The Soviet Union's "First War God": Merger is extremely high, but in the end, it is a matter of seeing people.

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The Soviet Union's "First War God": Merger is extremely high, but in the end, it is a matter of seeing people.

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In the Sude War, there was a Sujun's "firefighting player" on the battlefield. Where is the need to appear. He is known as the Soviet Union's "War God". So why is this war's general? Why is this so bleak?

As the total chief of the Soviet Union, in the military command, Zhu Kefu has always been an ironist figure. He has a powerful military commanding capacity in the Moscow War, Slinller Battle and Berlin. However, Zhukkov has experienced a big fall in the peaceful age after the war, and lives in the sad and lonely.

Although Zhu Kefu is outstanding, the Soviet War of the Soviet Union has set up the horses, but he has not done a good relationship with Stalin. For example, he often questioned the decision of Stalin in public cases, and even multi-truthfully uses the words of Slin, these behaviors have caused strong dissatisfaction in Stalin.

Not long after the war, Stalin began to doubt it to Zhukov, think he is unreliable. Stalin even wanted to send people to arrest Zhukov, but they were persuaded by other seniors. Since then, Zhukofu began a reversed life. He first was left the position of the Army Command, and was transferred to the Odessa Military Region, and finally sent to the Ural Military Region to serve as a commander, and they were gone.

Later, it may be a conscience to discover, or may be political needs, Stalin will recall from Zhukkov, who will be idle in 1952, appoint him for the Central Committee of the Soviet, which is given to Zhukov some comfort and compensation.

However, the good view is not long.

Stalin is not long ago because of illness, Herrushhaffe is going to work. Because Herrushchev and Zhukov are different, Herrush Xiaofeng is always a hundred unassured. Not long, Zhu Kefu was retired to retire with Herrushham. In this way, Zhukov once again entered the "cold palace".

After these things, Zhukkov at this time can be said to be frustrated, and he doesn't understand why he is so frustrated. However, the things that Herrushchev will thoroughly hurt the hearts of Zhukov.

Herrushchev has been using Zhukkov, and it needs him to stabilize his military heart. After the situation is stable, he throws a saying that Zhu Kefu is unreliable and questioned that he is in force to "cultivate a letter", forcibly ask him to retire.

In this way, the heart-free Zhukov officially retired in 1958. However, life after retirement is still very bad. In order to monitor the master of the Soviet Marshal, Herrushhaffle actually took a command. He made the specialist 24 hours a day, and the daily conversation of Zhukkov was in the family, and even his wife's daily conversation must also be recorded.

Later, Zhu Kefu wrote his memoirs, but there was no publisher to publish it. For this book, he asked someone to people, but the Soviet Union did not agree with him, this will be angry with Zhukov.

In 1970, Zhukkov was selected as a representative of the Soviet General of Moscow, but before the meeting, the leaders of the leaders of Bremen were banned from Zhukov to participate in the meeting with the reason for the "year-old".