Do not rely on the fish smell 7 trick!

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Do not rely on the fish smell 7 trick!

2016-07-23 15:51:45 684 ℃

Fish, especially fish, the smell is hard to accept. What shall I do?

We must choose fresh, alive and kicking dead fish, because the fish smell is bigger than fresh fish.

] the slaughter of profile control belly, be sure to put the fish belly inside the layer of black membrane to remove, which can greatly reduce the fish smell. Black wire or plastic film can be brush off the ball.

The fish back there is a red line. In the fish head fish tail cut a knife and beat gently with a knife surface fish belly and a white small line leader is exposed, it is fishy line, slowly pulling out of the can.

The smell of fish from the mucus of trimethylamine, alkaline, so add vinegar to acid-base neutralization, fishy. In addition, add wine, pepper, bean sauce, chili sauce and other seasonings are conducive to deodorization.

The clever use of ingredients. Like the ingredients of ginger, onions, garlic, dry pepper, onion, dried onion (like in the purple skin garlic independence onion) is to remove the fish smell indispensable, you can use them fried oil, so do has a smell of fish dishes such as fish, mutton are can increase incense smell.

The clever use of spices. Geraniol, anise, fennel, caoguo and other spices can mask the smell of fish, add flavor to dishes.

] General high-temperature fried, deep fried, grilled fish almost no smell, and steamed, boiled, stewed out of fish will be a little smell, especially cool when eat fishy smell more big. And starting from the health point of view, it is recommended to choose a smaller grill frying and cooking methods, but can the steamed fish for braised fish, boiled fish, hot and sour fish eat smell is much smaller.