Changjin Lake Battle, Volunteers Summary: Discover the US military in the bottom of the car, no matter whether they are dead, they must make up a shot.

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Changjin Lake Battle, Volunteers Summary: Discover the US military in the bottom of the car, no matter whether they are dead, they must make up a shot.

2021-11-25 00:01:24 61 ℃

On September 30, 2021, a war movie named "Changjin Lake" was landed in all institutes of all institutes, and the film was taken in the early stage of the North Korean War. In the second half of the movie "Changjin Lake", the Chinese People's Volunteers "Putting Seven Connected" have successfully destroyed the US Polar Bear Group.

The head of the Arctic Bear was blocked by the seven lunarius Changwu Qianli and your brother Wanli. He also saw the head of the Arctic Bear Group, who was about to die, was prepared to towering him.

As a continuous length, it is also a thousand miles away from the princes of Wu Wanli, but stopped him. This scene is very touching, because Wu Qianli has always hoped to cultivate your brother into a real volunteer warrior.

The reason why it does not let him pose a gun, the key is that the enemy has lost its combat ability, and then a gun is aimed. Director and screenwriter pass this bridge, reflecting the volunteers to preferential prisoners, strict the spirit of the law.

But after all, the movie is a movie. In the truly history of Changjin Lake, will the Volunteers will carry out two tuning guns for the enemy?

On September 15, 1950, the Korean war has entered the stage of white heat, and the US military suddenly implemented the Incheon landing. The Korean people's army finally defeated the enemy, and the whole line was defeated.

On September 20, 1950, the Central Military Commission established the 13th Corps of the People's Liberation Army as the Northeast Border Defense Army, stationed in the rivers of the duck, and ready to enter the DPRK.

On October 19, 1950, because the situation in the North Korean battlefield suddenly worsened, the 13th Corps was ordered to participate in the war. On October 30, 1950, the first phase of the Korean War ended, and the Ninth Corps of the East China Military Region received the election of Chairman Mao, immediately sent three armies to the Korean gap.

As of November 13, 1950, the Volunteer Ninth Corps 20th Army, the twenty-sixth army, the twenty-seven army entered North Korea, stationed in the North Korea Xixing South Road.

On November 27, 1950, General Tuan Director of the Jiu Wong Cities and Song Dynasties of the Political Committee, the first division of the United States, the seventh division of the Meijie soldiers.

On November 30, 1950, the two groups of the volunteers of the volunteers were successfully annihilated, and the seventh division of the beautiful soldiers stationed in Xinxibi village in Changjin Lake area (the Arctic Bear Group) and seized the group flag.

The Battle of Changjin Lake has continued until late December 1950, and the Ninth Corps gains strategic victory.

At the same time, the volunteers in the North Korea West Line are also a great victory. However, because of the lack of capacity of the volunteers in the early stage of the North Korean War, plus various objective factors, leading to the national warriors of the Nine War, did not receive the cold items, lack of materials, can only use frozen potatoes.

With steel-like will, overcome all kinds of unfavorable conditions, not only recovering the south of the third year, but also completely reversed the War of Korean War, laid a solid foundation for the final coming negotiation.

Due to the disparity of the enemy's all parties, the gap is disparied, in the face of the US military to teeth, the Volunteers choose to win the tactical way.

10 days before the start of the Battle of Changjin Lake, the Nine War 20th Army, the twenty-seventh army rushed in advance, so that they were in place before the US military arrived before the battlefield. In the case where the enemy's general troops are different, the Volunteers headquarters believe that local advantages are caused by imbalance.

The so-called imbalance configuration is that the Volunteers use nights as camouflage, and all rushed to the preset place in the case of the US military, in advance. Then, they accidentally attacked the enemy to form a local domain victory.

In addition, Changjin Lake area is a typical plateau mountain terrain, which limits the speed of marching the US military mechanization forces. The General Assembly of the Volunteers, Peng Dehuai, made the soldiers of the Ninth Corps to divide the first division of the United States, the seventh division of the infantry.

In the end, the Volunteers hid the scouts of the US military plane, quietly entered the Liu Tanli, Xinxia Village in the Changjin Lake area, and the main force of the US military.

As the first division of the US military, Smith is sigh: "Changjin Lake Battle is the steel troops (US military), fighting with the steel man (volunteer)."

Participated in the US military veterans in Changjin Lake, also in the relevant memoirs: "The North Korean Changjin Lake area of ​​November to December 1950 is very cold. At night, the lowest temperature in the wild can even break down 40 ° C. Volunteers It is a cover, and quickly occupying the US military position. In the face of the volunteers of the Shen Bing, the Sleeping American Army can only hurry out from the sleeping bag, rush to fight. "

These veterans feel that they feel at the same time, they are very afraid of the night, because the Volunteers will suddenly attack from which direction will come from.

Later, the US military of armed to teeth in order to sleep well in the evening, often put the tank in the peripheral position for defense.

Because the volunteers lack the heavy weapons, the tank is the best defense network into a circle. But even if this is the case, the Volunteers still overcome the difficulties and capture the US arncing.

After the occupation of the position, the Volunteers suddenly found that most US military will not be reluctant, and choose to take the initiative to surrender. What's more, I directly squatted on the ground, and my hands greeted the gun over the top, and I didn't give the volunteer army.

According to the inherent thinking of the Volunteer, the Chinese Journal of China is influenced by the spirit of the martial arts. Even if they are captured, even if they are captured, they are also trying to fill the hits. The Gao Ma's "American devil" is actually a soft bone.

(Participated in the Changjin Lake Battle, Zhu Wenbin said when she recalled the Battle of Changjin: "In the past, with Japan, it is more than that of the Kuomintang, and only the American people who pay the volunteers to the volunteers. They are kneeling handles. Lucky. ") However, there is a small part of the US military to play the idea. They see the volunteers to attack the position, and immediately hide into the bottom of the car. As soon as I hide, I can escape the Volunteers' investigation. On the other hand, the US military clear the volunteer army will not shoot the captive, hiding in the bottom of the car, and the volunteers will have no way.

In the early days of the Battle of Changjin Lake, the volunteers did not have a good way to hide the US military hiding in the bottom of the car. Because the language is unlocked, plus the situation in the battlefield is extremely changed, and many times, I can only let the US military who have died, continue to clean the battlefield.

However, these US military hiding in the bottom of the car will not give up, they take the opportunity to use the pre-hidden weapons, or directly jump into the car to continue to organize counterattacks, many volunteer warriors lose their valuable life.

After the matter, the Nine War Twenty-seven Army took the lead in summarizing and responded, from the teacher to the company, every warrior found that the US military hiding in the bottom of the car must give them a shot.

Therefore, the battle of Changjin Lake has arrived in the later period. If the volunteer warrior encounters the US military who is dead, there will be no more nonsense, and directly replenish the gun. This reduces unnecessary casualties, but also completely defeat the willpower of the US soldiers.

Perhaps it is here, some people will think that the Volunteers are not a consistent preferential treatment, and will not shoot enemies without weapons? According to the Geneva Convention, any country's army can't attack enemies that are really controversial.

However, these US military hiding in the bottom of the car smashed the way to continue to counterattack, they did not pay surrendering, and there was no promise to the Volunteers.

From this point of view, these US military is enemies, not applicable to the relevant policies of the Geneva Convention and the Volunteers Wide-Wheated Captive.

Compared with the Japanese devil, the US military is more like a false gentle, often marked with freedom of human rights, democratic freedom, but in the battlefield, these tactics. Even the position was lost, and I still ran to the bottom of the car, and the spirit of fighting was really none.

Speaking here, about the scene of the movie "Changjin Lake" to block the brother Wu Wanli tuning gun, it should be in a small number of cases.

Everyone can think so, "Changjin Lake" is not surrendered, and weapons are held in his hand. In order to avoid external branches, Wu Wanli is not a problem with it.

In the battlefield, the enemy is kind to the enemy is the greatest cruel. Wu Qianli is in the care of your younger brother, you don't want him to become so bloody and ruthless, will stop the gun.

But truly arrived on the battlefield, basically eliminating the enemy with the fastest speed, and there will be such a scene that blocks the gun.

In recent time, there are still many people who have maliciously burst rumors, saying that the volunteers on the Korean battlefield, like the Japanese army on the Pacific Warringfield in the Second World War, are born with the number of forceps. With the tacit understanding between the US military, it is often more than much.

These people means that the Volunteers can win a victory in the Korean battlefield because of the strength of the force.

In fact, the two sides of the Battle of Changjin Lake is not big. The three military commanders of the Jiufang Group will be about 150,000, and the US No. 10 Group Army sent three US military divisions, coupled with the British brigade, and the first legion of the United Kingdom. A total of 110,000 people.

After the war, the Tenth Collection of the United States had decided to decrypt the US Department of Defense, and the first one pointed out that the gap between the two parties is not big. The Volunteers have formed a glue in most local battlefields, and they have not been able to annihilate the main force. Finally, they were finally taken away from the battlefield and quickly resumed combat.

Therefore, in the real battlefield, the Volunteers will not have a brain mass, relying on the number of forceps.

Instead, the US military is relying on to have a strong fire configuration, and the large number of mechanized troops, and do not put the volunteers in the eyes. How is the result? They can only hide in the bottom of the car.

There is also a news that the movie "Changjin Lake" will be launched in the United States, Canada's colleges, and everyone can wait to see what the American audience is what the film "Changjin Lake"?