In which battle in Su Yu is almost cut by the Japanese army, who saved him?

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In which battle in Su Yu is almost cut by the Japanese army, who saved him?

2021-11-25 00:09:28 22 ℃

Wei Gang is the first battle after the New Fourth Army enters Southan, is a full victory battle.

This is from Su Yu personally commanded.

In this battle, Su Yu almost was cut by the Japanese army, then, when the thousands of hair, who saved him?

And read the things.


On June 15, 1938, Su Yufeng Chen Yi's life, led the New Fourth Army to tribute to the queue, after the emergency army of three consecutive rainy nights, arrived near the train station of Huining Railway Zhenjiang, and prepared the enemy to break the railway action.

Su Yu learned from the enemy of the reconnaissance that the Japanese army will launch a big action in Wei Sang in the south of Zhenjiang, so I decided to fight the Japanese army in Wei Gang.

In the early morning of June 16, Su Yu held a meeting of cadres and deploying Wei Gang's ambition, and decided to take 6 steps classes, 1 stuttering gun class, and 1 light machine gun. After the meeting, the soldiers were raining to wave.

In the early morning of the 17th, the troops arrived near the ship of the ship and entered the position.

Wei Gang, mountain forest secret, mountain pass, narrow town, roads passing from the two mountains. At 8:20, the Japanese army 5 military vehicles came from Zhenjiang to the direction of Zhenjiang, just entered my ambush circle, and Su Yu's order: "fire!"

The Japanese army team fell into the fire network of the new four army. A grenade exploded on the enemy car, a string of machine gun bullets swept the enemy group, and the "Emperor" "Emperor" was beaten in the world, and some were rolling in the mud water, some jumped into the ditch, some of them The grass, some are drilled into the bottom of the car, and the Huang is fighting. It was killed in one more. The Japanese army Shao Sijing and the Darector Mezewu Shoulang took the Japanese army car to fight the firepower, and fell into the roadside water ditch, and the Dandi Shaozuo, Meze Washi Lie, the driver was killed on the spot.

At this time, the Japanese devil collapsed suddenly jumped out of the grass and shouted in the crazy. Milu Yong arm Fright: "Killing -" The initial wife took the lead in taking the lead, the warrior followed him to go down the mountain, and the Japanese army was killed.

The fighters directly inserted into the enemy, and the hatred bayonet fell another crazy Japanese army, for a time, wind and rain, and shook the sound in the valley. Suddenly, an injured devil fiercely took out the command knife to Su Yu's back. At this 10,000 points, the guardian of Su Yu found it, "-" Lifting the gun and smashed the devil.

Su Yu is not damaged.

Just half an hour, the battle victory ended, the new four army killed 13 Japanese army, more than 100 people, intercepted 5 transport vehicles, and seized more than 10 long shorts, more than 10 helmets, the Japanese army flag, command a knife, More than 7,000 dollars, as well as military items on the car.

Su Yu immediately ordered: "Withdraw!"

Half hours of the Fighting of Wei Gang, the ten times the reinforcement arrived from Zhenjiang, and there were several tanks, several cannons, and three aircraft assistance. However, Su Yu was transferred quickly with the New Fourth Army, and he had already left the battlefield safely.

The Japanese army reinforcement troops completely rushed.

The victory of Wei Gang broke the myth of the "Emperor's Uncomfortable" and hits the arrogant arrogance of the Japanese army. After the war, Chen Yi heard that Su Yu is in danger, saying: "Wei Gang fights well, but the head of Su Yu is almost cut by the devil's knife, very fortunate!"

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