Why did the Lanzhou people call "to dig"?It is a tricky verb, very heroic

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Why did the Lanzhou people call "to dig"?It is a tricky verb, very heroic

2021-11-24 23:55:15 16 ℃

Why did the Lanzhou people call "to dig"? It is a tricky verb, very heroic

Anyway, many people like Lanzhou. Although everyone has their own favorite reasons, there is a matter of fact that most people like, that is, the hero in that city. Life is here, eating and drinking is a big event, and Lanzhou's hero will of course reflect these two things.

Let's take it first. Lanzhou is very famous, not only is Lanzhou's beef noodles. Holding a big bowl, squatting at the door of the store, calling a few down, putting the faces and Tangle or in the belly. In general, people use the wolf to swallow the words to describe this kind of eating, it seems that there is no elegance, but it reflects the beauty of people living in Lanzhou and hero.

Lanzhou people eat noodles

Eating and drinking is closely connected, what kind of drinking phase will be eaten? It has lived in Lanzhou for more than ten years. I seem to have never seen the Lanzhou people sit down, can be like some local people in the south, more time, is to see Lanzhou people drink. Previously, in Lanzhou, I heard that the Lanzhou people can drink a West Lake wine, may be a bit exaggerated, but at least means that Lanzhou people can drink. Lanzhou people who can drink a few brands of wine every year, the legend, when they are cold, there is always someone because they are drinking, drinking high, drunk, falling in the road, the result is frozen Even frozen.

The Lanzhou people who can drink alcohol are drinking and using the words. The phase is like this, usually standing or sitting, put the head back, put the wine glass from the table, and pour the mouth and body. Such a description is obviously a bit clumsy, not enough to reflect the speed of the wine from the table to the mouth, more accurate or wonderful description should be: Pick up the wine glass, rapidly draw a beautiful arc between the table and mouth , Put the wine, "" into the stomach, and let the wine glass return to the table. This process allows you to look at the foreigner is very worried that they will even "" into the belly together, but this fear is extra, because of the good wine, they only love the dry firewood, not the bright wine Wineglass.

Lanzhou people punch

On the wine field, the use of Lanzhou people is also very special. They don't call "toast" called "dry cup", but it is called the flower "dig". What does "dig it" mean? It is "dry cup". However, the Lanzhou people suspected of "dry cup", but it is called "digging". This is not a foreign word, nor a foreign language, but the Lanzhou dialect of the local road.

"Dig", refers to the tool or hand from the surface of the object, takes out some of the things or the hidden in it. Such as: digging holes, excavation, digging a slot, digging potential. You can dig, or you can dig invisible. "Digging" is a major feature of Lanzhou. It is a tricky verb. It is very heroic. At that time, it is "excavation" tool. Lanzhou hopes that you will "dig" it.

"Go" is very understanding, clean, in place, not let you put the wine into your mouth, but let you drink, drink it, drink the wine in your body, not to sprinkle and fell outside your mouth and body, This is the "Sincere" of the Lanzhou people's body to the wine - wine is food, can't waste - "digging" will "dig", "dig"!

Lanzhou people drink

It is already clear here, a sound "dig" like Lanzhou people can see, touched the character, waiting for you to "dig", they will say that you "Dan Sa" (about it is a happy meaning . A few cups of "digging", they will let you eat, eat, wait for you to eat, they will ask you "Bai Manfu" (Lanzhou people also said, eating; "full Fu" may It is full, meaning that you have fill your stomach.). The warmth of a city is like this because of the distinct dialect, it is like a coat being put on your body, so that you will no longer fear in the cold night.

Today's winter is a little cold than in previous years, so I miss Lanzhou, I miss the sound of "digging". Of course, in other cities, you can have friends, you can dig your own a cup of cups like it. "Dig to", "dig", "dig" the fire of the wine "to the belly, then let it spray it through the nose, then you can understand the refreshing and heroic in Lanzhou. So, touch; so, call "dig" again and again, "dig"!

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