Also on the "diabetes" ignored? After a few years you are like this.

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Also on the "diabetes" ignored? After a few years you are like this.

2016-07-23 16:09:47 335 ℃
  • Not to regard it as rightSugar friends ignore diabetes"

We often say, "mercy to the enemy is to be cruel to yourself!" Truth everyone understand, but really do not seem to be the case. Especially in and many of the friends of the sugar after the acquaintance, small series is a deep experience. That's what sugar friends think you don't guess ".

  • Ignore the "diabetes", the consequences are terrible

Although our daily repetition machine like said: "diabetes must pay attention to it. Do not neglect, not good control and complications of diabetes will very serious

." Even if is set forth facts and reason things out, but it seems there is still a considerable part of the parents disagree "Oh, is not glucose is high, no big deal", "when I was young I by a lot of bitter, now why can't eat good food!

To eat the first to say "," complications after 10 years, I am now too good, the most important thing in the future "...... Is a "do not hit the south wall does not look back! Since it is so, that small make up today to enlarge trick ~ ~ in front of high energy alert! High energy early warning! High energy early warning!

Xiao Bian has been warned, scared of the pro who do not blame me oh ~ ~

Diabetic foot

One of the most common types of chronic complications of diabetes, and one of the most serious complications of diabetes.If diabetes control is not good, usually in about 10 years duration of diabetes foot, but still vary from person to person. Some patients also in short duration, diabetic foot, even is punctured foot could trigger. In the early time, it mainly is suffering from limb skin dry and anhidrosis and extremity tingling, burning, numbness, insensitive or lost, a sock like change, foot batting.As for the late situation, is the picture shows the way, do not need to say more than a little. And if you really to this extent, I have to tell you a cruel situation, at present in our country, basically three hospitals are not admitted to the patient, other hospitals it is helpless, when the time comes really is "heaven and earth should not be". So don't blame Xiaobian also slogan to shout: can not let us in so sad in dire straits of the "hero", not others is sugar friend of his. Now, we really want to monitor blood sugar, diet control, exercise to do up, regular review of the stick up! In addition, there is no shortcut to go. If there are people who do not want to do, please look up and look at the above figure.

Diabetic eye diseases

Is also a very common chronic complication of diabetes. Similarly, if the control of the disease is not good, it will appear in the 5-10 years of diabetic eye complications. You know, diabetic eye disease caused by blindness to be 25 times higher than non diabetics. In our China, the prevalence of diabetic eye disease is as high as 35.3%, while in the eye disease, the most common and the greatest impact on visual acuity is cataract and diabetic retinopathy.

  • "Now" and "the future" is equally terrible

The figures show that if the sugar friends continue to ignore the diabetes, laissez faire on their own, then the future will be so terrible. When it comes to here, if there is part of relatives feel today wine drunk "and" living in the moment "" soldiers to be blocked in, want to so much why...... If so, please look down.

Last year a about guy drinking cola "poisoning" of the news on the network popular, just look at the title, many of us will think that young man is because of drinking too much cola poisoning coma, the family was sent to the hospital.

As a matter of fact, it's not about drinking cola ". But the acute complications of diabetes, ketoacidosis. Because the boy suffering from diabetes and drank too much cola, cause blood sugar to the explosion of the table, eventually because of a sharp rise in blood sugar caused a serious shortage of insulin, leading to acidosis blood ketone body too much excited, if not timely treatment, life-threatening.

This is if the sugar is not good control of sugar, then diabetes brings the most immediate direct consequences, it is claimed the life of sugar friends. Think 5 years later, 10 years later, the people are very far, and now still think so?

So, do not be naive to think that these "devil" is the future, far away from us, not to deceive the "grasp the present". Today and everyone said so many terrible things, not to scare everyone, Xiaobian just hope to everyone "play up" with a big stick. Looked at these, if there is no alert, then you are not polite to say that the devil will eventually come, whether it is in the "now" or "future" ~ ~

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