Is reliable than the anti-inflammatory drug 11 Runhou Zhike decoction, quickly for the family collection!

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Is reliable than the anti-inflammatory drug 11 Runhou Zhike decoction, quickly for the family collection!

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Mint tea can eliminate sore throat, relieve the headache or have a fever due to colds, strengthen blood circulation.

Cough articlespumpkin pureeApplicable to cold caused by cold cough

Cough and cold from the cold evil invasion, Yu lung, lung Wei Qi, can be relieved by the diet. Pumpkin and warm, sweet and non-toxic, lungs Qi, phlegm discharge pus, insecticide detoxification, cough Zhichuan, constipation treatment of lung abscess. Steamed pumpkin is also useful for folk prescription asthma eat honey.

Raw material:Pumpkin 250 grams, 15 grams of honey

Practices:Steamed pumpkin mash cool, mix with honey. Morning and evening before meals fasting to eat 50 grams.

Honey ginger carrot drinkApplication of cough caused by cold

Ginger diaphoresis, warm lung cough, not only can take away excess heat, but also bring out the body of the bacteria, cold. White radish contains protein, fat and rich in calcium, has a strong anti-inflammatory, cough. It can also be applied to the problems such as throat dry pain and hoarse voice caused by lung heat cough.

Raw material:Fresh white radish 1 kg, ginger 30 grams, 30 grams of honey

Practices:Radish and ginger peeled and cut into pieces, broken juicer, you can drink after adding honey.

Sydney's drinkApplication of wind heat coughCough caused by acute and chronic pharyngitis

Momordica grosvenori taste sweet cool, with the efficacy of Zhike Dingchuan, cool and hot weather, and clearing away heat and stomach, nourishing Yin, moistening lung Sydney with together, Yangyin Qingre Zhike effect is stronger.

Raw material:1, Sydney 2 S.grosvenorii

Practices:Clean the mangosteen, Sydney into the casserole, add pure water, fire boil, change Weihuo, cook 20 - 30 minutes, drain the water, you can drink.

Tremella Lily drinkCough is dry cough without phlegm

Tremella Lily stomach, relieving cough and phlegm. Both with consumption, cough better effect.

Raw material:Tremella 10 grams, sugar 20 grams, 10 grams of lily, a little honey

Practices:Take Tremella 10 grams, water soak 12 hours, into the bowl, add crystal sugar and Lily, into the steamer, separates the water stew 1 hour, mix it with honey, every morning up fasting for human consumption.

Black Jiang TangFor the cough and phlegm, bronchitis

Raw material:Black beans, ginger, brown sugar 2 150g 10g

Practices:Black beans and ginger wash water 1000cc boiled together and boil turn a small fire continued to boil for 20 minutes, the filter residue after taking soup, add brown sugar and mix well while drinking.

Be careful:Drink three days to stop a day. Cancer and diabetes, not to add sugar. Abnormal albuminuria, abnormal blood urea nitrogen, creatinine abnormity, uremia, dialysis and renal function does not, renal cell carcinoma, high blood sugar, gout, hyperuricemia and other the patient, diet.

Article RunhouMangosteen tea

Everyone knows in Siraitia grosvenorii tea can ease a sore throat, Momordica grosvenori flower also has the same efficacy of throat and Momordica grosvenori flower fragrance rich, one bubble with hot water, fragrance overflowing. Arhat fruit flowers, tea drinking, can Qingfei Runzao, sore throat, cough, hoarseness, and even lit the cause of constipation has a good improvement.

Be careful:Some properties of Momordica grosvenori flower cold symptoms after don't drink.

Honeysuckle tea

Honeysuckle tea. It is also common for Qingrejiedu tea, honeysuckle tea not only for people who suffer from excessive internal heat has good soothing effect, on the throat dry, thirsty, exogenous wind heat also a role.

Be careful:It is not suitable for cold nature, physical weakness or cold constitution, not suitable for long-term drinking.

Jade Butterfly tea

Jade Butterfly, also known as the white paper, mainly produced in Yunnan, Guizhou and other places. It can Qingfei heat, Lee throat, acute or chronic bronchitis, cough, sore throat, inflammation of the tonsils have good therapeutic effect. Jade Butterfly tea is mainly for tea seed, a teaspoon of Jade Butterfly, with hot boiling water, soak for 10 minutes to drink.

Mint tea

Mint tea can eliminate sore throat, relieve the headache or have a fever due to colds, strengthen blood circulation.

Be careful:Mint is not suitable for maternal and infant consumption.

Violet tea

Violet tea drinking to the respiratory tract is very good, not only can moisten the throat, can relieve due to cold, cough, sore throat; plays certain role of adjuvant therapy for diseases of the respiratory organs, protection of the upper respiratory tract, conditioning bronchitis.

Jasmine Tea

Jasmine as tea soaked in water for drinking, can inhibit the growth of bacteria, internal and external, you can the throat to pain, inflammation, heat etc. function. Especially in patients with chronic bronchitis is more suitable for drinking.

Food taboos during coughing

1, the initial cough do not hurry to take cough medicine, should eat Ziyin lungs of fruits and vegetables, such as: tremella, black fungus, honey, towel gourd, lotus root, radish, pear, apple, loquat, apricots and so on.

2, eat anything spicy, spicy food, such as mustard, barbeque sauce, pepper, curry, pepper etc..

3, avoid eating cold food, such as: frozen food, drinks, ice cream, ice cream etc..

4, do not eat hot pepper, pepper, ginger and other spicy things, the respiratory tract has a stimulating effect, so that cough.

5, avoid smoking, drinking.

6, eat fried, deep fried, smoked, roasted, baked goods. For example: fried pork, deep fried dough sticks, potato chips, crispy chicken, tofu, fried chips, roast duck, fried, potato chips, butter cakes, doughnuts, a small West Point.

7, avoid eating sweets, so as to avoid the phlegm.