Why is Cao Cao's tomb with a daughter-in-law?It turns out that he has a secret that is not a misalignant.

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Why is Cao Cao's tomb with a daughter-in-law?It turns out that he has a secret that is not a misalignant.

2021-11-24 23:55:50 17 ℃

Recently, the location of Cao Cao's tombs has caused a hot discussion, and different people have different answers.

There is such a saying that Cao Cao's mausole is located in the south of Tongquet, a place called Lingzhi Village. In the fifty-two years of Qianlong, "Zhang Defu" clearly mentioned that "Wei Wu Emperor Cao Cao's mausoleum is in Lingzhi Village, and its southern is the chairman of Chaoyang."

After the rinse, that is, Cao Yu's wife sessions, she turned out to be Yuan Shao son Yuan Xi's wife. At that year, after Cao Cao defeated Yuan Shao, Cao Yu was first entered Yuan Sha's Yucheng. When he found a beautiful semapho, he was so beautiful, his heart was stealing, and then Cao Yu took her his wife. Later, Qi Wen Zhao not only lost Cao Yu's own fortunate, and was also sacrificed by Cao Yu, buried in Yucheng.

So, how can Cao Cao's mausoleum will be with your wife?

This is definitely a story.

It turned out that Cao Cao had heard of the beauty of Yang, but his son took his favorite, so that Cao Cao did not help! Moreover, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao are the same generation. He is not good for Yuan Shao's daughter-in-law, which will attract the joke of the world.

Although, Langli was taken by Cao Yu, but Cao Cao thoughtless, what should I do? Therefore, some people suspect that there is a subtle relationship between Cao Cao with the rock. Although they are hidden, they can't see it, but we can find clues from some phenomena.

In the "Han Han Shu" mentioned that the hole is finished, and it is the descendants of Confucius. Therefore, the well is known from the small comparison, and he can't afford other people. This is this reason, he was hateful by Cao Cao, in the end, was killed by Cao Cao.

Here, it is necessary to mention a letter written to Cao. Xinyong, Month, Cao Yu, saying that he accepting Qi Wenzhao is "Wu Wang, to give Zhou Gong", Cao Cao did not know the meaning of Kongol, let him know. Confucius: "Use the current eyes to judge it, this is to be of course." Kong Rong's words made people feel angry, he is interested in emptying, and it is a scandal of discrete Cao Jia.

Because Cao Cao has been learning the object with "Zhou Wengong", now Kong Rong's words are interested in humiliating him, making Cao Cao's anger to kill Kong. In addition, there is also an evidence that when Cao Yu, when I started to marry the lax, I loved this wife, two people love, let others envy. However, after Cao Cao died, Cao Yu immediately turned his attitude and colded.

So, why did Cao Yu have such a big change?

According to "Wei Shu" records: Tong's new pets have said something wrong with Cao Yu, causing Cao Yu to be angry. After that, Cao Yu got up, abused her, and finally, simply gave birth to death. Immediately, the Rusow drunk, leaving the people. It can be seen that the Langli is killed from being favored, all between Cao Yu.

It turned out that Langli refused to drink poisonous wine, but Cao Yu's new favorite couldn't take her, and she took her mouth with her mouth and let her breathe difficult. After that, grab the time of the breath of the lacker, they fill the poison and let them live. Moreover, after Cao Cao passed away, Cao Yu also did a big truth, that is, the father of the father called to his own palace, it is to play.

Once, Cao Yu was sick. His mother was too late to visit him. When the Queen opened the curtain, I found that Cao Yu's bed was lying in Cao Cao's pre-love. After Sid Tai, I was very surprised, and I hurriedly asked Cao Yu: "When did these 嫔 嫔 嫔?" Cao Yu responded: "Father Cao Cao gang Dinn, these 嫔 嫔 came over by him." And, Cao Yu said these words, very It is not ashamed of calming.

However, Yan Taihou saw such a scene, but very angry, she felt like Cao Yu, even if she passed away, the mouse won't touch his body. Because Cao Yu is doing too much. From these two things, Cao Cao has indeed a embarrassment of Zhao, led to the death of Kongolong and Cao Yu's crazy retaliation.

Imagine that it may be that Cao Cao's difficult pastment, the Qing Dynasty scholar put the lakes of the two people, let the world know that Cao Cao's wind is not. However, these are assumptions and there is no real evidence.

However, there is also a saying that Cao Cao's mausoleum is in the hometown, a place called "Cao Jiaoli".

In 1991, "Scenic Spot" magazine published an article, the topic is "Wei Wu Emperor, Cao Cao". The article believes that Cao Cao's mausoleum is in Cao's piles, and lists three reasons:

The first reason, "Wei Shu" has a relevant record:

In 220 AD, the army stationed in the people of Jixian, the soldiers and the people in Jixian. The army was in the county, and Cao Cao suddenly passed away, and it was definitely buried in this place. In addition, "Zhangzhou Zhi" mentioned that Cao Cao passed through the army in Zha County, and they were in front of the old house, in the woods in the woods. Because Cao Cao is passed away, it is a first month, so I buried it the next day.

If he is really buried in Yucheng, Cao Yu will not come. It can be seen that Cao Yu's goal is to pay homage to the father Cao Cao.

The second reason, "Wei Shu" said, Phanthen, Cao Yu, went to Yuling, worshiping the sacred sacred sacred:

Yiling is Cao's orpoli, there is 20 kilometers away from the gate. When Cao Cao was 31 years old, he came back to build a hierarchy, and Cao Yu was also born here. Therefore, Cao Yu personally came over to worship, not only because it was born, but because of this is the mausoleum of Cao Yu, that is, Cao Cao's mausoleum.

The third reason, there have been a huge Cao Zonglan in the history of Zhangzhou, and the grandfather of Cao Cao Cao Teng, father Cao Wei, the maushes and others of Cao Xian and others are here. Therefore, Cao Cao's mausoleum should also be here, continue to work with your family. However, there are many vulnerabilities for this statement.

The most obvious vulnerability is the author of Cao Yu's worship, as evidence of Cao Causing Tomb in Zhangzhou. Does Cao Yu must be Cao Cao? Can't it be other ancestors? This reason is obviously insufficient.

In fact, the emperor's sacrifice is not necessarily a sacrifice father, and the greater possibility is to sacrifice ancestors. For example, Zhu Yuanzhang has made the emperor, he let the official who knows that Feng Shui choose the right place, he wants to build a mausoleum, and move the mausoleum of your ancestors to here. After the location is selected, Zhu Yuanzhang recreates the mausoleum of the ancestors here, and then please come here.

Therefore, Cao Yu worship the ancestors in the county, it is likely to be only worshiping the ancestors, and it is unclear that Cao Cao's mausoleum is really there.

Also, the author of the article said that "Cao Jiazu's mausoleum is here, Cao Cao's mausoleum should also be here", it is just self-deception, can't convincing.

So, where is Cao Cao's mausoleum?

We don't know, you can only feel that Cao Cao has deceived the day before, and then deceives us, let us find his position.

In fact, Cao Cao's deceit is famous. This is likely to be Cao Cao toys us, do not want us to find his mausoleum. In fact, this is just an aspect of the problem. On the other hand, Cao Cao is more frugal and advocates "葬" to the world. So, will he not be a practitioner of "葬"? If this is true, then his influence in history is positive.

Moreover, the age of Cao Cao, the war frequently, the social turmoil, some people adopt a secret burial method, and they don't want to be eye-catching, do not want to find trouble.

It can be seen that Cao Cao did not only protected himself, but also let the tomb thieves did not start opportunities.

From this regard, Cao Cao is very wise.