Why do some people have two feet in half, and the Han nationality

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Why do some people have two feet in half, and the Han nationality

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Before reading the text below, you can take advantage of the four no one, take off the socks to see if their little feet are not split - the outer side of the small, large inside, cut, grow a new or two.

This little nail in the anthropology, race, it is very mysterious. Recently, micro-blog crazy biography: only the pure blood of the Han Dynasty, small feet is divided into two pieces of the nail, which is relatively small by the side of the valve. This provoked netizens have to take off socks to see their feet, some complacent pure blood, and some rare quite exotic".

Socks off a nail, nail two feet, the ancestors from Shanxi, Hongdong big locust tree. This is a very popular folk saying. Legend has it that more than 600 years ago, Zhu Yuanzhang sat in the world, due to the reduction in the number of people living in the war, decided to move to the south of Shanxi, a large population. The big tree * * immigrants to Hongdong County, and the soldiers went home, each feet nails cut a knife, said after Renzuguizong, whenever there is crack, or nail split nails, are relatives.

Today, the pagoda in Hongdong has been built as a magazine of tourist attractions, but this seemingly nonsensical legend, it was proved that the scholars.

2005, Bian Jianchao, associate professor at the school of public health at the Fudan University, led the graduate student, such as Mr. Hao Weiguo, combined with the legend of Hongdong big locust tree, made a genetic investigation of the flap. The survey takes Shanxi Hongdong County as the starting point, to the southeast, after a number of historical immigration and the number of provinces in the history of the largest number of provinces, until the history of immigration and Shanxi did not have much relationship with the Fujian province.

Bian Jianchao and his students in Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, seven provinces, each selected a nearly one hundred years without large-scale migration records of the population of the country, the number of the number of valve. The final conclusion is: from south to north, the more close to Shanxi, Shaanxi, the greater the probability of a flap (see the table below).

Investigators believe that the flap is a genetic trait, and has nothing to do with gender. Some are not born with a flap, is the first show at the age of 1, the latest 5 years later; the children of parents petaloid toenails are not petaloid toenails, one parent is a flap, and some children have petaloid toenails, some do not.

"From Shanxi, Shaanxi, through the Central Plains, to the southeast, the direction of migration in the Ming Dynasty, and the distribution of the population of a certain flap coincidence. We speculate that this flap may be a genetic trait 5000 years ago, the Chinese nation has a physiological traits, there may be other ethnic groups merging together, but to return to the unique nationality, it is difficult to verify." Hao Weiguo said.

The early ancestors of the gene mutation about two feet of nail flap, there is a saying that is peculiar to Mongolians, sounds pretty "school".

According to the traditional method, the global race a total of three categories: Caucasian (white), Mongolians (yellow), Nigro race (black). In physical anthropology, the yellow race signs are: yellow skin, black hair, the eyes of the Mongolia fold, front teeth into a shovel shaped, the bridge of the nose is not high, brown eyes, lack of body hair, etc..

Zhejiang University and executive director of the Institute of anthropology, Zhongshan University Liu Zhaohui associate professor of sociology and anthropology, Chen Hua said, to study the physical characteristics of the race, generally from the hair color, skin color, facial hair, eyes, nose, lip shape, roughness, thickness, shape of the head body higher explicit signs of consideration, and have not heard of the yellow people have the characteristics of a flap. "There is no such thing as a nail in the racial division."

As for the Caucasian race and the Nigro race, whether there is also a flap, and now, there is no domestic research, we do not know.

Life will find a very high probability of the phenomenon, not through the experiment, and can not represent the specific laws of race." Liu Zhaohui said.

So what are the characteristics of the Mongolian race obviously?

"Asia's baby on the butt of the green birthmark, known as the Mongolia spot, which is the genetic character of the yellow race, is the result of experimental data measured and classified to draw conclusions." Chen Hua associate professor said,

What is the cause of the formation of a petal like? Up to now, academia is not conclusive.

Now the little toe nails naturally split into two halves of the Chinese people, you have this phenomenon of genes from the western region of the ancient Turkic people!!

Because of the historical reasons, the ancestors migrated into the Chinese family and entered into the big family of several major courses

1, during the Western Han Dynasty, the ancient Han Dynasty sent Huo led the army expedition, occupy the Western silk road against Hun department!! Defeated the Huns, forcing the exit this grassland! In the next ten years, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty continued to carry out the policy of fighting against the Huns, until the Hun was divided into two parts. In the meantime, there are a large number of the submission of the Han Dynasty Turkic people moved south to now China Shaanxi territory, Shanxi, Ningxia, china! - this is the Chinese ancestor of our Chinese foot and toe nails!

2, the Sui and Tang Dynasties -- because around the princes in order to compete for the unification of China, at the same time in order to strengthen their own strength, some living in the United States now China territory - Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi ethnic Turks, Ningxia coalition! Among them, there was the Li Yuan family warlord who opened the prosperous Tang dynasty!!!! In fact, there are Turkic descent in the family of Li Yuan!

In the early Ming Dynasty, 3 yuan and Ming Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, due to years of war, leading to the earth population distribution is uneven, and in order to escape the war, living in the northwest area of the Turkic people with South refugees migrated to the south, around the Central Plains, the most far to get the land that is now Zhejiang and Fujian provinces!

4, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Qing Dynasty due to wantonly killing around people, resulting in the southern parts of the sparsely populated, in the early years of the Qing Dynasty the Qing Dynasty rulers have promulgated the cruel migration order, who do not migrate are executed in order! Therefore, after the Turkic people with the largest migration in the history of China, the migration to china!!!

5, the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the natural disasters in the period of the past three years - in order to escape the war, to avoid the famine, the descendants of the Turks had to carry out the migration of the two!!!

Note: although experienced historical changes over the past two thousand years, as the Turkic descendants of the Chinese nation, gradually into the family, but as one of the markers of Nationalities -- descendants of everyone on the feet of the little toe nails are born naturally into two halves, both in the nation and other through marriage, have not changed this is an obvious mark!! Some people say that small nails will reveal your blood, do you believe it? Henan Chinese commercial news reporter Tian Zhongyu / photo

63.74% of Henan's small footprint

Experts said that due to the long-term multi-ethnic integration, in fact, did not say that the pure Han

However, the Fudan University research group study shows that this is related to immigration in Shanxi

Henan Chinese commercial news reporter Lu Yanyan Intern Song Jie

Do you have a small footprint? Some say it is a sign of pure Chinese descent.

Take a look around there is no, secretly take off the shoes to see if your feet are divided into small pieces of nails - the outer side of the small, large inside, cut, grow a new or two.

Recently, Sina micro-blog crazy pass this message. Survey shows that 63.74% of Henan's small footprint. Fudan University research team confirmed that this is related to the immigration of Shanxi.


Foot nail

Is the pure Chinese descent?


Seven provinces survey: Henan, 63.74% of people with small footprint

In fact, in 2005, the epidemic research laboratory of the Fudan University School of public health research associate professor Bian Jianchao, Hao Weiguo et al., from Hongdong to disperse a legend, the genetics investigation and research.

Recently, the Henan Business Daily reporter got their academic papers.

The paper shows that they are in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other 7 provinces in the survey of a total of 2122 communities, the minimum age of 3 months, the maximum age of 89 years old.

In Henan, they chose the village of Yuzhou shallow wells, the village is divided into 3 groups, all for the survey. 342 people in the foot of the finger of the 218 points, accounting for 63.7%.

However, compared with other provinces such as Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Henan is not the most prominent. 79.51% of respondents in Shanxi, small and medium-sized nail flap, Shaanxi, the foot of the foot of the small number of points, and then Henan (63.74%), Zhejiang (62.54%), Jiangsu (62.45%), Fujian (37.8%), Jiangxi ().

How are these provinces selected?

Hao Weiguo said that the investigation in Shanxi County of Hongdong as the starting point, all the way to the southeast, after several times and number in the history of Shanxi immigrants in most provinces, until the recorded history of immigration and Shanxi without too much relationship in Fujian province.

The results are basically consistent with the migration route of Shanxi

What do these surveys show? What is the meaning?

The investigation team concluded that: from south to north, the more close to Shanxi, Shaanxi, the greater the probability of a flap. This difference is basically consistent with the migration route of Shanxi's large population.

The researchers analyzed the data and found that the valve is a heritable trait and has nothing to do with sex.

Children are not born with a flap, the survey, the first is at the age of 1, the latest to 5 years after the emergence of.

"From Shanxi, Shaanxi, through the Central Plains, to the southeast, the direction of the Ming Dynasty and the distribution of the population have a certain regularity coincidence." Hao Weiguo said.

They speculated that the genetic characters of petaloid toenails may be 5000 years ago, the Chinese nation has a physiological traits, may also be a physiological feature has been integrated into the Han minorities, but to return to the unique nationality, it is very difficult to go to research.

Is this really the case? Foreigners will not be small footprint?

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed five white men, who were from the United Kingdom and the United States, the foot of the five men have no flap.


There are two pieces of small nails is pure Chinese descent?

Li Lin's question is that the small footprint of the nail, really representative of pure Chinese descent?

Xiang-dong Kong, director of the Institute of genetics, the 1st Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, denied her idea. "There is no such thing as a pure Han chinese." Xiang-dong Kong look at this, in history, the Han and Mongolian have had exchanges in the Hexi Corridor, along the Silk Road, but also a national integration. War and commerce, is an important driving force for national integration, there is no pure Chinese blood unification said.

"Unless someone who lives in a place for thousands of years to marry outside, you say that this is pure Chinese can understand." Xiang-dong Kong think, but it is easy to cause close relatives, there will be a lot of problems.

What is the use of the extra flap

"The little finger nail does not mean anything, but the foot refers to the deformity of a very slight performance, not disease, does not affect human health." Li Jianbiao looks like this.

When you do foot, there is always someone to ask Li Jianbiao little finger nail flap son, is not gray nails, he replied.

In Hao Weiguo's view, because of the small footprint of the nail has no dysfunction, so it does not have a natural selectivity, so thousands of years ago has been retained so far.

This flap will inherit it? The answer is that.

Hao Weiguo said that the survey showed that both parents have little finger when the foot, his son, daughter, and the total number of children with a frequency of the flap were significantly higher than only one side of the parents have a flap.


There's no nail in the racial divide

Li Lin's question is that the small footprint of the nail, can not explain the pure Chinese descent, then distinguish between the various regions of the people rely on what?

In Xiang-dong Kong's view, the distinguishing characteristic of Han and other ethnic groups, generally from the hair color, skin color, facial hair, eyes, nose, lip shape, roughness, thickness of head shape, height explicit signs, and have not heard of the yellow race has the characteristics of a flap.

In addition to distinguish from the external characteristics, but also from the deep level of genes to judge.

By genetic means, it is possible to judge whether a person is from the South or from the north, or from the tibetans. Is there a big difference between the north and the south?

Xiang-dong Kong said that the difference between southern and Northern men mainly look at the Y gene, different people around the Y gene sequence mark different.

Women can look at the mitochondrial DNA of the cells, and there are differences in the mitochondria of different females, which are related to different races.

The southerners migrated from the North

When people explore the micro-blog, it was suggested that southerners are more authentic than the northerners, because the south national integration is not so frequent.

In Xiang-dong Kong's view, humans originated in Africa, which is recognized worldwide.

Humans from Africa, and then to Southeast Asia, and then to Japan, Korea, and then to the mainland. On the mainland, humans migrated from north to south. So, from the genetic point of view, it can only be said that the southerners migrated from the north in the past, can not prove who is more authentic".

Zhejiang University Anthropology Institute executive director Liu Zhaohui also believes that from five random Hua, Jin Dynasty, five large-scale migrations are north people migrated to the south, from the perspective of history, mankind is migrating from the south to the north.

However, he believes that the Central Plains of the Yellow River basin, the South's ethnic integration is not so frequent in the north. The late Tang Huang Chao *, Han began the second South, Southern Song Dynasty Capital in Hangzhou, reached the peak.

Therefore, if you have to point from the region, the southerners will be more authentic than the northerners.

Obvious genetic characteristics of Asians

Is the child's birthmark on the buttocks?

The third people's Hospital of Zhengzhou city is located in the city of Cheng Lizhen, deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology know, many children born who have green birthmark, there are Hui or Han who.

In her view, green birthmark is pigmentation, with a long, there will be no, but some people grow up will stay in the body.

However, Zhongshan University associate professor of sociology and anthropology, Chen Hua believes that children who can not green birthmark, Asian infants on the backside of cyan birthmark, named Mongolia spot, this is genetic traits of the yellow race, is the result of experimental data measurement and classification to the conclusion.

In Xiang-dong Kong view, different populations of people, there are many different characteristics, which is a regular thing, for example, hair, eyes, palm prints, different races are different. "There are a lot of Asians born with green birthmark. But the academia has not conducted a large-scale investigation and research, yet recognized by the academic community."

[pure Han Chinese] is said to be pure blood Chinese small toenails are divided into two valves, one on the outside that a relatively small. Now you can have a look and see if you are an authentic Chinese