Detoxification of traditional Chinese medicine strength ranking, the first on the unexpected!

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Detoxification of traditional Chinese medicine strength ranking, the first on the unexpected!

2016-07-23 16:09:56 397 ℃

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Today Xiaobian to talk about your circle of Chinese medicine about that point, saying recent circles is a bloody, a repeat of the intrigues and following the last Yan value play, polygonatum odoratum, power play, gardenia, once again usher in "traditional Chinese medicine sector net red", three musketeers of detoxification.

They cried and cried for a debut! Small make up is also heart tired! The traditional Chinese medicine sector also claimed three stream, ha ha! Small make up!

Pine and bamboo mountains Ying, chrysanthemum open by dilute.

Wild chrysanthemum taste bitter, pungent, cold. The liver, heart. The Ming Dynasty Ni Zhumo's "materia medica words" recorded in Chrysanthemum "broken blood boil poison powder soothing solution. The housewife people of intra-abdominal blood places, solution day burn Dan furuncle. Wash and scabies, wind to insecticide".

Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum has Qingrejiedu role, often with wild chrysanthemum treating sorethroat, carbuncle furuncle furuncle, eczema etc..

If the skin eczema, the opposition chrysanthemum Decoction for oral administration of wild chrysanthemum can be used outside wash. Ready to dry wild chrysanthemum 20 grams.

Plus the amount of water decoction. Slag filter.

Used for external washing, once a day, seven days a course of treatment.

Sore throat. Available dried wild chrysanthemum 10 grams.

Plus the amount of water decoction.

Cool, put into a spray bottle, spray throat, relieving sore throat.

Carbuncle furuncle, sore throat can also prepare chrysanthemum 6 grams, honeysuckle 15 grams, dandelion 6 grams of Viola yedoensis Makino, 6 grams, Semiaquilegia root 6 grams.

Clear water and fresh water. Divided into two oral, three days a course of treatment.

Be careful

Eat cold things easily stomach pain and discomfort (spleen deficiency) people often don't take wild chrysanthemum.

Money with hollow grass, purple Qi Jiao diffuse bitter cauliflower.

Jinqiancao also called yellow, yellow is passing, Primulaceae Lysimachia christinae dry grass.

Jinqiancao sweet, salty, slightly cold. Liver, gallbladder, kidney, bladder meridian.

Poisonous snake bite. Can prepare fresh Jinqiancao 100 grams.

After the wash, smashed, topical snakebite in site. Wrapped with gauze.

Desmodium in the wild everywhere, shape is well recognized. In the wild if really met snake bite, you can try to be used in emergencies.

Be careful

Herba Lysimachiae diuretic, if after taking cause dizziness, heartbeat to accelerate the reaction, must stop taking; money herbs of partial cold, weakness of the spleen and stomach, it is best not to taking. Application of Lysimachia, if the skin redness, rash and other allergic reactions, immediately stop the application.

This medicine Li Jin a crotch, Noto Ki honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle honeysuckle, honeysuckle, honeysuckle flower is called. Zhang jiebin, a famous doctor in the Ming Dynasty, wrote the compendium of Materia is "records:" honeysuckle good poison, so cure ulcer, swollen poison, sores ringworm, red bayberry, rheumatism of various drugs, sincere to drugs ".

Honeysuckle can treat abscesses, heat Duxue dysentery, heat and early febrile disease.

Honeysuckle cold, easily hurt the stomach. Carbuncle furuncle, honeysuckle dietotherapy porridge available. Take honeysuckle 30 grams, 100 grams of rice, white sugar right amount.

The boiled rice porridge, porridge cooked quickly when washed in honeysuckle.

After boiling, add some sugar according to personal taste.

Be careful

If stomach pain usually eat something cold on the stomach, or cold, remember not to take honeysuckle; if carbuncle, furuncle long time no healing, be sure to went to the hospital to consult a doctor, suit the remedy to the case.

A small dictionary: Health carbuncle: refers to acute suppurative disease occurred in the flesh between. Local features: soft light without a head, swelling and pain (a few early light unchanged), swelling of the range in more than 6 9cm. Rapid onset, easy to swelling, pus, ulceration, easy easy easy convergence, accompanied by chills, fever, thirst and other symptoms.

Carbuncle: diffuse swelling without a head, constant color, border is not clear, no heat less pain, not pus Nanxiao has pus is difficult to break because of cold evil stagnation, stagnation of Qi and blood caused.

Furuncle: a rapid onset, easy to change, the risk of acute suppurative large disease. Features: the sore is small, but the root deep hard, like a nail with ding.

Furuncle: superficial limitation, shape is small and round, swelling and heat pain is not easy to break, easy convergence, repeated attacks, due to heat accumulation caused by.

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