Dong Yuan Ben ‖ Implemented the strategy of the base for the base: Treatment and Sun Quan's similar fate

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Dong Yuan Ben ‖ Implemented the strategy of the base for the base: Treatment and Sun Quan's similar fate

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Original creation / Dong Yuan Ben (Jiangsu Suqian)

For a big event, repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly, it is possible to attack it, and if it will fail, it will attack it again. Historically, there are two monarchs that have been used as such a means of sending and enduring, and one is the king of the king of the Spring and Autumn Period, one is the East Wen Summent of the Three Kingdoms. The two means are similar, and the endings of their countries are similar.

In the first 496 BC, the hust of just stepped through the king of the king is big, Wu Wang hurts in the fierce battle, and after being injured. In 494 BC, Wu Wangfong is poor for the family, the Bishan defeated, and the Yue Wang's homework is the slave servant of the defenders and the country, and the prince will be allowed to stay in the country. In 482 BC, Wu Wangfu ratio Wu Jun is rushing to the north, and after winning with Jin, Qi, Lu, Songguang National Allegation, Yue Wang, Yuejun, the army, the army, the army, the husband and the death. The got takes the place of Wu Yue, and as the last hegemony of the Spring and Autumn and the Qing Dynasty, the North and the Zhongyuan all the country.

In 220 AD, Wei Wang Cao Yu said the emperor, the following year, Hanzhong Wang Liu Bei called the emperor. Sun Quan, who occupied Wu Yue, the self-knowledge of the national strength and military power, the military, and the Wei, Tong Yong, Tong Teng and Liu Bei competed in Jingzhou. Jingzhou is very lost, Liu Bei is in the 222nd of the year. Liu Beiwu failed, the body is dead, the Sun Quan is rising, and the Wei and Cao Wei decided. Cao Wei sent a soldier Nanzheng Sun Quan, Sun Quan is afraid, and the ministers of the minister, but secretly sent messengers to the horses, want to re-repair with Han. Zhuge Liang is not considered, with Sun Quan, and Sun Quan standby carefully governed Wu Yue, which was slightly better than the country. Confucused with Han Han, North and Cao Wei confrontation.

Harvest and Sun Quan have become the means of Wu Yue in its country's core ruling area, that is, according to the situation needs, weaken the strong enemy, and suddenly show up, and seek the biggest political interests in the hair. The reason why Harvest and Sun Quan can use to bear the hair of the tricks, the root cause is that their strong enemy has its own other enemies. On the occasion of Wu Zhuang Vietnam, the west neighboring Chu Guo is talking to Jin and Qin, and the northern is Qilu dispute. Similarly, Sun Wu's west neighboring Han has always set the national strategy to the Northern Expedition, and Cao Wei should continue to cope with Zhuge Liang's north Expedition. Wu.

Pharitine and Sun Quan have obtained the country's self-reliance with similar strategies, but their strategic purposes are not unified, but they are born in southeast, which is not very long. With the continuing evolution of the world, Vietnam and Han Han have to accept fate of political forces from the world. After the Warring States Period, the Warring States Period, Chu State became more and more powerful, and participated in the mergers and unified wars of the Warring States, and the country was marginalized, and the vast majority of the country was 333 BC. Chu is annex, of course, all of its land is finally part of the Qin and Han Dynasty. In 238 AD, Cao Wei's 灭 公 氏 氏,,, 国, 长 长 长 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 动 师 师 师 师 师 师 师 师 师 一 师 师 师In 263, the 280 year was released in Han and Dongwu.

The hunting experience of Huali and Sun Quan said that in a special strategic background of a number of strong adjacent coexistence, the strategic flicker who relies on enduring hair can be temporarily based on Wu Yue, but can't stop the Hao. The great potential of the vast world, and its departure will will be swept in the historical waste.