Xue Rengui hero I, for Datang Zhongxin, why is his grandson rebellion with An Lushan?

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Xue Rengui hero I, for Datang Zhongxin, why is his grandson rebellion with An Lushan?

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The world has changed incompetently, and a person will never be able to predict the future, and you can't know the future life of your descendants in advance. This has triggered a question. A good reputation exchanged with flesh and blood and fighting, it is likely to be stied by his own descendants, such as Xue Rengui is a typical example, his hero I, but grandson Xue Gang follows An Lushan rebellion. So, why is Xue Gang to do this?

Xue Rengui is an outstanding general of the Tang Dynasty. This person has set up Herkh for the Tang Dynasty. He once defeated the nine surnamed Tieler, destroyed high Sreth, broke the tuten, left "good law,", "three arrows," " "Liaodong", "Renzheng Goryo", "Love People Elementary City", "The Enemy Returning Visit Visit" "and other allusions.

Xue Gang is the figure in "Anti-Tang Dynasty". This novel tells that Xue Gang has killed the second emperor Li Qi, causing the whole family to be implicated, and at this time, Wu Zetian took the Datang world, and he kill Li Li Tang Zong Room and the court, so he won the world's British Heroes, eventually overthrew the Wu Zhou, helping the King of Li Tang, and Xue Gui's historical prototype is Xue Ren's Sun Xue Wei.

Xue Yu is a son of Xue Chuyu. This person is the fifth son of Xue Rengui, like a good, good at riding. . Xue Wei followed his father with his father in Yanzhao area, like martial arts, sexual heroic, and practiced a hard work, and it was more proficient to ride. However, Xue Wei also had a shortcoming, he didn't like reading. Xue Wei betrayed the Tang Dynasty during "Chaos of Anchi" and got on Anjun.

Tang Xuanzong Li Longji is confused for women in the late stage of governance, and has made the power of the Communist President to Yang Guozhong's hands. At this point, there is a person named Anlushan. He saw such a situation, and he felt that there was an opportunity to rise, so he will raise the anti-Tang Dynasty, and the history is called "An Shuzhi".

Xue Wei is a good future, but he should have a good future, but he is empty, but there is nowhere to show, so he has no heart. Under the gardens, Xue Yu joined the rebels. Of course, the final ending is the rebel armored, and Xue Yu chose to be surrendered. At the time of the court to prepare for the rebel guilty, there was a person who was named by the servant Huaihene, and asked the Tang Dynasty. The rebels of the returned rebels should not be guilted, and should be rewarded. Therefore, Xue Yu was ambiguous, and eventually became a good fortune.

It is not difficult to see that, in fact, Xue Yu is not a person who has a strategy, and the choice of joining the rebels is also casual, he just wants to show talents. When he lost, he did not hesitate to choose surrender. Therefore, in a certain extent, Xue Yu's behavior is blind, it is not thinking through his brain, and this is related to him.

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