The earliest railway in the world actually appeared in the Qin Dynasty?

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The earliest railway in the world actually appeared in the Qin Dynasty?

2017-06-02 01:18:08 1783 ℃

When it comes to railways, many people immediately think of the product of the industrial revolution in the west. In 1814, Stephen sun produced a steam powered steam locomotive, marking the arrival of the era of human mechanical trains. In fact, as early as two thousand years ago, Greece used the horse as a driving force of the track car. But people don't know. Actually, China is the first country to use trains in large scale, and before 2200. 200 years earlier than greece. Chinese archaeologists have found a huge network of Railways in the mountains of Henan, Nanyang, which are still double tracks.

After years of identification, the railways were built in 2200 by the state of qin. That is actually more accurate to say that the railway should be "Mu Lu of the railway style and modern railway are exactly the same, are composed of rails, sleepers. But the motive force is not the steam engine, but the carriage. After archaeological excavations, the railroad tracks were made of extremely hard wood, which was treated with antiseptic treatment. More than 2000 years ago, there was no large-scale use of steel. So it's sensible to use wood for these tracks. But after more than 2000 years, these tracks are still well preserved. But the sleepers have rotted away. Experts believe that the sleeper material is also a special choice. Soft and moderate texture, you can better integrate with the land, so that the track is more stable. The railway sleeper laying is also very particular, through the old railway people must have a feeling that is the spacing between the sleepers is anti human design, step by step on a sleeper strides too small a step two legs are not long enough. Daqin Railway is like this. But when people put horses in the middle of the rails, the length of the tie coincided with the pace of the horse. This way the horse can run quickly on the tie.

Also, the horse has to keep running because he is going to step on the tie to keep pace. Because of the special handling of the track, the friction force is very small, and the horse can pull more cargo than usual. Experts judged the railways to be very efficient. Who built these railways? What is the purpose? Through the analysis of these huge railway networks, the experts finally concluded that the railways should be the "Military Railway" of Qin state, and the purpose should be to transport logistics materials. And the builder would most likely be Shang Yang. Because the main purpose of Shang Yang's political reform was to serve the war, Shang Yang turned the whole state into a huge war machine. Then, the construction of these railways should be reasonable. In history, there is no record of these military railways, and these highly efficient railways should have been classified as secret military installations in those years, and there was no record in the books.

The existence of this huge railway network can also reasonably explain why the army fighting capacity of Qin state was so fierce. War is called logistics. With this kind of military facilities almost surpassing the times, it is difficult for the state of Qin to win. The Qin Dynasty used the concept of modern warfare. Why have all these railroads been abandoned? Why are these advanced and convenient transportation networks not being handed down at last? It is inferred that it was probably the war in the late Qin Dynasty that caused the massive destruction of these networks. The Han Dynasty, which destroyed the Qin Dynasty, was a period of extreme lack of horses, so the road network using horses as a driving force was naturally useless.

Without power, these railways are basically furnishings. Maintaining them requires a lot of manpower and material resources, so they are gradually abandoned. The advance of ancient China may not really be what we can imagine. We really don't know what it is like to be on the railway more than 2000 years ago. Because it's really amazing. We know so little about our history.