Eight cause of your unexpected obesity

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Eight cause of your unexpected obesity

2016-07-23 15:51:44 350 ℃

Lack of sleep

Long term lack of sleep can affect the body's biological clock cycle, it will also reduce the blood of a called Rasputin (Leptin) protein content. This protein has a role in appetite suppression, but also affects the brain's ability to determine whether the body has enough diet. In addition, lack of sleep, the body to promote the level of appetite factor is also high. Stay up late, the stomach is more easy to feel hungry, unknowingly eat into the excess heat.

Relatives and friends

According to the study, obesity will be contagious". If a person's friend is a fat man, then he is likely to increase the risk of obesity. The reason is that if their friends or relatives obesity, will change a person's acceptance of a reasonable weight standards, affect his diet and lifestyle.

Air conditioner

If the temperature is very low, our body will automatically consume fat to keep warm; if the weather is hot, our appetite will be reduced. People who often use air conditioning, heat conditioning mechanism is blocked, more likely to be obese. Visible, the human body to enjoy air-conditioning at the same time, the body's heat is also consumed less.


Researchers have found that a virus that causes colds and a sore throat can cause obesity. In the experiment, the chickens and mice infected with a special adenovirus had more weight gain than other chickens and mice that were not infected with the virus, even when they ate little. The researchers found that the virus can increase the body's fat cells. According to the study, variants cause high body weight. British scientists have discovered a gene variant that regulates the amount of fat in the body. People with this gene variant have an average weight gain than those without this gene variant.


According to the study, there is a body of leptin, also known as anti obesity factor, is the main hormone to reduce the sense of hunger, which controls our preferences for food. People who lack leptin like all the food, and they eat a lot, so they finally become fat. Secondly, due to the impact of the food chain, food may have residual hormones into the body, can be affected by endocrine balance, so that fat is more likely to accumulate in the human body.


According to the ordinary people understand, the mood is not good, the pessimistic disappointed person certainly can eat less, the sleep is little, thus can be thin. This is not the case. According to a study by the University of Minnesota School of public health, the body is often in the state of being pessimistic and unhappy. People are not happy, will hold the pessimistic mood of many things, easy to give up. This is reflected in the diet, is often a binge eating, which leads to obesity. In addition, due to the bad, but also may develop bad habits, smoking, alcohol and so on, these are one of the important factors that cause obesity.

Lighting at night

Researchers at Ohio University in the United States have found that even if the light at night can lead to a person's weight gain even more. Even if the diet is balanced and active exercise can not be avoided. This study found that in fact, thanks to the researchers in three groups of rats to do the experiment of 8 weeks.

Lack of nutrients

In the traditional sense of people, it seems that the body fat is caused by excessive nutrition, in fact, is not the case. The nutrition experts after research found that lack of nutrients may also lead to obesity, if the diet lack of in vivo adipose tissue into matter and energy nutrition prime such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6, niacin, fatty tissue in the body can not be translated into energy substance, so that body fat tissue savings and the formation of body fat.