The most successful currency in history, I have circulated it in front of 1300 years, and I still have a woman's nail printed behind it.

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The most successful currency in history, I have circulated it in front of 1300 years, and I still have a woman's nail printed behind it.

2021-11-25 14:52:04 11 ℃

China has a long history, and the cultural source is long. In the long years, the state has been more replaced, and some social customs and cultural products have also changed, including currency. In order to solve the problem of inconvenient carrying of objects, in the initial time, people often use the shells and stones as a currency. Later, people have changed from bronze as a currency, and there were gold, silver, copper and silver tickets.

Today, we tend to use gold or RMB as a transaction. And if you want to find the most successful currency from the long years, people should not say that the Tang Dynasty's Kaiyuan Tongbao, which can be described as the most successful currency in the history of the world's economic history, and the front and rear circulation is still engraved. There is a nail printed in the mother.

Kaiyuan Tongbao is the currency of the Tang Dynasty. When the Tang Dynasty was just established, I chose the hometown of Sui and II, but this currency was light. So, in the four years of Tang Gaozu, in order to rectify the chaotic currency, the emperor chose the waste money, and looked in the rigorous norms of the Western Han Dynasty. In this way, Kaiyuan Tongbao entered the sight of people.

At the beginning, the four big characters of "Kaiyuan Tongbao" were written by the bookmaster Ou Zhu, and the surface is "Kaiyuan Tongbao". The shape is still along the Qin Fang Kong, which requires one or two, each ten weeks. The weight of one text is called a month, and a thousand words will be six pounds of four.

As one of the most powerful dynasties in ancient China, the Tang Dynasty is a big density, so the issuance of Kaiyuan Tongbao is also relatively large. Not only that, this is the longest currency in ancient China, a total of more than 1300 years. What is even more shocking is that behind the currency has a nail printed.

It turned out that Tang Gaozu can cast a three-furnace in order to express his spirit, Chair Qin Wang Li Shimin, Qi Wang Li Yuanji can cast three furnaces. Although it is forging forging, it must also ensure the consistency of the currency. So, Ouyang, who was responsible for casting Kaiyuan Tongbao sent a wax sample to Qin Wang.

At this time, the Qin Wang Queen's Queen's Queen saw the wax sample after the wax sample, so I got up and looked. But when she was watching, she didn't intend to leave a pointer. In this way, the currency is made in the mold, so, the wax with the armor is turned into a money mold, and then refrains into the money. It has left a high-moon shape to refer to the pole, which is later. "Kaiyuan Tongbao Moon Money".