Yongzheng can also make Moscow, you will get a better epidemic, and why did you know where the British doesn't know?

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Yongzheng can also make Moscow, you will get a better epidemic, and why did you know where the British doesn't know?

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Editor's note: Speaking of the Qing Dynasty's foreign history, many people will think of it, probably, in junior high school historical textbooks, there have been repeated "closed door". Although this historical knowledge point, for most people, it is already a hot knowledge of common sense, but recently, there are some statements, and it is considered that the Qing Dynasty, during the Qianlong period, it is very understandable to foreign affairs, just because most of these information is mostly Written with a full text, so it is not known. So, during the Qing Dynasty, how did the Qing court have obtained foreign exchanges, whether they are really like some netizens, what is the situation of foreign countries?

Talking about the Qing Dynasty intelligence agency, you may be most familiar to "sticky" in the "sticky" in the various film and television works. However, just like "Feng Taiwan Dada" in the film and television drama, there is only a total, 141 green merchants in history. The sticky house in history, that is, "sticky guard", and Shangyu Saddle guard, the eagle dog guards, hard bow guards, etc., belong to the trendy guards.

Of course, this is not to say that hetero guard will not contact information. After all, because the Qing Dynasty abolished Jin Yiwei, it has greatly impaired the right to inert the official, so although it is not like the Donglian Jinwei in the Ming Dynasty, there is a very clear intelligence work division, But how much will also bear some small work in supervision and exploration. Of course, considering the court guards in the Qing Dynasty, there is also a very clear level of division, it is in the end of the guard, and it is not the "sticky guard" of the emperor. It can take a big question mark. NS.

▲ Qing Dynasty court guard

However, there is no professional intelligence agency, and it does not mean that the Qing Dynasty has no means to obtain information. As an alternative to the Ming Dynasty factory hypothesis, the Qing Dynasty selection has strengthened the "Paralyfield" system, and gathered local and foreign exchanges by giving some local powers and relatives.

▲ The "Paralyfield" system in the Qing Dynasty was in Kangxi later

Of course, the Qing Dynasty's bodies are not sitting in the government, and all kinds of intelligence will send themselves. These officials are generally the most common intelligence collections, and they are in listening to those in their own jurisdiction. For example, the Shengjing General and the town of Zhenzhou, Guangzhou, the Guangdong Governor in the northeast, through this way, collect some of the Qing court. External intelligence.

In addition, the Qing Dynasty royal family in Kangmong three generations, and also included some Catholic missionary into the Qing Dynasty bureaucratic group. In addition to bringing some practical science and technology for the Qing Dynasty, they also brought some of the European countries to directly. A piece of data.

▲ Businessmen who have always been communicated in the Qing Dynasty also shoulder a certain intelligence work.

However, due to the means of chaos for merchants, the lack of intelligence discriminant, so that they can collect, not only has credibility, but also very fragmented. The European intelligence brought by missionary, before the lack of practical value before the Opium War, is often ignored by the Qing court.

If the Qing Dynasty is really a closed, there is no foreign air threatened, that is, this situation is not thick, but in the three generations of Kangmong, whether it is strong Junggar or the chaos of Xinjiang's size and Zhuo Zhuo, let the Qing court need more extensive. And precise intelligence in order to respond to complex northwestern situations in a timely manner.

▲ War of Qing Dynasty and Junggar

It is the so-called demand. For sixty years, after the Qing army hit the Junggar person who tried to annex the Qinghai-Tibet, the Qing army officially began the indirect rule of Tibetan area.

In the first year of Yongzheng after two years, the Qi Da Lai, which was supported by the Qing court, came to Beijing to see the Emperor of Yongzheng just success. Although this matter does not seem to be particularly strange, there are two special roles in this team, that is, two of the Ladak Kingdom, who came together with the Daren, who came together.

▲ Today, Town (primely) of Ladaki

Ladakh Kingdom is located in the northeast of Kashmir today, but is different from other parts of India. The Kingdom of Ladakh Knough is mainly based on Tibetan, and the belief is also a Tibetan Buddhism. Its royal inheritance can be traced back to once rule The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with the Tubo Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty and the Arab Empire. However, although this Ladak Kingdom has also been a region of a region, but the 18th century of the Yongzheng rule, Ladakh has already become a small country between multiple forces. Such a small country, if it is the baby son of the Emperor Emperor, probably only be a remote small country who admires Wanghua, and rewards the property. But just in the success of the Emperor, but kept aware of the important value of this country.

Due to the position of the Ladaka Kingdom, it is in the Xinjiang area, which is in Junggar, leading to India, India, etc., to Central Asia, etc., there are inevitable to become multi-party caravans and envoys. In addition, the Ladak Kingdom looks at least, and the Qing court maintains a more "STT" attitude, which makes the full Qing high-level high-level, which can become the Qing Dynasty to obtain information on Junggar and Central Asia. It gives a very high emphasis.

▲ Yongzheng Emperor can say far exceeding most of the Qing Dynasty in the international field of view

Of course, as a small country that is crowded between multi - force, Ladakh also has a flexible loyalty standard. Therefore, in addition to the acquisition of Ladakh to the vassal state, in addition to the Truduck king regularly, the Qing court will also send Alibaba near Ladaka Kingdom. Army, travel to Ladakh, Kashmir and Central Asia. These intelligence served in Lhasa in the form of Tibetan, translated by Tibetan aristocrats into Mongolian, giving a minister of Tibet, and then translated into a full text, directly, passing the emperor . ▲ Qing Dynasty Tibetan Army Weapon

So how much value is sent to Beijing from the Kingdom of Ladaka? The answer is very large.

Through the intelligence from Ladakh, the Qing Dynasty not only mastered the military trend of Junggar in the north of Central Asia and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which laid the foundation for the Qing army. At the same time, the Ladaku Kingdom also brought a lot of intelligence from Central Asia, South Asia or even West Asia and Russia. For example, Junggar's Taiji Danzi Zero once sent to the Mohar Empire and the Russian Empire, a series of zones in Junggar's internal spontaneous propriation, and the size of the Central Asian regime, and the size of the sizes and Zhuo Zhuo And Zhuo Hans, etc., these important intelligence are from the Kingdom of Ladaka.

▲ Emperor Qianlong's military victory in the northwest, directly related to the information from the Kingdom of Ladaka

But let's it, you can get information, you can understand the content of your information, and even use these intelligence, it is another thing. In this regard, the two monarchs of Yongzheng Emperor and Qianlong Emperor, it is really a dragon icon. It is also a problem around the northwest. Through the information from the Kingdom of the Ladaka and the European missionaries, the Emperor of Yongzheng is very clear, and the Russian empire may become a third-party force affecting the Qing Dynasty and the Junggar War.

▲ Junggar army

On this basis, Yongzheng Emperor even did not hesitate to violate the diplomatic tradition since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and actively sent a messenger to the Russian capital St. Petersburg for diplomatic negotiations. During the time, the group members were in the Russian emperor, even actively travel to give respect. This low posture of diplomacy, successfully exchanged the neutrality of Russia in the Qing Dynasty, and also prevented Turki, who was tangent with Junggar, will again conduct military assistance in Junggar.

What's more, according to Russia's records, the Qing Dynasty messenger also hopes that Russia has hoped that Russia as an intermediary, helping the Qing Dynasty and the Osman Empire, through the Osman Empire in the Islamic World Influence, and Shake Junggar in the Muslim region of Xinjiang.

▲ The Qing Dynasty is a group, which is the Russian female emperor.

In contrast, Qianlong Emperor has not generated his talent of his old man's cognition for foreign countries. The Emperor Qianlong is also attitude towards the surrounding countries in the surrounding country, and therefore, the attitude of Emperor Emperor is more negative.

According to the Jesuit missionary malls of the Emperor Emperor Emperor, Qianlong Emperor brings the world maps and intelligence, "you have not arrived all these countries, how can I draw a map?" Even at the end of Qianlong, it is believed that the power of Central Asian parties cannot have power to threaten the Qing Dynasty rule, but also orders no longer dispatch the Ali Tibetan Army to explore and investigate and stop the mission of Ladaka.

▲ The countries of the "Ten Guo to the Chao" drawn in the Qianlong period

In general, due to the monopoly of the Manzhou nobles in the Qing Dynasty, the monopoly of external intelligence has made us today's situation in the Qing Dynasty to the foreign intelligence network, it is still in a less known situation. I said that I will come back, for the Qing Dynasty rulers, for the understanding of the external world, but not too much, after all, from Qian Dynasty, from Qianlong to the Opium War, there are a few officials to clarify Moham Empire, East The relationship between India and the United Kingdom, and Daogui, even where the British didn't know.

It can be imagined that although the Qing Dynasty will have the emperor of Yongzheng, there is a super-vision, which may collect a lot of dynamic information of the world, but most of the Qing Dynasty rulers have average the average level of information processing and understanding. Stop.

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