After the Japanese surrendered, the Soviet captive Japanese army has more than 10,000 young female soldiers: Treatment method to make Japanese bile!

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After the Japanese surrendered, the Soviet captive Japanese army has more than 10,000 young female soldiers: Treatment method to make Japanese bile!

2021-11-25 00:04:19 12 ℃

As we all know, Japan is an island country, but during the 2nd World War, the Japanese army has completely no humanity. They burned and loot on the battlefield, and they have no evil, combined with German and Italy provoked war. Joining the army, attempted to establish a so-called big East Asia, China and Japan also conducted a 14-year war, from 1931 to 1945, Japan has caused great losses to China.

In the early days of the Anti-Japanese War, China's quality is not in the war, so there is a loss in the war in the Chinese Festival, and China is gathers 800,000 armies during the Wars, although it breaks Japan's three months of death, China, but the Chinese army It is also suffering, and the 300,000 military people wrap the corpse on the battlefield, and these troops are the most elite troops in China. Most of them are the commander of the Huangpu Military Academy, including 36 teachers, 87 teachers, 88 teachers, Central Teaching The team and other weeks, there are still many central army.

However, Japan is one island country. Its country has a limited number of small resources. During the Anti-Japanese War, China relies on the huge strategy to drag in China in China. When the war enters the stage, Japan has been weak. On December 7, 1941, in order to get more resources, the Japanese army attacked the American Pearl Base, then the Pacific War broke out, in 1945, the United States and the Soviet Union were simultaneously engaged in Japan.

From August 6, 1945, the United States put two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, causing 300,000 deaths, and by August 10, the Soviet Union led the 150,000 military team to attack the Northeast of the Northeast, It was 83,000 people, but also captured the 6 million Gongdong army, but Japan announced that it was surrendered on August 15. According to the post-war, the Soviet Union should return Japanese prisoners, but in the second World War, the Soviet Union is also hit hard, so The 600,000 prisoners refused to return, and also brought to Siberian building railway setup centralized camp.

At that time, the Soviewer as long as the young workforce, and these female soldiers have no labor, after being stayed in the northeast, the fate can imagine that some luck is better, because the people of our country have adopted them with morality, and they have to adopt them. Leave a life and spend the years of hunger and cold. The fourth field of the party leaders, in this way, the preferential prisoner, recruited a large number of women with medical experience, allowing them to enter our army's field hospital, giving them a relatively good living environment. And after the 1950 years, a large Japanese female captive was placed back to Japan.

In fact, our army is very humanitarian spirit, and the Soviet Union has been dealing with the prisoner. So far, it has been very scared, and the Soviet Union has not received it, staying in Northeast Japanese prisoner, did not eat Did not wearing no resources, only freeze hungry, and the Japanese pioneering teams formed by the Soviet Union, the conditions are very poor, and the last mortality rate is about 45%.

Go to Siberia's Kandan Army, the ending is even more miserable, the cold environment of Siberia is more bad than the northeast, in the ice and snow, lack of medical little drugs, doing super high strength work, once sick, is very deadly And in terms of diet, there is no sufficient guarantee, the Soviet session treats prisoners, there is no preferential treatment, the greatest live, but also to hungry, many Kandie Army captive, eventually died in distant Siberia .

The Soviet method is very simple and rude, and it is also very practical, and there is a labor force, there is no labor to die. This method of processing makes Japan's fear so far.