The emperor's aesthetic taste: the Qing Dynasty's "national Mother" have become such a

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The emperor's aesthetic taste: the Qing Dynasty's "national Mother" have become such a

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The grand emperor, dry, Queen Kun, yin and Yang, peace and prosperity.

A total of twelve emperor in the Qing Dynasty, including Nurhachu have two queens, Taiji have two queens, Emperor Shunzhi has four queens, Emperor Kangxi has four queens, the Yongzheng emperor have two queens, Emperor Qianlong had three empress and Emperor Jiaqing have two queens, Emperor Daoguang has four queens, Xianfeng emperor had three queens, Tongzhi, Guangxu, Xuantong three emperor have a queen.

Why is it that after the three emperors had only one queen? Because life is not too long, 19 years Tongzhi Guangxu 38 years old died, died at the age of 6, was Xuantong abdication.

The 12 emperor of the Qing Dynasty, the average life expectancy of 53.25 years old, 29 of the 8 queens died at the age of unknown, and the remaining 21 average life expectancy of 47 years. The queen live but the emperor, is a universal law, although there are exceptions like queen sourdrang.

Two queen Nur Ha Che have been made. One is his mother, known as the kind of Queen yehenala, named Meng Gu zhezhe. The other is a duoergun mother, Ural Nala Abahai, known as filial piety liewu queen.

This is duoergun mother, Ural Nala abahai.

Two queen Huangtaiji's

This is the empress Xiaoduan, Qing Emperor Huang Taiji queen Beller of Mongolia, Horqin mang Gusi and Horqin Fei female. She is the aunt queen sourdrang.

Sourdrang mother of Queen Boer Siggi Te S, Emperor Shunzhi, was awarded the queen.

Xiao Hui Zhang queen Boer Siggi Te S. The emperor Shunzhi second empress.

Xiao Cheng Ren empress heseri, colonial Secretary SONY's granddaughter, Queen Kangxi the first emperor.

Xiao Zhao Ren queen Flos, Emperor Kangxi second empress, ebilun female, aobai yinv.

Empress Xiaoyi tunggiya, Emperor Kangxi third queen, Kangxi is his Tong Guowei female, is the first cousin of emperor Kangxi. As the queen has urgent disease, the avalanche died, only one day the queen.

Honor the Queen's constitution, Minister of the interior minister of women. The first queen of emperor Yong Zheng, eight year old child growth of Hong Hui, the.

Filial piety pure queenFuca HalaThe emperor, his first wife, died thirteen years of qianlong. Emperor Qianlong visited her till death do us part, the rich Cha surname family in Qianlong pet very expensive, Fu Heng, Fu Kangan is be Qianlong seal as the prince.

Qianlong second empress Nala, Manchuria with blue flags zuoling Naerbu daughter.

Empress XiaoshuruiHi Talashi, the first wife of emperor Jiaqing, Daoguang emperor's mother, is the only family in Qing Dynasty emperor queen line.

Xiao Rui and queen, Flos, Emperor Jiaqing's second queen. Had two sons and one daughter, respectively, seven female, three son of Emperor Huang Mian Kai and the four son of Prince Mian Xin rui.

Xiao Shen Tong Jia's Queen, Empress of emperor daoguang. The first is the Daoguang emperor side Fujin, light to the throne after the queen.

Filial piety become queen Flos, Daoguang emperor's third queen, is also the mother of emperor xianfeng.

Xiao Zhen queen Flos, Xianfeng emperor Zhen Zhen, as Princess Royal Queen, and in the Zhongcui palace. Xianfeng emperor after the death of Ci Xi, and the two house and the statue, also known as the empress dowager, east. Guangxu seven years, forty-five years.

Ci Xi yehenala, Tongzhi emperor Xianfeng died after her mother, empress dowager. 1861 until 1908 years of the Qing Empire, the actual rulers. After the death of the posthumous title for "filial piety empress chin end Youkang Yizhao Yu Zhuang Chengshou Gong Qin Xian Chongxi with Tianxing holy Queen", length for most of the empress of the Qing Dynasty, also more than Qing Dynasty founding queens and filial piety, chastity, filial piety, two palace, also over entry after all the Manchu emperor's posthumous name.

Xiao Zhe Yi Aluteshi queen, Empress of emperor tongzhi. The first year of Guangxu died in February twenty, when the dead 70 day tongzhi.

Filial piety and fixed scene queen yehonala, Guangxu emperor's cousin and queen, younger brother of the Empress Dowager Cixi series Guixiang's daughter, or empress dowager Longyu, Longyu empress, Guangxu queen.

Guo Brokaw Wanrong's, the Qing Dynasty abdicated emperor Pu Yi legal wife, Manchuria's queen.

Take a look at these photos, can be said to be able to say, in fact, the state of the Qing Dynasty is the mother of the country, it should not be on the face.

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