunity, the liver can be achieved.

4, drink plenty of water

Each and every day drinking water in different amounts and others without drinking habits, here to tell everybody, the amount of drinking water on the liver is also a great role. Because water can increase blood circulation, enhance the vitality of liver cells. In this way, it is conducive to the human body to discharge waste gas, so as to achieve the hepatoprotective role.

For every day should be drinking much water also is to have cultured, drink from a cup as a normal size of the cup, drink 3-4 cups can be, do not drink, especially in the evening, so easy to make the body edema phenomenon, increase the liver burden.

5, emotional regulation

Changes in mood also affect the health of the liver.

According to the contents of the above, we can know the bad mood will make the liver health will continue to decline, and in a good mood is conducive to the liver, liver. So, it is important to adjust their emotions.

6, edible nuts food

Around a common nuts food is more, such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, etc., these foods to the liver, liver is a role, can play the role of soothing the liver and regulating the circulation of Qi, to regulate people's emotions. Different amount of edible nuts is different, not because of their role in protecting and unrestrained consumption. Side nuts are more common, such as walnuts, pistachios

7, the right amount of drinking tea

Effect of different types of tea on the human body is also different, for people to liver, Xiaobian recommended can amount of drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea, tea roses, this kind of tea can not only provide nutrients for the human body, but also has nourishing the liver function. The production of these tea is also relatively simple, as long as the right amount into the cup, add the appropriate amount of water in the cup will be able to.

Even if the benefits of these teas to the human body is more, but after all, everyone's body is different, before drinking, it is best to know whether this tea is suitable for their own drinking.

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