The best Zhaojun poetry, or the worst traitor?How to evaluate Wang Anshi's "Ming Song"?

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The best Zhaojun poetry, or the worst traitor?How to evaluate Wang Anshi's "Ming Song"?

2021-11-25 00:05:26 24 ℃

Song Renzong Jiayou four years, the 39-year-old Wang Anshi wrote two people, about Wang Zhaojun's poems - "Ming Song". Once the two poems have been admitted, they caused an uproar.

Some people directly say that Wang Anshi's "Ming Song" wrote well! In the poem, Mao Yanhou turned into a case, secretly accused the emperor's intertworn, and can not reuse talents, and skip the front of the poem will only pity Wang Zhaojun's 窠 窠 窠, the front of the poem, good poem!

At that time, the famous literati Mei Chen, Ouyang Xiu, Sima Guang, etc. After seeing the two "Mingzhao" of Wang Anshi, I agree with Wang Anshi's idea, and I also wrote poems and Wang Anshi.

If there are search engines, the various authors' "and Wang Jie Ming Mingsu" will definitely be hot.

However, some people read this poem but said: I have different opinions! This poem is a surrender party, fundamentally forgoting the difference between Confucius and Yidi, this is the worst surrender poem! Directly ruined the hearts!

图 注: Zhao Yongfu works "Zhao Jun out"

At that time, another literati Wang returned to Wang's deepfather was a representative. He said that Wang Anshi's "Hanni is self-deputy", "The Deadless Non-South" of "The Deadless Non-South" is violated by Confucius' s Summer.

At the Southern Song Dynasty, Song Gaozong Zhao Zong and Chenzi Fan Chong directly opened, and believed that Wang Anshi's poem "today's back of the king, worshiping the thieves, all of which are in the meaning of Ansi, this so-called bad world Atrians. "

The Qing Dynasty also said: After the introduction, the cloud "Hann is self-deputy, life is happy", and the best is awkward!

So how do you evaluate these two "Ming Song" of Wang Anshi? Let's take a look at the original "Ming Song" original!

图 注: Zhao Jun in the Republic of the Republic of China

Mingsheng song

When the Han Palace was first in the Han Palace, the tears were treated.

Low calm, no color, no longer hold.

Returning, but the Danqing hand, I have been in the eyes.

The meaning is not formed, and it is in the time of Mao Yan.

Let's know more about it, you should do it in Harbor.

The voice of the Southern Southern, only the annual Hongyan fly.

Family Wanli news, good in the felt city

I don't see you, a long door closes Gillian, and life is frustrated.

This is the first "Ming Song", which directly said that the emperor sent Wang Zhaojun, and found that Zhaojun's beauty, but it has been unable to save, so after it comes back, it will take the painting of Haoyayou back black pot, " Kill "Mao Yanshou, the irony of Han Yuan Emperor.

And Wang Anshi took Wang Zhaojun example, whether you are in the Hun of Hun, even if you are like the Han Dynasty, Chen Jiao, will be entered into the cold palace, this is the distinct of life, regardless of the north and south.

Figure: Mao Yanshou in film and television

Mingsuo twins

The first marriage and felt car, the felt cars are all Hu Ji.

There is nowhere to be in love, and it is self-knowledge.

The golden pole is a spring wind hand, and the flying persistent Huhu.

Han palace maids dark tears, but the pedestrians on sand will look back.

Hann is deeply deep, and life is happy.

Prestry, you have, there is no sorrow, there is still a sinus.

In the second Mingyu, telling Wang Zhaojun, when the horse, the car horse is a woman's woman. Although Wang Zhaojun is in Han Soil, but she can only be sent to the Huns and pro.

Comparing Han Dynasty to her attitude, the Hu people's felt car and many Hu Ji appeared more grand, then led "Hanni is self-depth, life is happy."

图 注: 元 帝 刘 奭 in the film and television information [shì]

If you evaluate Wang Anshi's "Ming Song" from the literal meaning, the poems reflected in the poems of Wang Zhaojun's love for the Han Dynasty. It is actually a critical criticism of the Han Dynasty to foreign policy and employment policy.

But the so-called "poetry", Wang Anshi wrote "Ming Song", the deeper meaning is also based on the Han Dynasty humiliation and pro-policy criticize the people's system, the employment system!

Wang Anshi wrote "Ming Song" this year, just 39 years old, served as a prison of Jiangdong, preparing to return to Beijing, the Song Dynasty has a Liao Country, Western Xixia, is the three-dimensional power.

In the Song Dynasty, in order to peace, the annual light tribute to the Liaoda's share of the giant, although there is therefore changed back to the peace of the big Song, but it is a year war with Xixia, so that the court is quite a headache.

Especially if there is a book, Zhang Yuan and others, because in the Song Dynasty can't go straight, it is directly to the West Xia Li Yuanxi. As a result, it has been reused by the West, once become the Summer Nationality, Zhang Yuan and others directly planned the Song Dynasty defeated loss. War (1041), let the Song Dynasty Border Army only warned the soldiers up to more than 10,000 people, triggered the imperial imagination!

Wang Anshi believes that the Song Dynasty needs a thorough change. So, take a return to the Beijing, just give Song Renzong's evaluation of Liang Qichao as "the first big text after Qin Han" - "Shangren Zong Emperor Word book.

As a result, this is like a sea, but there is no response.

图 注: Song Renzong in the film and television

The two "Ming Song" of Wang Anshi is released in such a background.

Therefore, after understanding the social background, then, then, I will look at "Fall of Life and Silent", "Hann is from the perspective".

It is said that there is a problem with the employer system of the Song Dynasty. Whether it is Chen Jiajiao or Wang Zhaojun, no matter how talented, there is no day under the system at the time. It can only be "more frustrated in the north".

However, if you are in the past, it is reused by Mang. Although Wang Zhaojun, although "Hann is self-deputy", I still remember the homeland of the Han Dynasty.图 注: Tang Guoqiang played the Xixia Open Retriever Li Yuanyi

So, the talents such as Zhang Yuan can't go, directly transfer to the Western Hollers, and will be reused. From a poor book, you will become a national teacher of Li Yuanzhao, which leads to the Song Jun defeated! Why is this not "Song Zhen from the Light Hudders"?

After the poem of Wang Anshi, Ouyang Xiu immediately wrote two "and Wang Jie Ming Mingsu". Two of them satirically said that although the emperor can kill the work, what is the benefit of Wang Zhaojun and a pro Woolen cloth? It's so confused in front of your eyes, let alone thinking of the uniform Huns outside the country?

Although it can kill workers, what is it?

Ear, there is so, Wanli Anne will make Di!

图 注: Wang Anshi sculpture

In Wang Anshi's Wan Zong Book, "Shangren Emperor Word Book", Wang Anshi made a comprehensive discussion and criticism of the employee policy of the Song Dynasty, and considered a series of systems such as the talents of the Song Dynasty. A large amount of depression, waste, buried.

Wang Anshi also put forward the principles and measures to treat talents to teach, raise, take, but also have to cultivate principles and measures, but also have suitable rising space, position arrangements.

As a work written in the same year, Wang Anshi's "Ming Song" in the same year, Wang Anshi, in fact, is impossible to imply the talent thinks mentioned in Wanhu.

The critique and reform of the Song Dynasty have only admitted, the system, which is probably the most intended to express the most in Wang Anshi's "Ming Song".

In 2021, it was coincided with Wang Anshi (1021-121 May 21, 1086) Birthday, I would like to explain Wang Anshi's poem "Ming Song" in this article. I hope everyone likes.

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